Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GH on A WED: Two Days in a ROW?!

JaSam all dreamy--- ahhhhhh, thank goodness that is over??. OR IS IT??? dah, dah dah dahhhhh. Please don't let them look at the stars! Will their baby only wear black too? 

Love Carly's snarl face at NuKate being part of the Metro. Um... Kate, aren't you busy enough?! But you can please redecorate!!

Diane's face seeing Shawn! :She likes him!! "Do you realize you have the libido of a 16 year old boy"? Says Alexis to Diane.  DIANE SLEPT with Mac! LOL... goodness. 

We saw Molly's bedroom--well er... Krissy's old room. Heh. TJ said "Bieber" ..BIEBERrrrrr. Molly is adorable. And now TJ's making up fake girls for Molly! Stop it!

I think I saw Cassandra... what a stupid STUPID story. I can't even. ugh...Forget it.  Blindfold. UGH PLEASE FEED HER D-Con!!!  Or Acid. Anything.

Steven keeps hyperventilating--- it's not ACTING, it's lack of oxygen.

Want to know about GH's wardrobe?? SHE KNOWS has it's great column up with the head of the dept to answer all sorts of questions about Dressing UP ON GH!


  1. I was waiting for him to slip her something not-so-edible. Does this remind you of last week???
    dun dun DUNNNNN!!!!!!!!

  2. Show was really bad today. Could not st and LIW or Jasam, so skipped them entirely. I watched online. The new writers better bring it because it's so dull now.

  3. Jason Thompson has got a role on the show Castle! Good for him!
    Heard more of Becky Herbst interview with KMcCullough and loved it. I am an RH fan.

  4. My thoughts on today's epi.....Zzzzzzzz.

    Ethan/LIW with the blindfold was just lame. Poor Nathan Parsons. Such a talented and good looking man in such a ridiculous "storyline". Don't blame him one bit for leaving.

    Diane and Alexis were funny to a point. Seems the lazy writers are just copying "Barb" from Cougar Town when writing for Diane lately. Not so sure I'm liking this new Diane. The old Diane seemed so much funnier, more personable than this one. Maybe it's just me.

    Jasam. Ughhhh. WHY do they whisper talk? WHY are they so boring?

    I loved seeing Mac with "a spring in his step"...hehehe! Nice :)

    Loved Molly...she's just too damn cute!

    love2chat - - I also loved the KMc interview with Becky!! Could that girl be any sweeter than she is?? What a beautiful soul she has. Love RH! :)

  5. Jason Thompson leaving GH????

    Uncle Mac got laid!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carly & Olivia both showed up for work today. That is a first.

  6. I think the Castle thing is just a guest spot

  7. I don't understand why the show got so good for a solid week two weeks ago, and yet the last week and a half has been just about as bad and boring as the show has ever been. What happened? Why did it get good for a week?

    Has it been announced when RC's material - not stuff he's tweaked, but his actual scripts - will start airing?

  8. I love love love Carly and Kate co owning the Metro... This could be VERY entertaining. I have never really been a big NuKate fan until now.. She can hold her own against Carly way better than the other Kate..

    But if Kate owns 50% doesn't that mean she owns more than Carly? Didn't Carly sell 25% of her share to Nicholas? Maybe he gave those back when he left town..

  9. Thanks Karen for that update on Jason. I LOVE him on GH and don't want to see him leave.

    Skeebob-I wonder the same thing. How could the show of been so good for one week, and then fall flat again??

    I await Jeff Weber coming back. Though RDA has been quoted as saying he will not, I would be happy with a recast. (Clint?) Will he ever learn who Liz's mother is?

  10. Sorry, will WE ever learn who Liz's mother is? Obviously Dr Jeff knows!

  11. I can't stand anymore the Jasam's isolated, boring conversation. It would have been nice to see Diane actually take Mac home - getting stuff secondhand certainly loses the impact. Can't stomach Magpie - why do she and Steve have every conversation within 12 inches of each other? Kind of a blah day.

  12. JaSam go away for a few weeks. Be happy. Talking to stars again?
    Let this couple be happy off screen.

    I completely agree. Why couldn't we see Mac & Diane in a love scene!


    Posted by ghhshirley on Thursday, February 9, 2012

    Rumorville: Heather Webber's return may tie into Jason's condition.

    Ewen's connection to Helena will be revealed.

    All hope for learning the identity of Sam's father is not lost.

    Look for the issues between Helena and Alexis to come to a head.

    Don't be surprised if the story being planned leads to the eventual demise of Helena Cassadine.

    Lulu's inner Laura, and Spencer roots will make an a positive way.

    An oldtime villain, maybe more than one, may rear their head.
    Word is that Anders Hove (Cesar Faison) is currently in negotiations with GH.

    Hearing that Ethan's involvement in storylines is still going on for at least the next few months, whether this means that Nathan Parsons is sticking around or not remains to be seen.

    Gossip has it to expect more GH Vets to make returns, some who recently left, some who have not been seen for quite some time. Some other names being bandied about include, Lucky, Alan, Bobbie, Audrey, Emily, and Jeff Webber. (Regarding Jeff Webber, he may or may NOT be played by Richard Dean Anderson...heard he was asked some time ago if he would consider a return and at that time he turned GH name being tossed about as a possible substitute is that of Jerry ver Dorn, who most recently played Clint Buchanan on OLTL.)
    As always in Rumorville...believe it...or not!

    Sonya...where r u?? Still can't log on????????


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