Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NEW SPOILERS....and Happy Tuesday!

this is why I think she's really dead.. 

Because she's a ghost. I mean, yes, I know they can mess with us, but I don't know, this really made it final for me. We shall see because they are shocking me left and right! KM is still taping and I think it's because she still 'comes' to people during/around the funeral.
NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! Sonny's arrested...and it looks like it was KATE that shot at AZ! hee hee.  (or maybe Connie??!). 

I don't know what's up with the new Blogger stuff--especially on the comments. It looks way different. People are also not getting DSS feeds. So not sure what's up. I'll try to find out.

she's back...and in a leather dress?  

 I love TG and Connie!! "What good is victory is you're not around to choke on it"? 

OH WOW...Both Cole and Hope exploded!! Holy moly... Don't like that much-- why kill Hope? Cole got it..but another kid? God people are dropping like flies on this show in the past week. LOL

Hells needed to just start shooting, it was SO Batman like with everyone just standing around. JUST SHOOT! I'm glad her henchman didn't hesitate in knocking off Cassie. Holly looked great in her leather and giant hair extensions. 
SO, Ethan is a Scorpio...!! He's Robert's ....like many of us suspected. A LOT of people wanted that. Poor Robin never knew she had a sibling. wahhh. I thought of something: Holly and Todd. They could have had a one nighter--lol. He'd be a Manning/Lord!

Sonny and Sam.. I don't know, it was ok.  Maurice was good talking about her "like my little sister" FLASHBACKS!
Paddy talks to Robin in the OR. I guess she'll be around as a specter for awhile.  OMG it's "A Gifted Man" just like on CBS! Ever see that show? Guy's dead wife talks to him!!!

Maxie finds out about Robin...Jen's eyes are HUGE! I was just wishing Maxie would shut up for about 1/2 the show. hee hee. 

Michael carried Starr in the hospital? LMAO. Weird. No gurney at the door? And Mac and Dante just stand around on the road--like no other cars would come.  heh.



  1. I'm Sorry, but it made me very angry to see the show taken up almost entirely with Sam and Sonny discussing Robin and Jason! What about her family and their experiences with Robin! Maxie finding out was almost an aside! What about Mac and Anna's memories! i was disgusted that thsi has become about jason living!? Jason and Sam angst! Come on RC ! Then it was Michael linking himself so obviously to Starr!Sorry it was a disappionting show for me.

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  3. Sorry for typos but I was so angry at this writing today. It was like a filler show and I wanted to see Mac, Anna, Robert , Matt, Maxie , and Liz ( her close friend ) dealing with their grief not Sam.

  4. I still think Robin is alive. After all she saw Robert and Anna's "ghost" when they were missing and thought dead.

  5. I am confused by people wanting to put Todd with Carly. Aren't Todd and Blair a couple? And aren't they both on for a short time? I wished we had known about this crossover in advance so I could have watched the end of OLTL to know who these characters are.

    People wanted Cassandra dead. Done. People wanted Ethan to be Robert's - maybe Holly is lying but maybe not.
    The last regime did exactly what the fans didn't want so it's refreshing to see that that seems to be changing.

    I am not that upset that we got a Sonny scene about Robin's death. As much as I hate the character he's been linked to Robin for a long time.

    If this ends Michael worshipping his dirt bag father it will be wonderful.

  6. I totally agree with dar...

    It is INDEED refreshing that the new regime seems to be listening to what the fans want.

    Thank you Cartini!

  7. Long time lurker but first time blogger.

    I have been watching GH since the late 80's and this is the first time in a long time that I have been so excited to watch. In fact, the last few years I have watched every episode but sometimes I have been behind 20 or more episodes on my DVR. Not any more, I caught up a few weeks ago and am always anxious for more shows now.

    I think Ron and Frank have done an amazing job this past week! They have already done what fans have wanted for a long time...bringing back the vets, a more emotional story, making Ethan be Robert and Anna's, and most importantly getting us to talk about the storylines. And this all in about a weeks time!

