Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's HERE! Cartini DAY!!


Let us hope it's all the hype I've put into my head it will be.. LOL.  All I know is this is the sunset of GH and I so hope we go out on a WONDERFUL, ratings-filled and Dramaz note!!

Yesterday was a tough one. I personally liked the drama of Robin blowing up. Rumor has it she's drugged somewhere. How? Who the hell knows, this is GH. I know she filmed with TR so she'll at least "appear" to him?



Great... Anna put Emma down in a "spare room" at GH! LOL..

I so wished Molly would have puked all over Michael :) HEH. Molly had on such girlie white socks! I liked TJ today-- and Michael both. That's a first. Alexis was going nuts, good for her. Don't like it that Molly was taking the blame for TJ though.

Sonny crawls to Johnny's? LOL Dante should never have left him alone. DUH His shirt was hilarious. For Dante to have left him, not called 911 and ran UP TO THE PARTY instead was stupid. Carly made sense at least.

KATE IS SOOOOOOOOO  Connie.  I am waiting for her to put on a red wig, fluff it up and start chewing gum.  Did you see her freak out!? CONNIE's COMIN! Kate was playing in Sonny's blood. Goodness.

It was STUPID how long it was taking ANYONE to get to the lab
. I mean the alarm went off...there was an explosion. What the hell. DUH. Sam just wandered down to the lab...lah tee dah.  Patrick gets her wedding ring... and cries and almost throws up. awwww. :sobbing: The wedding ring, nice touch but they'd never do that. Just sayin'


Well, that was a fast paced eppy! Not bad... I was wondering if Sonny and Dante were going to start to sing "Cats in the Cradle" in the elevator though! LOL


  1. "Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon. Little boy blue and the man in the moon."--oh, you didn't want to have a sing-a-long?

    This episode was great! So much better than anything that's been on in years! As soon as the show ended, my mom was on the phone to one of her work friends telling her that she had to watch GH today.

    Poor Anna. Poor Patrick. Poor Mac.

    People on twitter were literally crying. I can't wait to see tomorrow's episode and i don't know the last time that happened.

  2. I wonder if the ratings will go up a significant amount? I hope so

  3. This week is killing me! I soooo love Jason Thompson

  4. This week is killing me! I soooo love Jason Thompson

  5. Patrick: Patrick don't just stand there yelling for Robin! Go get help! Wait why are you calling 911? You are already at the hospital! Oh you are calling for the fire department okay. :) Poor Patrick!! He wants to see his wife! Great scene!!! It's too late! Robin is dead! :'(

    Anna and Patrick: Oh oh!!!!! :( Now Patrick has to tell Anna that Robin is dead. :(

    Johnny's home: Sonny shows up sweaty and bloody, and tells Johnny off! SONNY GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!!

    Davis home: GET OUT OF MICHAEL'S WAY TJ AND LET HIM TAKE MOLLY TO THE HOSPITAL! I love the way Michael told TJ off! :) GO MICHAEL. :) Alexis and Mac show up! TJ is in trouble but Molly had to protect him! No Molly don't protect him!

    Kate: She says that is Sonny's blood. ROFL! Really Kate? How do you know it's Sonny's blood? ROFL! Oh oh Kate is flipping out! Hmm is she Connie? :) Oh Kate is touching Sonny's blood. I was wondering if she was going to lick it. She is just staring at it. Connie? Is that you?

  6. I love most of this episode. JT's performance made me want to cry. What great acting! I was sad at Robin "dying" but knowing that she might still be alive kinda put a damper on what I was watching...Not because she isn't dead, but because I couldn't grieve with Patrick, knowing that she may still be alive. I am VERY excited for tomorrows episode. I know Anna and Mac are going to bring it and I wouldn't even mind seeing Sonny find out, unless he blames this on Johnnhy also.
    I assume Sam doesn't let Jason know what happened. I don't know if this is a good idea or not. I know she is protecting him, but he just needs to know.

    The other part of the show I loved was Alexis being full on mom. She looked just like my mother when I was caught doing something I shouldn't be doing. NLG says everything so realistically and I just loved those scenes.

    Everything else was pretty blah. I am so over Kate, Sonny/Johnny hatred, Carly anything and now I have to start watching Dante and Sonny bonding over a shooting? Please.

  7. Sonnya-totally agree about Patrick having to call 911. Shouldn't the Fire Department have already been heading that way when the alarms sound? Wouldn't that be protocol? and not roping off the area to where people can just walk right up to the lab ala Sam. That was kind of shoddy.

  8. Brender said... Sonnya-totally agree about Patrick having to call 911. Shouldn't the Fire Department have already been heading that way when the alarms sound? Wouldn't that be protocol? and not roping off the area to where people can just walk right up to the lab ala Sam. That was kind of shoddy.
    Yesah the fire department should have been there! Where was everyone else? Couldn't they hear the alarms? Couldn't they hear the explosion? Spinny and Anna heard the explosion.

