Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Claudia" Opens Her Eyes!

I saw your name on the Q crypt the other day! Paying a little "homage"!!!!!

OLTL: Todd loves Tea!! Great casting of their daughter looks wise, btw. Ooo, Mitch was in FULL PSYCHO mode today! He'd make a fabu Cassadine, you think?

GH: In the blog below, please find Sarah Brown's addy at B&B. Send her a card. I got a cute one today. I wonder if she likes it over there or is missing the JAMES FRANCO hooplah that's happening...

Spinelli has recycle bags from the market. LET ME SEND YOU WEGMANS Bags, GH! I would be the perfect CONSULT for all things WNY! Sign me up! You'd know how far things are (NYC is 7 hours, not 10 minutes). Spixie was a bit bittersweet today.

Lulu's hair is slicked. And she looks rather cocktailish today. Aw, DOMte was so cute asking Sonny if he thought Lulu liked him! :) Sonny dimpled all up. I want DanaLU to just get there already. YEAH! NICE kiss!! I am so on board with these two!! I think maybe almost everyone can agree on them? Are there still Jonalu fans left though?

Hahaha. Maxie talking about "No Hallmark Memories" with Lucky. At least I can see them together unlike he and Sam. I think if they have him go back to pills after finding out about Niz...he'll just be kick ass in that story! Peeps told me he played a druggie in both "Purple Haze" and "Riding the Bullet" you know it's comin'. PLUS Didn't Jason say he'd take Jake if he ever went back to pills? Hmmm?

Really loved LOVED the Luke and Liz talk. He was so good with her!! I so want them all to do more family stuff with the whole gang. Didn't like the Luke/Lucky talk either..I mean, tell him or don't!

YEAH! Party at Scrubs! Coleman, Mac, Pat, Matt!! Loves it! Here comes...Louise.

KUDOS to Dave Ryan, writer today. Snappy ol' dialog.
MADDDDDD WORLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDD NICE touch with the model as Claud opening her eyes!! Wow..looked JUST LIKE her! The photo was REAL, taken in the cabin, btw. Then, Franco went back to his studio and recreated it with a model...
Chad Brannon tweeted he just finished taping at GH today (I think Natalia did too) and it should air Dec 11th, but you know how dates can go.

FANS GIVING BACK is a great website to help you find out about your fave soap stars charities! Check out how to donate, where the auctions and events area and more!!


  1. Wubs,I am from Rochester too and I totally agree, they need to make more reference to the real Port Charles (aka Rochester) and also the weather. I think you should totally send some Wegmans shopping bags! Also, i would love to meet you, sometimes when I am in the Perinton Wegs (almost every day at lunch) i wonder if i am passing you in there. I think we are close in age and have been GH fans forever and you have even mentioned my favorite guy Adam Ant and an old favorite Dark Shadows. By the way are you into the whole Twilight thing, imagin how good Port Charles would be doing if it was on now? Anyway I would love to dish with you sometime, maybe i can send you an e-mail address?

  2. Sure! I'm actually over in Perinton. I'm not a Twilight person. I did read the books but the whole movie HOOPLAH is nuts!
    My email maskedrumors@aol.com

  3. Most of the time I like Lulu with Dante. Sometimes though her character just gets under my skin too much to like her with anybody.

    So Maxie's gonna cheat on Spin with Franco? Smart of them to play her with him, since she's their best young actress (emmys be damned). But geez, poor Spin! His confidence is about to take another tumble.

  4. I feel awful for Spin all ready! And what the heck is up with Lulu? Did it never occur to her that Sonny would think she was talking about Lucky and she may be jeopardizing her own brother's life? That was so stupid.
    Freaked me out when "Claudia" asked if she could get up! Yikes!

  5. Sonny never would hurt Lucky, I think we all know that, and he said as much to Lulu.

    I also liked the Scrubs get-together, and think it's kinda funny that they're trying to show Mac's "party animal" side. I was soooo hoping that he had a date, maybe with Alexis, and that they're giving him a nice S/L, he certainly deserves one, he's hung in there forever, and he still looks great!!

    I think that Liz and Nik suddenly being obsessed with each other after knowing one another for years and years is unrealistic--that sort of chemistry either would happen early on, or it wouldn't.

  6. I agree ant joan, to think Niz can't keep their eyes off each other or stay away after all this time, is not realistic.

    Gosh I remember Mac as a real heartthrob when he first came on the show. He romanced Dominic and then had a beautiful love story with Felicia. I remember their scenes in the barn and they were HOT. Would love to see him w/ Alexis, hope the rumors are 100% true! This man has it all when given the chance to show it. Can you imagine him on a double date with Diane and Mobster Max? Ha!

    Lulu is an iudiot, and as many have said before, the way she is written just destroys everything. She's just annoying. Although I'm sad about Spixie, at least we'll get to see Kirsten Storms who in my opinion shines in every single scene and always has. Would rather see her with Lucky though since he's a long term character. She and Liz could have some cat fights, and Maxie is like a Lucy. She's "easy" but we love her that much more due to her entertainment and soft heart under all those fake outer layers.

    By the way, wouldn't they have a scene with Alexcis seeing Kristina's bloody lip? And if Helena is going to meet Kristina, shouldn't she meet Spencer too? Especially since he's a male Cassadine? And wouldn't it be nice if they showed Mike go visit Spencer since he is his grandfather (Courtney's father?)

  7. I am reposting this on this topic in order to see if I can get an answer about AJ's paternity:

    I do agree so deeply about Jason being around everyone else's kids and not even speaking of Jake. A year ago they would at least show him pull out pictures and long for him. However, at least michael is Jason's nephew in blood correct? Aj is Michael's real father. He and Aj were half brothers if I remember correctly. Susan M was Jasons real mom but Alan fathered him. And AJ's the real child of Alan and Monica, right? Or did someone else father AJ? My memory is not serving me right

  8. Mrs. B. you are correct. Alan and Monica are AJ's true parents. And I understand that Jason would want to protect Michael for that reason, but also because he raised Michael when Carly abandoned him. But, just the thought of him abandoning his kid for a reason that doesn't stand with other kids. I know Liz is all for Jason staying away and Carly is all for Jason getting to know the kids, But I still think it is stupid.
    Enough with the Nik/Liz storyline. I liked Luke talking with Liz about it, but otherwise, I hate it!!
    FF everything today until the end. had to stop and rewind when I saw "Claudia" get up.
    Still can't tell this is sweeps. Turn to Days of our Lives if you want to see how sweeps is really supposed to go!!

  9. I'm agreeing with everyone.

    Nikolas is annoying. The whole Nik/Liz thing has to go. I liked Luke for the first time in awhile when he was talking to Liz and then Lucky. Need more of that.

    I love LuLu and Dante. But, seriously...why is LuLu suddenly protecting Sonny when her brother has been trying to get evidence on Jason and Sonny for years. Don't remember her protecting Lucky or Sonny. Never mind that Jason/Sonny would never hurt/kill Lucky, Lucky is still a cop. LuLu should keep her mouth shut. She's being an airhead if she thinks Dante will give up his investigation if she outs him to Sonny.



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