Sunday, February 5, 2012

GHers in SuperBowl Ads!

DaJuan Johnson (Asher) was in Seinfeld commercial!

Sonya Eddy was in Toyota commercial!

Haley Pullos Geico:

John Stamos: (Blackie)

Claire Coffee (Nadine)  in Samsung:

I have to find Coleman in the beer commerical too!! Enjoy...


  1. I didn't know the first guy but Maysuck is in the Pepsi commercial with Elton John. Her facial expressions are good; however, it's when she speaks that her lack of talent shows.

    The other GH'ers all did great!

  2. Maya was in the Elton John one?

  3. my mom and i were watching the commercial with Molly and I had to rewind because i thought that was her and i had to check.

    Coleman was supposed to be in a commercial?

  4. Elizabeth he was in a beer commerical right before 1/2 time but I don't know the beer and I can't find it!


    He's just sitting at the bar rocking his mustache. Blink and you'd miss him

  6. I'm a 41-year-old gay male who sat through my first ever Super Bowl (it was tedious at best).

    And yes, the only reason I did it was to see 12 far too short minutes of the Queen of Pop.

    Was it worth it? Hell yes!


  7. I saw Molly in that commericial too. She played a "mean girl" I think. It was at the beggining but I can't remember the ad.

    Mrs. Goose


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