Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NLG Dishes the Fun To TVGuide!

In a funny interview, Nancy Lee Grahn talks about her Menopause story, becoming a "Granny" on the show and her new boss. Excerpt:
TV Guide Magazine: Yeah, but, does the audience want to see this? Grahn: Do they want to see one more mob shootout? In the 15 years I've been on GH we haven't had many stories told about women from a woman's perspective. I think I can make this funny and entertaining and relatable. Besides, it's very timely.
Hit the link up there to read it all!!

 this photo? A riot! lol

TODAY'S SHOW: Liz is snooping in Jason's folder and Matt sees her. Well. that's a shocker (not).
Alexis and Mac..cute. Mac got a serious haircut. whoa. 
Sonny tries to give the money for a wing at the hospital and Dante doesn't like it.  I think he said he'd rather have a pasta maker?! LOL
Jason's got swelling on the brain...they should put a shunt in there. Even I know that. 
JASAM ANGST goes on and on...and on and on..
Edward, Tracy and Michael..nice seen. Michael's reading STOCKS!! "Polar Solar" LOL I wish they had mentioned Kodak.
I think Jax is giving Kate his part of the Metro Court to piss off Carly LOL 
Dear Maxie: Matt doesn't care about you and Spinelli!! 
TJ to Molly: "You got no life" when he asks her to help with homework geesh! 

GH was back to a D+ today. Borrrrring. 

Frank V was in credits as EP today!

DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL talks about the Revultion's crappy ratings. Hit the link!


  1. I love Nancy. Truly.

    I really wish this show gets its frickin act together..

  2. I was listening to the radio the other day and they were lambasting The Revolution. Apparently, the co-hosts were told to reveal things about themselves that would be controversial, which to Tim Gunn meant "make the audience uncomfortable". He decided to share the fact that he hasn't had sex in 29 years because of something that happened with his last partner. Someone needs a shrink. STAT.

    GH was so boring today, especially after the last bunch of episodes that were really really good. I did like the scenes with Michael, Tracy, and Edward. The one thing that was very noticeable was the lack of mob stuff. Yes, Dante turned Sonny's offer of a hospital wing down because of how Sonny makes his money, but there was no violence. There was no Sonny trashing his house or his office. There were no guns. Jason didn't even hold a gun. It has been very refreshing as of late, don't you think?

    Oh, another thing that I noticed was that there was a bit of chemistry between Mac and Alexis. I've never noticed any chemistry between them before, despite the fact that Guza et al. have been trying to put them together for at least 5 years.

  3. I did just read over at GH2 that the menopause story is going to be short lived now. Which is sad. Because there is alot of story to tell there. Ask Heather & Demi!

    I too see chemistry now with Mac & Alexis where I didn't before.

    The show this week isn't as good as it was last week, however, they are still showing for the most part strong actors. The weaker ones have been edited out.

    Not sure if it was a typo, but I also read at GH2 that Robert doesn't have a scene with Robin while she is alive. ??

    Still wondering about the rumor of Chad leaving.

    Liz sneaking a peek at Jason's test results. Here we go again with the writers trying to portray her as a nosy snoop.
    However, If I were a nurse, and had privy to that information, I would look too!

    I so look forward to JaSam to get the good news. There story has been dark for soo long already!
    Where has Mama Monica been?

    Lots of talk of Kristina lately. We getting a visit?? Certainly we know that her replacement did NOT happen!

    Not sure what to say about the Revolution. I have never seen it or The Chew. I do know it takes a new show awhile to 'take off'. So it is probably too soon to make any predictions. I will say though, if it continues to tank, and GH starts to could be good, good, good!

  4. I just finished watching yesterday's epi. Wow. So. Boring. I always enjoy Mac and Alexis. The writers just need to get them together ASAP. It would be nice to have a fun, happy...dare I say "older" couple on the show ;)

    Then there's Jasam...good grief they are so boring. Hopefully the changes to come will shake things up for them because they are like watching paint dry.

    I loved the Q scenes with Michael. A glimmer of hope of my old GH :)

  5. I knew about the Tim Gunn thing, he's talked about it before so it's not that "HUGE" of a reveal. LOL

    :) I will probably be gone today, not sure if I can get back. boo.

  6. I think the show was boring because BB (Johnny) was not on it.The only thing interesting about it was lulu telling Maxi she took a shower!LOL!
    In the picture,BB (Johnny) looks like he is holding his nose because Carly smells nasty!LOL!

  7. I really liked that mob comment from NLG, and I think I'd have more faith in the writers ability to do a menopause storyline if they didn't botch the PPD storyline and the abuse storyline.

  8. 'In the picture,BB (Johnny) looks like he is holding his nose because Carly smells nasty!'

    Yea that is real funny. NOT.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. My2CENTS2..I think it is funny because BB does look like he is smelling something nasty and trying not to vomit!LOL!

  11. LOL! BB (Johnny) looks like he is thinking "step back,cause you stank"!LOL!

  12. rebeccakeen said...
    My2CENTS2..I think it is funny because BB does look like he is smelling something nasty and trying not to vomit!LOL!
    Yes the photo does look like he is holding his nose.
    I hardly think it is due to anyone smelling though.
    However, if that makes you laugh, knock yourself out. LMAO

  13. I also think that it looks like Johnny is thinking,Damn Carly,STOP STALKING ME,get a life,leave me alone and go out on the streets and PAY someone to F%^K you because i don't really want you!LOL!

  14. I have loved Nancy Lee Grahn since I was a little boy watching "Santa Barbara" in 1986.

    Her Julia did the unthinkable: She made Mason realize there was life after Mary.

    And for all of us watching SB in those days, the idea of him moving on past the love of his life was inconceivable.

    Bravo, Nancy Lee and bravo, Alexis!


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