  9. Yes , a code red would have been called in the hospital with fire or explosion but a staff member should also be hitting code red button/ call code red to locating hospital service. That was shoddy writing but Jason Thompson's acting was great.
    Sonny walking around bleeding , and holding his heart while trying to shoot Johnny was dumb! sorry, can we have sonny actually get really hurt for a change?! That scene was so Guza even if RC may have written it.
    How did Sam make her way to the lab after speaking to Anna? Of course, she'll lie to Jason about Robin.

  10. Haven't watched yet this week, but sounds like a doozy.

    The promo you posted blew my mind! I watched it twice. Then I watched it thrice! :) My heart skipped a beat when they showed John McBain being all tough-guy cop. Such a more realistic cop than Dante. Maybe Mac's gonna take temp leave of absence from the station because of Robin, and John comes in as his temp replacement? That would at least make sense in a plot.

    OK. not looking forward to the waterworks tonight when I watch yesterday and today's episodes. :(

  11. The episode was indeed a great one! It seemed to move a bit quickly, as I think Karen mentioned, but then I cannot say I am not glad for that pace, since it seems the previous writers moved at a snail's pace!

    Clearly the star today...Jason Thompson. I felt his pain and cried through his scenes. The ending where he confronted Anna was heartbreaking. I was not sure where Anna put little Emma, but then part of me was glad she wasn't there to see her dad like that. The writers still do stuff I don't understand, like the lack of "call 911 in a crisis!" But, we cannot expect miracles! As Karen said here, I do wonder what this week's episodes will do with regard to the ratings. If we will see them go up. I'd hate to think that some viewers are staying away because of the stupid Revolution that comes before GH! Perhaps those who did tune into OLTL will feel inspired to keep tuned in since some of their old faves will be popping up on GH. I saw the preview for that and I was interested!

    Animal House at the Davis House...I must say today was the first day in a loooong time I cheered Michael! He did the right thing for a change. He could have helped Molly and TJ cover up everything, as per his mob training, but he didn't. I didn't like that Molly took the blame either, but then I thought...TJ had better open his mouth tomorrow!

    Cat's in the Cradle...yup, sums up the whole Sonny, Dante, Carly, Johnny thing up very well. I see two pointless things coming from this...Sonny and his son will now bond deeper over this (maybe they'll head to the woods with drums and have a naked drum session next!) and Carly will boink Johnny so he can show his appreciation for her saving his butt. Be careful Johnny, that could still get you a pair of cement shoes. Whether he's mad at Carly or not, she is SONNY'S. Just like Carly feels Jason his HERS, even if he is married to Sam. I would still worry for Johnny's health and well being. The sad part is, I honestly don't care about this foursome anymore. They've ruined Sonny beyond having any redeeming qualities, they've ruined Carly for me, Dante, I am sick to death of (I used to like him when he came on, but they overdid it with the character IMHO.) and Johnny, well I love BB as an actor, but Johnny's just been singing the same "I don't give a crap" song for too long that I am just waiting for someone, anyone to put the guy out of his misery, I am sad to say. I also feel bad for Johnny that he'll have to get someone in to get all the blood stains out of the carpet! :-)

    Kate...that was all just a what the heck moment for me with her freak out and pawing Sonny's blood. I do think she shot Sonny (Daddy Z is too easy of a culprit...I think he was with Tracy at the time, but not sure.) and I do think she'll end up in Shadybrook. Most every woman connected to Sonny ends up dead or nuts eventually, so it makes sense!

    Like others said, I feel inspired to want to "tune in tomorrow" for the first time in ages! Feels good to say that! I know there will be heartbreak coming with Robin's family and I will have the tissues ready!

  12. My poor Patrick. Great acting by Jason! Tomorrow will be so rough when he tells Anna! I definitely wasn't on board with the particulars of how Robin "died"...labs are not set up like the one they showed. Real labs have safe rooms with hazmat suits, emergency exits, and at least a sprinkler or dry ansul system would have went off but I understand from what I've read there were last minute changes so it is what it is.

    Like I've said before. I can't tolerate NuKate. Maybe RC/FV can get her to chill out a bit. She's way over-acting in my opinion.

    I'm with you Brender, Sonny and Dante bonding over being shot...oh please is right. So stupid.

    Great new promo. You all know how much I loved hearing Todd say Sonny would pay and McBain saying he's going take Sonny out himself! Sounds perfect to me! lol!

    Can't wait to see what Holly pulled over on Luke...and Luke's face is all beat up...guess he was tied to Helena's bed posts like some have speculated! hahaha!!