    Be patient with the Robin story. I think it is great that we are seeing everyone's point of view. If we see too much of Anna, Mac and those close to her before the funeral than the funeral won't have as much as an impact.

  8. Spinny and Maxie: He tells her about Robin!!! Poor Maxie! :(

    The accident: Oh no! The car exploded!! :'( NuCole and Hope are dead?!!?! The recast Cole I don't like. I do like the original Cole. So the recast Cole dead doesn't bother me, but hope OH NO! :(

    Starr, Piffy, and Michael: Piffy! Starr is not a rag doll!!!! Michael feels guilty about not keeping his promise to Starr. Come on Michael it's not your fault! You tried the best you can! Listen to Piffy! :(

    Patrick and ghost Robin: Oh great scene!! Patrick wants Jason to die on the operating table but ghost Robin tries to talk him out of it.

    Sam and Patrick: Oh oh! Did Patrick save Jason? Or let him die?!!?!

    Wyndemere: Holly runs in and tries to stop Helena from shooting Ethan! What does Holly do? She tells Helena that Luke isn't Ethan's father! That Robert Scorpio is!!! DAMN IT HOLLY IS LYING OBVIOUSLY!!! I mean come on! She is trying to save Ethan! And those looks that Holly was giving Luke!!! CRAP!!!! I really wanted Robert to be Ethan's father! DAMNIT!!!

    Sam and Sonny: Sonny is talking about the past with Robin. How him, Jason, and Robin were a little family. I was like come on show flashbacks! Show flashbacks! AND THEY DID!!! YAY!!!! :)

    Karen! Holly and Todd? ROFL! We could call them Hodd! :) Is she wearing hair extentions? No wonder they look too long. :)


  9. For a second, I thought that was a picture of Bobbie.

  10. I laughed a little when "dead" Robin told Patrick that if he did it wrong Jason could end up a vegetable. My thought was "he's not one already!"

    Sorry I didn't feel anything when Maxi cried over Robin. Maybe because this Maxi and Robin had no history (not the actress fault) it just did nothing for me. I also find it funny that the news reported the accident and released Robin's name. I guess that's how everyone found out because they sure didn't show us!

    I'm really pissed that they killed Hope I can still picture her in her Mr. Peanut costume from Halloween (OLTL viewers know what I mean) They could have just brought the actress that plays Starr on as a new character instead of killing her family. I still haven't gotten over Jake's death now this!

    As far as the ambulance not showing well I live in Detroit so that's normal here but I expect more from PC.

  11. VERY WEIRD Michael, ex-con took Mac's vehicle and took Star to hospital. But then again, we did learn last week that upper NY does not have a 911 service.
    However, TODAY I stay positive.

    It did NOT come as a shock that Holly states Ethan is Roberts.
    Is it true though? (Sonya)
    Thank Goodness LIW body is gone from the scene as well as the blood! (I don't care that made no sense)

    I can't believe Hope died. I did NOT see that happening. Could she have lived??
    Here we go again. Michael blaming himself. Ewwww..however, his acting is so good, I will love him with Star!

    Sonny, the 'honeymoon' is over with you and Dante. He believes you shot out Anthony's tire. My bet is on Kate/Connie.
    I didn't care to watch Sonny makes his pain faces while talking to his ex-lover Sam. However, we got to see a good flash-back in the process.

    Poor Maxie. Everyone she loves leaves her. She needs papa Mac.

    Where was Monica today? And does Eph know Robin died?

  12. Sonny, Jason, Sam, Michael have dominated this show for far to long. No, I did not want to see a storyline about Robin taken up with those characters. All RC did today was reveal something we had suspected about Ethan, and yes we wanted the slight to Luke/Laura's relationship to be reversed. I hope the rest of the week is not taken up with Sonny and jasam , and OLTL characters, otherwise nothing much has changed, sorry. Favorites of TPTB still dominate shows regardless of what fans want.

  13. Good point from Batgary that we saw Robert and Anna's ghosts visit Robin (and I think Robert visited Luke) back when Stone was dying. Plus, OLTL showed Gigi die and gave her heart to Clint, only to turn it into Stacy dying. So GH has history of ghosts turning out to be alive, and RC has history of pulling off bizarre plot twists. Viva Robin! (I hope.)

