Monday, February 6, 2012

HELENA! Help!!

Dang! I was stuck at work..what happened with Hells and Cassandra today? Did she kill her off? Or did we find out anything more!!??

SORRY...this is NOT FUN lol.


  1. Sadly she did not... apparently they are involved together in an evil plan. She did tell her that her death was still an option though so there's still hope! LOL

  2. Hi Karen! This is my first time posting, but I've been following you for a while.
    Apparently Helena made LIW into an assassin and Lucky was the target, but he's out of the picture now. So Ethan or even Luke will do, as she wants revenge for the death of her boys. Might have been a good story if it hadn't taken months to find this out, but now I really don't think anyone cares. I know I don't. This must be how Ethan exits.

  3. Some other things they mentioned in their conversation. *She kept the LIW hidden away for many years. *Dr. Ewan has no idea she is an assasin. *Dr. Ewan & Ethan are at the Star figuring out that the letters IC that LIW writes all the time might be initials (blank) Cassadine.

  4. Loved hearing from Helena today! Gosh I miss her and her evil Spencer hating shenanigans!! So now LIW works for Helena and is supposed to take out the Spencers and cause suffering. LOL! I'm still hoping that Ethan is really Robert and Holly's son, not Luke's...hmmm.

    The convo about Laura in the painting was interesting as LIW has much hatred toward her. Actually looking forward to this playing out now. Can you believe it?

    The Spin/Liz scenes were so nice to see. I miss the friendship and I miss Spin's protective nature he used to have for "the maternal one" before the writers decided to have everyone in PC hate on Liz. Their convo about Maxie/Matt/Liz/Spin and Liz/Ewan as well as LIW was very well done, almost setting the stage for various things/angles to happen.

    The Ethan/Ewan convo was informative like JPink said about the IC sig. I didn't catch that until I watched for 2nd time.

    And of course we finally found out the Jasam baby, according to genetic markers, belongs to Jason. I don't know about everyone else, but things seem to be a little too neat and tidy with that.

    Something must be wrong with me, because I was actually interested in the Kate/Sonny thing. Kate either has a split personality or she's an informant for the FBI/CIA....or maybe both?!?! Oh a girl can dream, right??

  5. Since I FF thru LIW, does she really wear white all the time?

    Could they have dragged out Jason & Sam's paternity anylonger? Yawn.

  6. It does drive me nuts when they drag everything out so long. For Pete's sake it took Kelly Lee 3/4ths of the show to say Jason's the daddy. It was nice to see Jason have a smile on his face today. It's been a long time these two have been stuck in the sadness. The Kate/Sonny stuff seemed weird to me. One minute she was lovin' on him and the next she couldn't stand him. She's gotta either be an informant of a off her rocker. We'll see!

  7. I found the whole Helena/LIW a little implausable even for a soap. If this woman really is a highly trained assassin surely she could take out a little old lady with a I don't care how evil Helena is, they were alone and she could easily have overpowered her and disappeared. I find this storyline as unbelievable as Kate seeing a psychiatrist. I hope they complete both very soon.

  8. It seemed pretty obvious that Kate suffers from two personalities. When she got all clenched up as Sonny mentioned he liked it when Connie 'came out'...well.

    All in all it was a pretty tedious show. Helena looked marvelous, but the dialog was nothing special and Cassandra doesn't speak it well enough to make it interesting.

    I, too want Ethan to be Robert's son and NOT Luke's. That could work into this story okay. Helena going after who she thinks is a Spencer...

  9. Saw Kim Mcullough's interview with Rebecca Herbst and loved it!I love Becky Herbst! RH talked about being fired.
    I didn't watch today's episode and from what I read , it was dull today.

  10. would Cassandra PRETEND to be a mental patient of Ewan's?? If she was out to "seduce" the spencers!! ahaaha. Makes NO sense. I mean, just go there and "seduce"! Why hide out at Wyndemere for ages in your nightie hoping someone will find you??
    Yeah,I think the Kate Split thing is coming. Goodness.

  11. So is LIW always in white??

    I can understand where Kate is having a 'breakdown' over who she is or who she wants to be. That is plausible. Kinda deep for GH though. They really smart enough to go there?

    I just want LIW & Maggie to leave ASAP

    How could the writing 2 weeks ago be so good, and now it is flat again?

  12. Some SPOILERS GH2
    We learn Helena’s master plan, which naturally includes Luke.

    Ewen discovers Kate just as Helena Cassadine appears, dagger in hand.

    Michael finds a drunk(!) and unconscious Molly.

    Someone is about to murder Dante!

    Patrick and Robin work together to explain a set of test results;
    Robin vows to find a genetic protocol solution to save Jason.

    Hormones raging, Alexis tries to convince Molly to be her “date” to the pulmonary benefit.

    Franco has sent Jason and Sam black and white footage of Jason’s past.

    At the ball a gloved hand aims at Sonny and Dante.

  13. LIW does always wear white or off white, 2 Cents. Helena looked stunning as usual. I thought yesterday was pretty good -liked the Matt, Liz, Spinelli and Maxie interaction. The outcome of the paternity test was too drawn out and wouldn't all parties involved have been a bit embarassed with a possible other party involved. Since the doc didn't know the circumstances it should have been rather awkward. I kind of like the surprise of Kate possibly having a split personality but for all the time she's been a character this comes out of the blue. Maybe the idea came from the OLTL folks since they have done it before. And hasn't Luke been lying in that tunnel for over a week? Where is he? Another thing I like about yesterday was that some unresolved subjects, like Lisa's murder, were brought up and not just forgotten.

  14. Thanks Linda V about LIW in LIW! I ff and pay no attention, but yesterday I happen to see her in white and it got me thinking......

    I don't think Kates behavior is so unusual. She has denied who she is for so many years, the past has a way of always creeping up on us. No I don't think she is 2 people anymore than she was a year ago. For some reason, she is coming full circle in life and is returning to Connie. And she is fighting it. Maybe I am mental for understanding??

    Matt needs to let Liz know how he feels. This game Maxie is playing with Spinelli is sickening and very juvenille. She is too old for such games.

    Let's see JaSam happy for 5 minutes. Even if it means not showing them for awhile.

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  16. KAREN...I know you are at work. Sonya wanted me to let you know she can't log in.
    Please advise when you see this message.


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