Thursday, November 5, 2009

ODE to Sarah JOY Brown...

Maxie's back to Blonde! Here she is with The Franco.

@TweetSoapStars: i think B&B got a whole slew of new viewers starting today, lol, @sarahjoybrown 's fans following, new character , new story from scratch

Watched B&B today just for her. I didn't realize it was on at 1:30 and only on for 30min!! PLUS she's in a story to be FRISCO's (Jack Wagner) surrogate mama! WHAT!?? woot! She was wearing messy clothes, eating junk food. Said her Uterus was for sale. Kiss kiss. I think GH will be worse for wear without her around. I love how Johnny was so loyal to sis today..sniff.

OMG! Lulu's room: Tracy, Liz..Ethan, Luke, Nik..good lord. Please have Leslie walk in. Jane Elliot is GORGE today!! She and TG look smashing. Luke totally gave Liz a "I'm watchin' you HUSSY" look! LOL

I can't wait for the DOMte secret to come out. With the writing going the way it is, I'm hoping it's WONDERFUL! It could be the turning point for me with the years I've wasted on recycled MOBOOLar stories. I do want Olivia to be with Johnny though. SONNY STOP TELLING Michael it was right to kill Claudia! He could say "it was UNAVOIDABLE..." NOT "RIGHT". Don't like that.
POOR Carly. Finding out about Jax's lying--or er..not telling. Oh...Jax, you lose this argument. Jason giving Carly the baby when she was so upset. Nice touch.
DOMaJon working together to find Claud's body. I like that idea. OH! And the Franco guy having the pic of them burying Claudia?!!! ;) good.

New Detective Hottie's in the room! He COULD be Taggert...should be Taggert. Can you see it? DOMte's boss is MARCUS TAGGERT...who is head of the mobular task force!! woot! It would play out so well.
SAD ABOUT Fort Hood. I tell you what: I hate watching the news! Cleveland? That baby under the bed? Good Lawd!


  1. Am I remembering correctly but didn't Jason advise Jax not to tell Carly about Jerry's involvement?

  2. Bobby BETTER be on the show tomorrow. If they do not show her visitng Carly and her new grand daughter...

  3. Man, I am catching the tail end of the Fort Hood shooting news. Right now, I believe the news media is trying to get some footage, Fort Hood is on lockdown for a long time. Our news is covering it big time, so right now, they are rehashing the earlier deets.

    I missed OLTL today, and may think about watching B & B because I do love my Ric Hearst and Sarah J. Brown. GH, miss tv in my book.

  4. Oh Queenpeng you must give GH another try. You can forward thru our PC sweetheart (Liz) and catch up on the other stories that have been entertaining!

    I agreeabout Bobbie, esp since I read Jax's mom comes on the show soon. However i bet those guppie lips and barely pucker and kiss baby Joccelyn!

    Hate hate hate sonny saying it was the right thing to do to kill someone. Michael is 16 years old. Anyone defending that line is as whacked as he is

  5. just when i thought i couldn't loathe sonny any more than i do....i watched today!!!! what a horrible father he is and i felt the same about carly insisting to jax that they cover this up!!!!! i'll probably be hating on jason too when he doesn't (and you know they will write it so he doesn't) acknowledge that jax only kept the secret because of the high risk pregnancy. jax told jason after the baby was born all would be told. i'm really hating the writing again!!!!!

  6. Ft Hood chaos OMG -my son was stationed there for a long time and I'm so grateful he's gone from there.

    while I'm sorry that Carly is hurt she would be a total hypocrite if she blames Jax. Hello she has lied so many times for Sonny & Jason and would do it again so not feeling her pain. He should have fessed up but hey what would be the fun in that.

    I knew Sonny would induct that poor dumb kid into his world. All they need now are the black hoods and a paddle for the hazing.

