Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jen Lilley Will Be At the Oscars!

Jen with The Artist Star Jean Dujardin 
General Hospital's Jen Lilley will be on the Red Carpet tonight celebrating "The Artist" Oscar nominations and (hopefully) wins!! My mission is to spot her. I'm hoping she tweets some photos too, especially of her dress! Congrats to she and the entire cast! 
PS: Jen tweeted she's taking Kelly Sullivan as her date so we'll get TWO GHers in Glam!


  1. She was in that movie?
    Good for her...The movie was suppose to be excellent and is expected to win. Thanks Karen, I will watch for her too!

  2. Yep... her eyes probably got her the part!!

  3. And Jens smile as well probably helped as much, it's awesome

  4. Well if Tamara Braun (ex-Carly) can make a puzzling red carpet run at the Grammys then NuMaxie can definitely do her thang at the Oscars. =)

    Just waiting for Carolyn Hennesy to make an appearance at the Tonys this June.


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