  13. I'm the first to say all the things GH does wrong lol but today was GREAT! Acting all around, especially Patrick and Anna at the end was great.

    And, I'm happy to say, for the first time in a LONG time- I LOVED Michael today! He was great with Molly, and really laid into TJ.

    I hope GH keeps this up- I might actually start watching live everyday again!

  14. 'Shouldn't the Fire Department have already been heading that way when the alarms sound? Wouldn't that be protocol? and not roping off the area to where people can just walk right up to the lab ala Sam. That was kind of shoddy.'
    Sorry that was terrible writting. Terrible. If Ron had anything to do with it, not a good sign. jmo
    Do we see a body? Or did Robin escape to return one day?? The next few days will tell.
    Thankfully my ROCKSTAR Emma was napping. The writers got that right.

    SONYA..where the hell did you go? Michael played the role of 'adult'?
    That was a first. Did he forget to call Shawn while he was calling the other parents? Where were you? Jumping out the window or did Michael call your Mama too??

    Where were the 2 busybodys today?

    Does Papa know more about Kate than anyone? Does he know Kate shot Gotti??
    Steve, ignore Kate, and start talking about Maggie to Olivia! wtf
    You had 8 months to talk!

    Lulu must be having quite a party at home in her robe and 5 bottles of wine!!!!!

    The GOOD: Jason Thompson's acting. Michael playing 'adult'. Mac & Alexis together!!

    The BAD: Carly, Dante, Sonny, Johnny. GO HOME Carly! Sam holding her belly to get her way with Jason. Do we have to watch that for the next 7 months?

    The UGLY: The writing of the demise of Robin. Too many mistakes were made in every scene to think it was good. Or believable. jmo

  15. Oh I just watched the promo!

    Carly & Blair...are going to be WICKED together!!!

    What did Sonny do that McBain is so pissed off about?? And we all know McPain, he solves everything!
    (I wonder if he is going to walk around with his hands in his pockets chewing gum at GH?)

  16. 2cents says SONYA..where the hell did you go? Michael played the role of 'adult'?That was a first. Did he forget to call Shawn while he was calling the other parents? Where were you? Jumping out the window or did Michael call your Mama too??
    Hahahaha I left! :)After I puked in the bathroom, I got on my cell phone and called a cab. :) I have such a hangover. OW! Yeah Michael must have forgotten to call Shawn!!!!

  17. Bahjeebus, anyone else getting whiplash from how quickly this show has snapped back into being good??? Maybe I'm wearing rose colored glasses right now because lord knows I adore Carlivati, always have. And I know I am definitely overlooking some foibles here and there but hey, this isn't reality anyway :)

    I applaud all of the actors for hanging in there through the dark days of Guza. They are all chewing the scenery now and it's pure gold.

    And the preview... amazing, I can't wait!

  18. Well, this was heart-wrenching for me. JT is an AMAZING actor. I suffered a terrible loss years ago, and, with all of the TV shows/movies I have watched since, JT best captured how someone feels, how I felt. It's not just crying, it's crying like you were punched in the stomach, like someone punched the life out of you, and then you fall to your knees. . . Also, I had a similar experience to Molly's when I was about 16 and my parents went away for the evening--complete with a trashed house, beer all over, etc. I didn't drink, either, it was a somewhat uncomfortable deja vu for me today.

    I REALLY wish that when Kate turns into Connie she would have a Brooklyn accent. Firstly, it would tip us off, and, secondly, SHE WOULD HAVE A BROOKLYN ACCENT, HELLO!!!! Of course, Sonny and Dante both sound like they come from Canada or California, I guess only Lois and Olivia bothered to do the accent!

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  20. Sonya said......Hahahaha I left! :)After I puked in the bathroom, I got on my cell phone and called a cab. :) I have such a hangover. OW! Yeah Michael must have forgotten to call Shawn!!!!.
    I guess Michael thought you were going to call Shawn AFTER you called 911!!
    Michael was so cute today. Gobble gobble!

  21. My2Cents2 said... I guess Michael thought you were going to call Shawn AFTER you called 911!!
    OOPS!! ROFL!

    Michael was so cute today. Gobble gobble!
    Yeah he was!!! I loved how he was yelling at TJ!:)

  22. I hadn't been watching OLTL before going off air , but let us hope that McBain can put Sonny behind bars! I saw the promo on you tube as the one Karen posted won't play for me. Loved the confrontation between McBain and Sonny. Hated Sam hiding Robin's death but perhaps if Jason survives he'll help find out what happened to her if she isn't dead. I think Kate may have shot Sonny or she could be red herring for another enemy of sonny. She meant to shoot Dante ( she had been storming around in anger saying all sonny cares about are his kids ).

    Molly taking the blame was stupid. For once , I saw Michael do the right thing but then they ruin it with Molly's lies.

