Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday: Will She or Won't She...


Ok, we know Maxie does--tell on Matt and Liz. BUT-- I meant WILL I make it today?? We shall see! I hope so. It's getting ever closer to the RON o'Carlitini stuff!! BTW, I believe Maggie/Steve killed someone to save another--noble yes, but stupid. (just like them! LOL) Who saw Tamara Braun at the Grammys? Uh...she was also at some Paul McCartney event AND Clive Davis party. Is she dating someone?? Is she a closet singer? What?

2012 MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute.Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.February 10, 2012.Tamara Braun 
(February 10, 2012 - Photo by Bauer Griffin) 


Red Carpet Tams
Hope to see you later! 


  1. I LOVE Tams. She was my favorite Carly. I was so upset when she left the show! I wonder if she is working these days?

    Yep Maxie is going to squeal. He-he. I LOVE it.

    Grammys were done so well last night. Started out in prayer, then the BOSS came on, and they were really enjoyable to watch.
    Chris Brown can dance! I was impressed!

  2. btw-condolenses to John Ingle. His wife passed away in her sleep this weekend.

  3. Tams. looked really pretty in that blue dress. Sorry, not a fan - couldn't stomach her on GH. Too bad about Mrs. Ingle. That will probably hit JI very hard.

  4. I am sure its devasting to lose your loved one of so many years. Perhaps this will keep him working to keep his mind busy?

    Didn't watch the pre-show. Usually I do, but I didn't want to listen to the same story about Whitney. I wasn't going to ruin the tribute at the Grammys for her. Maybe I will see if E is rerunning the preshow today. lol

  5. OK, I have been trying this for weeks, had to re-set Google password, let's try again.

  6. Your on AntJoan..!! :)
    I am about to try to log Sonya in.
    Wish us luck!

  7. Sonya-you receiving this?

  8. WHAT WAS TAMARA BRAUN DOING on the red carpet of last night's 54th ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS?

    I saw her last night on E! strutting her stuff in between Paris Hilton and Fergie. She doesn't strike me as having a musical bone in her body.

    And getting started in the music biz at 41 is a bit late, isn't it?

    Can somebody elaborate?

  9. Renegade...since I didn't see the scene I can't comment on the company she was keeping. Paris Hilton??

    As far as pursuing a career in singing I would think 41 is late to start as your voice changes, weakens as you get older.
    However, perhaps she was invited to the awards and went for the fun. Good for her! It was probably quite an experience.

  10. Tamara was my favorite Carly, too. Could never see her with Jax, though.

    Yes, that's too bad about John Ingle's wife. I'm sure that will be so tough for him.

  11. I watched some ytube on Sammy the Bull yesterday. Jason reminds me of him!! And Sonny is Gotti! And........there office was in Bensonhurst!

    Jason looks like 'Sammy the bull' when he was younger!

  12. Today's epi was pretty good! Carly and Johnny trying to hook up again was especially hilarious when Michael came knocking on the door! The look and laugh Johnny had for Carly was fabulous! Love them together! Still missing my Jax though :(

    WOW with Maxie today. I really had hoped that ship had sailed w/her hatred of Liz, but the writers brought it back (which does make for interesting storytelling indeed), but the way she told Monica about Liz and the meds and played with the details, not cool, but soooo Maxie. Oh Maxie hun, your day is coming and I can't wait to enjoy it to the fullest. Very well done. Love the character of Maxie and Jen Lilley's portrayal as long as she keeps her shrieking to a minimum. lol!

    Liz/Matt/Ewan scenes were so nice, very real. Actual conversations that meant something. Haven't seen that on GH in so long.

    Someone, I think Heather, brought up on Twitter, about how Ewan seems to be in everyone's business...I agree. He's interacted with pretty much every character. Sound like a Cassadine connection or something else shady there? Hmmmm...

    Loved seeing Tamara Braun. So pretty...she obviously knows somebody. How cool for her!

    Oh yeah, there was a Mac sighting! His hair looked odd. Not sure if it was pre-cut, after cut, or a Jason Morgan wanna be cut today. Love me some Mac! LOL!