  14. Oh yea..Robin is very much alive.

    Ijust hope this dream version ends and when Robert leaves after a few episodes he brings her back alive. IMO (for what it is worth) the dreams are telling us she is alive.

    All in all, I did see a change today.

    Karen thanks for acknowledging the notification problem I am having!!
    You are the best!

  15. love2chat402000 said...
    Sonny, Jason, Sam, Michael have dominated this show for far to long. No, I did not want to see a storyline about Robin taken up with those characters.
    I found myself ffing thru Sonny & his ex lover Sam today.

  16. now, I think they WILL show more people talking about Robin...today was Sonny. He did have quite a history with her.

  17. Did not see today, but I am psyched to see it now. I read the new spoilers first (Thanks for those, Karen.) and figured Ethan wasn't going to die. I did get what I was hoping for...Holly coming to say Ethan is Robert's. Now, the truth, well, that's always open for discussion on soaps! Maybe she did it to save the kid's life, maybe not.

    Also open for discussion on soaps is death. I'd like to hope Robin's not dead. Sure, she could have crawled out of a magical escape route in the lab and maybe dropped her ring. She could have been lying somewhere hovering between life and death (hence the ghostly visits.) Anything is possible on soaps! I recall reading somewhere that her death would be handled much like Victor's at the end of OLTL...I never watched the show, so a OLTL fan would have to clue me in about what they did to TSJ's character at the end. Anyhow...miracles can happen on soaps, ala the whole Bobby Ewing in the shower thing on Dallas, so there's hope for Robin, I am sure!

    Sounds like we had a bit much of Sonny and Jasam for some people today. I can understand that. I am not too thrilled when someone's death becomes someone else's moment. We saw that with Jake a little as well.

    Speaking of a child's death, I am sorry to read that Hope died in the accident. I wasn't a OLTL fan, but it does irk me to see another child die, after what happened with Jake, but things like this happen in the real world too, unfortunately. With accident yesterday, the one thing which confused me was not seeing Brandon Buddy as Cole. I thought Cole was recast, but I wasn't sure, so I didn't know if it was Cole in the car at first. Again, not a OLTL viewer for decades, but I did follow it just a bit and had an idea of who most characters were.

    As someone said, it does seem that the new crew at GH is listening to us. I don't expect them repair screw ups immediately (and what's screwed up depends on one's perception...some people may have had no problem with Ethan being Luke's and some would have preferred he was Robert's, for example.) but I will certainly say they have my attention at the moment! I am all for seeing more vets come back. Rick Springfield, I'll love to see! Had a huge crush on him as a kid! I was wondering if they were going to have Patrick also inherit his father's alcoholism (as they were going for with Lulu recently) in dealing with Robin's death.

    Looking forward to seeing the show.

  18. I agree with Love2Chat402000. I waited almost the entire episode to see Spinelli tell Maxie about Robin and it was almost as if it didn't matter. It was all about Jason's Babymama. Who cares that Sonny loved Robin over a decade ago? Last thing we saw was him try to shoot Jax in her living room and hit her instead.

    I do have to hand it to Jen Lilley. I do not like her at all, but she did a really good job today. I didn't think anyone could ramble like Kirsten Storms, but Jen did a great facsimile.

  19. LaTanya said...As far as the ambulance not showing well I live in Detroit so that's normal here but I expect more from PC.
    What?!?! In Detroit it's normal that the ambulance doesn't how up?!! That's horrible. Why does that happen?

    2cents says It did NOT come as a shock that Holly states Ethan is Roberts. Is it true though? (Sonya)
    *shrug* I don't know.


  20. Damn I had to sign up to typepad in order to make comments here. The aol thing doesn't work.


  21. I had very mixed feelings about today's episode. Even though many things are happening...nothing is happening with Robin's death s/l. Was nice to see Sonny reminiscing about Robin/flashback. Always good acting with Maurice in moments like that. Wish I had seen more guilt with Sonny seeing as his more recent encounter with Robin was him shooting her in front of her daughter...but hey...perhaps this will be addressed in the upcoming weeks.

