Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jonathan Jackson Lands ABC Pilot "Nashville"

That's right! Finally someone recognizes his music/acting talent-- here's hoping it develops into a great series. It's a bit "Glee" a bit "Smash". Jackson will play a bad-boy song writer in the city of Nashville according to Dealine.

JJ is currently touring with his band, Enation. He's on the east coast so check out tour dates/places on the link!


  1. So much for the rumors of his return to Liz. Liz..time to move on. Matt is a great catch. Don't let him 'get away'.

  2. I like Liz with Matt even though I loved her with Jason. I am actually hoping for her to be happy with Matt since I can't stand Jason's character. I don't want her with Lucky at all. I want her with a man who appreciates her.


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