Friday, February 3, 2012

ABC May Launch "The Moo"!

With ratings dismal for their mid-afternoon show "The Revolution", a new idea is in the works to have a replacement in the offering. So, to fit in with "The View" and "The Chew", execs have ordered 3 episodes of "The Moo" --a program dedicated to having "ordinary people"  learn the "spiritual awaking" of milking cows. Guest hosts such as Mr. Green Jeans and Pamela Anderson will keep audiences guessing...and tuning in day after day as udder-chaos is exposed!! 

Host Nicole Richie can't wait to start "It gives me some use with my experience from my reality show" she says.  Insiders reveal that Paris Hilton is in talks to join the panel which will judge each contestant on their milking techniques after only three sessions with "Milking Professionals".

So, don't fret soap fans, if "The Revolution" tanks, ABC has something all ready to follow it! Get your Milkin' On!


  1. You should have seen their original suggestion. A show about the embarrassment of constipation and how to deal with it. It was titled, "The Poo." Frons was going to appear on the premiere since everything he said last year indicated that he's full of it.

  2. You are joking right Karen? ROFL!

  3. Though tongue in cheek, I wouldn't be shocked with other "new and exciting" programming ABC hands down from the Mouse's throne. I'm sick of help, lifestyle, reality and the many "we'll fix all your problems in 30 min." TV shows. Dime a dozen. The rumor is that ABC is still watching GH ratings for now. Who knows.

  4. PM61 lol Dr. Drew could "read the poo"!

  5. kdmask said...PM61 lol Dr. Drew could "read the poo"!
    ROFL ROFL! :)

  6. Knowing ABC, this will end up happening. :p

  7. Lobsel Vith said...Knowing ABC, this will end up happening. :p
    Hahaha yeah Karen so don't give ABC any ideas! :)


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