  13. Sneak peek at Anna's return tpmorrow!,b=facebook

  14. Tams looks great! I agree!

    The GOOD: Dinner plans with Patrick & Robin, Anna & Mac!!
    We see Mac everyday for the past 8-9 episodes. Can I hope for a storyline for the guy? Either way, cute scene with him and Patrick today.

    The BAD: Maxie going to Monica. Maxie is going to Monica for the wrong reasons. She should have gone to someone in Fall when this happened. Liz should be held responsible. As should Matt. Is this conversation going to happen in the hallway instead of an office Monica??

    The UGLY: Carly scenes. Not liking her and her behavior. GO HOME. You wanted Joselyn so bad you drove Jax away. Stop using SEX to get what you want in life. Your too old!

    Misc stuff: Kate is so undercover.
    No DID. Undercover. When she used that line to Gotti (Sonny)about falling in love with him again, it was a dead give away. IMO

    Sammy the bull Jason will be fine.

  15. I really need to be cast as Eppiphany's niece so that I can befriend Liz and body slam Maxie for her! So she wants to tell on Liz for stealing pills yet she did the same thing when she stole pills for months just to keep Lucky hooked so that she could sleep with him. I wouldn't be mad if they made it a habit of people paying for their crimes but for some reaason Liz is the only one who has to (over and over again). Let me guess Monica is gonna take pleasure in suspending Liz and to top it off she'll probably had some smart remark about Jake and Jason to top it off.

  16. I agree, Latanya. If they were all paying for their crimes, I would be on board , but Liz must continue to be smacked down for the golden couple and to make Sam look good.It is classic frons/Guza. Like I said before, I would love to see Sam pay for one of her crimes and they are many to list. Jason or Sonny/Carly and still getting off.

  17. This was on Jen Lilley's twitter. She must be getting some dung flung at her, which is ridiculous. (If it doesn't come through, apologies in advance and it was posted today 2/14)

    <<I had to get twitlonger to answer properly :) First, I, Jen Lilley, LOVE Kirsten Storms. I think she's talented, funny, beautiful, and kind. While I have loved my time on GH, I think it's under the saddest of conditions that I'm there.

    Because of unforeseen circumstances, I am staying as Maxie. Please know that as a KS fan, I am really sorry. Kirsten is irreplaceable. To keep GH alive, someone had to step into the role. I cannot change what's happened. Yes, I love being on the show, but if KS could have stayed all along, I would have wished a thousand wishes that I could have come on as a different character, for her sake and your sake as a GH fan. Change is never easy.

    I hope you will find it in your hearts to stop being so hateful toward me personally, because honestly, after 6 months of it, I feel broken, and it's not helping the show. We have to stand united for the sake of General Hospital's livelihood and for soap fans everywhere. I think all of Kirsten's wonderful fans know that she'd want her fans to support GH and fight like hell for it's renewal. With utmost sincerity: Jen Lilley

  18. Jen Lilley is doing a great job playing annoying superficial Maxie.

    Kelly Monaco's sarcastic tweet about Whitney turned me off: "Life is so fragile. Who knew that abusing hard drugs for 20 years could kill you." She has a right to her opinion, and we know Whitney had an addiction, but this didn't impress me.

    Appears from early coroner's reports that Whitney was on Xanax, Lorazepam, Valium, and had alcohol to drink and that the combination depressed her breathing resulting in a heart attack that killed her.

    It makes me angry that the loose use of prescription drugs are killing so many. I work in medicine and we see this in the community.

    I pray for her daughter and her family. RIP , Whitney.


  19. Sorry, Kelly, but this is not the time to get on your high horse. A lot of people may have been thinking it but that was a terrible thing to say. And not what he daughter needs to read right now.

    Poor Jen. It's not her fault kristen can't come back and I think she's doing a great job.. It isn't an easy character to duplicate. I think we need to go give her some positive tweets, and some cyber hugs.

  20. Love4Dogs..that is TERRIBLE!

    Though I prefere KS in the role, can anyone really deny this girl isn't talented??
    She is very talented. She is as close as they could get for a re-placement.

    She also fell into a great situation. She came on to sub, and it has turned into permanent work. (for now)

    I feel bad her tweeting that!

  21. Kelly Monoco said that?

    What a beligerant bitch.

  22. Yeah, how can Kelly Monaco say something like that when we all know that half of her co-workers are either in rehab at the moment (or should be).

    Very tacky.


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