Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jen Lilley's Valentine to Fans!

What a sweetie...DC is saying she took to twitter to talk about her taking over the role of Maxie. You know I think she's doing a fab job. No, She's not Kirsten but no one would be. For me, she's doing a hell of a job and I really enjoy the "NuMaxie". Especially with AZ!! 


  1. I absolutely LOVE Becky Herbst as Liz, but if something happened to where she was replaced and didn't come back, I wouldn't blame that new actress. That is petty and inappropriate. (I probably would quit watching however.
    Jen Lilley is just doing a job she loves and got the good fortune to keep doing. I just don't get how people can get so rude to someone they do not know.

  2. I love her!!!! :) It's too bad that people are so rude to her! She doesn't deserve that! She is doing a great job as Maxie!

  3. She isn't KS. However, she is as close as it comes. And she is good.
    Not right for hatred. This girl had a hard role to fill, and she did it brilliantly. She isn't to blame for KS not returning.

    Sonya...todays soap, I will respond to you since there is nothing on here yet.
    I do want to say, Emma STOLE the show today!

  4. Yes Cents! Emma DID steal the show today! WOOT WOOT! :)

  5. OK Sonya we are double posting as I did respond to your email.

    The GOOD: Emma & Anna, Carly vs Kate. That is what I like to watch!! (scratch scratch)

    The BAD: Liz, refusing to accept responsibility for what she did.
    Maxie for handling this situation like she did.

    The UGLY: Spinelli & Maxie. Jason. Nice to see Sam use her mouth for language instead of sitting like a mute.

  6. My2Cents2 said... OK Sonya we are double posting as I did respond to your email.
    Oops ROFL!

  7. Jen Lilley definitely won me over as Maxie. I did see some of her comments on Twitter the other night where she got involved in a "tit for tat" with soap fans, specifically KS fans and yes, some were unnecessarily rude to her. I'm sure Jen will learn to ignore and block the negativity instead of engaging in their behavior because that doesn't help anyone.

  8. Jen Lilley is the best Maxi- she can be devious and adorable. KS never could do that- she was a one note as Maxi. Lilley is much better. Also, let's not forget that KS was not the first Maxi- she was a replacement, too.


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