Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And Anna Makes Three!

EEEEEEEE! How Darling is this??!!

Dear BOB Guza et al ...this is what you messed with so long ago with your family destruction and throwing away of GH history. The chance to have three generations in one room! I'm thinking too of Lulu/Laura/Lucky/ yada yada--ALL the Q's that are dead now--Felicia gone. Sniff. Killing Georgie! Turning GH into a shell of it's former self.
Still Bitter? You'd better believe it!  Frons, Guza...JFP-- ugh. Just sad, sad sad.
At least in it's twilight year, we'll get some old fashioned soapy goodness!! 

A Wubber posted this link below:
 Anna Return's scenes streamlined here:

Yes, I'm gone today AGAIN-- I do have next week off however, so I should be back in the swing then. Please use this post to let me know what you thought of the show. By yesterday's tweets I see a LOT of people were all choked up by Anna's return!! We deserve it.

BTW, I heard that the OLTL taping with Kassie and Roger was AWESOME!! Can't WAIT for that. It's a crossover lover's dream come true!

Have a great one.  Some new SCOOPS are up. There seemed to be false info out there about Sonny's gala being blown up--seems it's the hospital lab and Robin is unharmed. We have to be tricky now. There will be a shooting at the ball. Do I dare hope it hits Kate again? hee hee.


  1. Kate is entering a huge storyline. She isn't going anywhere! :) With the shooting, I am hoping that Maggie, LIW, Mulva are put out of our misery. Whatever Maggie & Steve did in Memphis, let it stay in Memphis. I don't care anymore.

    I wasn't as choked up over Anna's return as I was over her scenes with Emma were priceless.

    I also read and saw a photo of Sonny & Todd and the article said it was CAPTIVE.

    They really need to wrap up Spinelli & Maxie. Useless storylines.

    Liz. Typical behavior not to 'own up' to what she did. She was rolling them eyes yesterday.
    She is a health professional and what she did for Lucky was not her call. That said, she must have admitted to it, or she wouldn't be on suspension. I would have denied it. What proof did Monica have? The word of Maxie?

    I am tired of Jason being sick.

    Carly vs Kate...AWESOME scene. I want more of those!!!

    I expect a cliffhanger Friday this week.

  2. OMG, Anna, Emma, Robin, Patrick--WONDERFUL!!!! Do we only get to see 3 wonderful generations when one main character is going to leave? When the reunion is tinged w/sadness (for us), knowing what's coming?

    ANNA LOOKS AMAZINE!! The woman is AGELESS, loved her hair, her figure, her teeth--what a BEAUTY!! "Emma" is a good little actress, and does resemble Robin and Patrick. (However, I never thought Robin looked like Anna or Robert.)

  3. Whoops, I meant "AMAZING." Karen--I LOVE LOVE LOVE you, so PLEASE DON'T HATE ME for this, but I was an editor before I became a psychotherapist. Although I try to control myself, I have one pet "peeve"--"it's" means IT IS, it's not the possessive. (Sorry, couldn't help myself, please don't throw me off your blog.)

  4. GH is back on my DVR. I LOVE the Scorpio/Drakes. I'm so glad Finola came back!

  5. I'm with you Karen. I'm still bitter over Guza's destruction of GH too. As a long time fan, I feel robbed. I'm looking forward to RC hopefully putting some of the pieces back where they belong.

    Seeing Anna with Robin and Emma definitely choked me up. Love the character of Anna. That woman never ages! Beautiful. I will be a puddle on the floor when Robert shows up, for sure.

    In regards to the gala blow-up, it's nice to hear RC is changing up storylines and keeping fans guessing. Keeps things far more interesting for those of us who like to be somewhat spoiler free!

    It seems that having Liz suspended from the hospital was done so she wouldn't be around while Jason is dealing with his medical issues. Obviously, the writers can't have her involved in Jason's storyline without revisiting their history together. For me, it doesn't make sense for Liz not to know about his condition. Perhaps she will in coming days...just thinking outloud.

    The look of sadness on Liz's face as she was standing in the hospital elevator holding her belongings as the doors shut was so well done. Other actors could learn a thing or two from Becky on how to naturally emote. (Steve...I'm talking to!)

    The Carly/Kate bitch fest while Saint Sonny looked on was hilarious. Carly does "bitch" better than anyone I know. I love to hate her when she's like this! Soapy goodness!

    Very cute Valentine's scene with Dante and Lulu! Can't wait to see what Lulu's up to in the evidence room. Wouldn't it be great if she came across some evidence that somehow cleared Luke of killing Jake? Once again, thinking outloud!

    Matt confronting Maxie. Perfect.

    I enjoyed yesterday's epi so much, I couldn't believe when the clock said 3:55pm...over already? I haven't said that about GH in a long time. Looking forward to today's show!

  6. Loved having Anna or Grandma Anna on..It made my eyes tear up..sniff..I wish that Robin would stay til GH goes off the air...

  7. Loved seeing Anna back - she looks fabulous. Priceless scenes with Emma, who is the sweetest little girl. I also really hate that Kim is leaving now especially. Would have been nice to see Monica confront Liz instead of her just carrying her things out. BH played it so well. Matt was great - I can't believe they let JC sit on the sidelines for so long.

  8. Matchbox......I have a feeling Lulu starts to clean. In doing so she opens up or ends a storyline. Either way, kinda cute how they went about it all.

    Nobody does BITCH like Carly. Nice to see her bring that out instead of running after some guy young enough to be her son!
    I have missed that with her.

    When is GH going off the air????

  9. I am a fan of Y&R as well as GH. Y&R had so much beautiful romance including a wedding taking place outdoors ( supposed to be France ). It was beautiful and a wonderful valentine's gift to fans. Unlike GH where I saw 3 couples that I could care less about :Skate, Lante, and Jasam.
    I remeber when GH would try to shoot outdoors. I remember Luke and Laura's wedding , so beautiful. So much lack of romance and forced couples. The same people front and center. All the spoilers seem to be about explosions and shootings. Sonny may get shot in place of Dante! Where is the suspense in that?! Sonny was shot just a few weeks ago, ridiculous.
    Please carlivati bring intrigue but bring the romance with couples we can get behind!!

    The rumor since september 2011 has been that taping of GH would end in July and they would be off air in September.


  10. I THINK I MIGHT BE HOME AT 3!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. I really enjoyed the scene with Anna and Robin, Patrick, and Emma. I wish the episode focused more on their reunion instead of on Jason's brain. I'd like to see how Mac and Maxie respond to Anna's return to PC.


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