    GH is so beyond the pale for suckiness. Still Sam lives and JM is all horny after his fun night of burying dumb old Claude. Yeah JM you got the same in your bed you schmuck

  7. Baby in a box under the bed? Guza didn't write that, did he?

  8. Will carly be mad at Jason or not? Only Jax hu? LW Carly is awesome, but as the past poster wrote, she should remember her past as well.

  9. Does anyone know who was singing the song at the end of GH today?

  10. Mamaspat:

    That was the Mad World version by Adam Lambert- last season's American Idol runnerup.

  11. MamasPat it's Adam Lambert from American Idol. If you go to it says on there he sings "Mad World" the GH version

  12. I'm not a fan of Sam, but Kelly Monoco is a very attractive girl... why must they keep dressing her in such trashy clothes? I am about her age, and have "assets" similar to hers.. never would I be caught dead in a shirt like that!

  13. Sorry, I have to disagree. I'm thrilled that Sarah Brown is gone, gone. I didn't like when she was Carly eons ago and I definitely didn't like the Claudia character. Ditto for Ric Hearst. Quite frankly, I'm sick of the Sonny/Carly/Mob stories. I'd like the see more hospital and intrigue; bring back the WSB.

  14. Johnny and Dante have such good chemistry as fellow conspirators that I do so hope that the undercover cop turns the mob brother to the good side. I really DO NOT want Johnny off the show, and I don't see how he can survive unless he's on the side of the law.

  15. thanks yall for letting me know its Adam Lambert.Enjoyed the music

  16. Was it just me or did anyone else have trouble hearing some of the dialoge between LuLu and Domnick because of the water "gurgling" in the background? Anyway, it annoyed me...

  17. I agree, the song at the end of yesterday's eppie was so beautiful . . .

    Poor Michael needs therapy, he has beyond PTSD. Of course, given the plots of this show EVERY CHARACTER should have SEVERE PTSD. As I am a psychotherapist and am licensed to practice in NYS, I could make a FORTUNE if I went to Port Chuck.

  18. The original song was by Tears for Fears. That recording of the song is very different

  19. Yes Jansue - I love Dante and LuLu but the water noise and the darkness of those scenes were just terrible. Maybe they cut the budget for lighting and sound.

    AntJoan - pack your bags that boy needs theraphy!

    The whole Michael story has lacked some critical details along the way. Any kid outside of Port Chuck would have been in various theraphy sessions after a year in a coma. Much of his story is far fetched....again its the writing.
    The audience is not stupid or ignorant.

    But...didn't Michael say to Sonny yesterday..."Stop telling me killing Claudia was the right thing to do." (Words close to that anyway...I nearly fell off my couch!!)

    I really hate they made a 17 year old a killer. Would have been better if Johnny found Claudia with the baby, got his sister out of the country and returned the baby to Carly. But, I want Johnny to live. But he did tell Jason he would help Claudia.....


  20. the music was by Dead Can Dance , i think the song is The Host Of Seraphim , it's on iTunes :)

  21. I still don't understand how Michael can drive without a real license. Everyone needs to take a test to get a permit, then have driving lessons and pass a road test before being issued a license, at least in NYS.

    I guess Port Charles is in its own universe, with its own laws.

  22. Just saw Thursday's episode and I really liked it, especially the way Sonny is being written. For so long the writers have always tried to justify Sonny's actions and for the first time they aren't. They are just letting him be and giving us the room to judge, be disappointed, angry, or even hate his character with out sacrificing another character to redeem him.

    I also loved the way Johnny is being shown as a loyally brother. The old GH would have just written him as accepting that Claudia got what she deserved and moved on. But lets face it. If Claudia was your sister, you would still mourn her the same way Johnny did. And if the writers keep it up Claudia's death should have a ripple effect on has character and his actions towards Sonny and Jason moving on.

    I just hope the writers keep it up because if done right then maybe for once an event on GH can actually change everything, or at least the character lives. Sorry for the long post or any misspellings.



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