    I will continue to impatiently be patient with this...to a point.

    Loved seeing Holly. Felt like my old GH. Always wanted Ethan to be a Scorpio not a Spencer.

    Jen Lilley did a fantastic job as Maxie today. I don't think Kirsten Storms is ever returning, so I've been really paying attention to how JL portrays Maxie and she's fabulous (until the shrieking...then...ugh..lol) I don't even miss KS anymore. Sad to say, but true for me.

    Greatly disturbed by GH killing off yet another child. Obviously I understand the storyline purposes involved but after the Jake debacle this is just ridiculous.

    Michael carrying Starr into the hospital was so ridiculous, as was Epiphany man-handling her while taking off her jacket. C'mon people. The little details do count.

    Jason's surgery. I could care less.

    We'll see what tomorrow brings I guess.

  22. @Sonya Yeah unfortunately it's common here. They claim it's due to cut backs alot of them are broken down and in the shop but the city haven't paid the bill to get them released (I swear I'm not lying). This summer they had to use the emergency jeep that the firefighters use to take a little girl down the street from me to the hospital because an ambulance was not available! SMH

  23. Michal's part in the accident/rescue was so stupid, that even he, wonderful actor that he is, barely could pull if off.

    I thought JL's crying was amazing--she was sobbing and barely able to breathe, which is how people cry, but most actors can't/don't do this.

  24. My evidence for Robin not being dead just because of ghostly encounters: remember when EDWARD was a ghost that did things for Lila?? I distinctly remember him even pouring her tea for her! She would talk to him - and they didn't have anyone playing the ghost - and stuff would move. I know that was in the 1980's when I was a wee lass, but I know it happened!

    Thus, Robin can very much be alive. This is GH, after all. :)

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  26. I wasn't surprised that they're now going to make Ethan a Scorpio. When Mac heard about Robin's death, at one point he started to say something like she was the last, or something similar. I got the impression he was saying it was the end of the Scorpio line.

    I did love the flashbacks.

    And I hope it's hate who did the shooting as that will mean she'll be gone soon too.

    I actually really liked the "A Gifted Man" take off in the operating room.

  27. Seems Sam will be related to possibly johnny or claudia. Claudia may not be Johnny's mom.
    Patrick will be very nasty to jason about jake according to rumors.

  28. LIW storyline made no sense. Honestly, up until yesterday I FF thru it.
    People have been guessing Ethan belonged to Robert for years now.
    Who knows. This is a soap. We may never know. Maybe Ethan leaves with Holly? Buh Bye.
    How funny Holly walks in right as Ethan is to be killed. Oyyy only in soaps!

    Right now I feel bad for Dante as he is going to assume that it was Sonny who shot out Papa's tire. Due to Sonny's past, who could blame them? I feel more sorry for Dante.
    Wait until it comes out it was Kate who shot out the tire!!!! :)

    Still hoping Hope survived the crash. Somehow. Now is the time to write something that doesn't make sense!! Let her have survived! lol

  29. They probably had to get rid of the little girl so that when Star and Michael get together, Michael would be too young to have a girlfriend with a child that age. I didn't watch all of yesterday yet, but I will have to ffwd. Sam and Sonny. I for one don't think MB is a good actor - his moves are sooo predictable and uninteresting. And his days as a lover boy are pretty much over. I feel the same about the acting abilities of SB and KeMo - predictable and boring. As long as they will continue to monopolize nothing has changed. For some reason the vet returns don't excite me as much as I thought they would. Sure like seeing more of JJY though.

  30. I see the writing on the wall with Sonny leaving. By summer. But we will agree to disagree, I think he is a fabulous actor. His scenes are just OLD. Replayed for years.

    Could Ron be thinking of pairing Sam with Michael Easton? Maybe he finds her boring with Jason too!

  31. Maybe Sam will be paired with ME. She and Jason have had one tragedy after another which doesn't help things much. Sam has never been written as an exciting character, regardless, if we look at her history.



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