  23. It's incredible how much Jason Thompson has grown as an actor. Seven years ago who would ever have thought he could deliver the performance he did today. Amazing!

  24. Too bad it took killing off our beloved Robin to get people excited about GH again

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  26. I also thought it took one heck of a long time for people to get to the lab.When alarms go off in our hospital people run to the source.

    I would have liked to see Molly puke too. She recovered very quickly; from comotose to running around picking up in a few minutes.I don't know why she took the rap for TJ. ( I really liked him today too. He and Michael were both great.)

    I almost puked myself when Sonny said he respected Dante as a police officer. Good grief! He shot him point blank as a police officer. ( My brain blotted out the rest of the conversation)

    Apart from that it was an excellent episode. Patrick was in anguish. ( Fantastic acting)

    And Kate is definitely off her rocker.

  27. P.S. The promo's not available in Canada. I can't see it. *waaaah*

  28. Di, you can see the promo on you tube as it has been uploaded by others instead of by ABC. Just punch in New GH Promo 2/20/12 or Mew secrets, New twists GH and you will be able to view it if not uploaded by ABC.


  29. Sorry Di , I had a typo as it's New secrets.

  30. Molly's rationale is probably that she will get off easier than TJ and she does not want charges laid against him. However, It really bothers me if they don't allow the truth to be revealed and she takes all the blame.

  31. Robin's death was written lame but KM did the best she could with it and and JT as well. I still think I could have come up with a better storyline than killing off Robin, but at least they will free up JT to be paired with someone else eventually (if the show lasts much longer, which I don't think it will)
    Tristan is only back for 6 to 8 shows??? WTH???!!! Someone give the man a contract with GH for the duration...please!! And go ahead and pair up Robert with Anna...after what we saw on Night Shift 2 and Robin's wedding, the idea that these two are still not together is absurd.
    Let's hope they at least threw us a bone this time around with a Robert and Luke scene!

  32. I have a feeling that RC did the best that he could fixing the exit Wolf had in store for Robin in the time he had to work with. I get the impression that the original plan was for Robin to die of AIDS and they tweaked it.

  33. The new promo? Same damn faces we see every day on this show. Thank you for bringing over characters from OLTL I don't care about so they could get Sonny & Carly more airtime.

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  35. Thank you love2chat402000. I've now seen the preview and it looks fantastic. The show is really looking up.

  36. Rumors are that Johnny will sleep with Connie/Kate! Of Course Sonny will chase him down for this!

    Heather webber may be the one who set Franco's studio on fire and sent jason the DVD.

  37. I hope KATE/CONNIE goes to STRIP at Johnny's club LOL

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  39. Is it just me, or are there a lot more commercials? (Or dare I say, the show has become interesting, and I can't wait for the next scene). I hope it is the latter. I'm watching GH overseas on the Armed Forces Network, and am 2 days behind the US. I just noticed that these last 2 days, it seems there were a lot of commercials between scenes.

    On the writing, hmmm. I thought I saw a cart in the hallway. Why didn't Robin prop the door, so she could run in and get Jason's "Cure"? Also, Patrick could have propped the other door. (I know she is leaving the show, but did they really have to kill her off?) Geez.

    It's a shame the history of this show has been destroyed. Too bad Patrick isn't taking a shower (ala Bobby Ewing).

  40. Same damn faces we see every day- but maybe they'll be DOING something, instead of sitting at a table or on a couch having the same damn conversations. I think the same characters might be slightly more interesting if they have an actual story, especially if that story involves taking Sonny down.

  41. Heather is definately the one sending the videos to Jason.

    I am probably the only one who wasn't happy with this storyline and how it played out. Also too many other things going on at the same time. This is major. It should have dominated the hour. jmo
    Still waiting too see if there is a body.

  42. Jason Thompson is amazing. Hope he gets an Emmy for this. HOWEVER......another ridiculous day of writing the Robin exit. The alarm sounds for how long and NO ONE comes? Not a doctor, nurse, intern or even a candy striper! Wouldn't they at least follow the firemen to the lab? Who was the dude in the black suit with the fireman? And if we saw Maxie turn on the gas, and Patrick spill the chemicals....how would Faison or anyone else just happen to find out about it and use it to get Robin...in about an hour? The firemen hold Patrick back by force, yell that he cannot go it, and then, 2 seconds later, just leave, walk away and he's allowed in to see the body bag? Stupid stupid stupid.

  43. Jason T. was heart-wrenching. He is such a good actor. I remember times in the past when there was a death no one even shed a tear. The whole scenario with Robin's death I agree was pitiful. I really wish Sonny and Carly would just be gone for good. Has Carly forgotten she has a little girl? Love seeing Ann Devane and hope she stays for awhile. Michael is actually becoming likeable, which is a good thing. Alexis and Molly scenes excellent.


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