Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday GH: Drunken Stuper!

Ah, A Drunk Johnny...on the way to warming my heart!! You go! Ruin that UGLY Metro Court function. If Kate redecorates,  I may tolerate her longer!!
Jason even gets to wear his damn black tshirt in his hospital BED! what! Oh someone told me that Robin said he could wear it if he stayed in the hospital.
ANNA !! ANNA! YEAH!! Hot dogs in the cafeteria! Ohhhhh. The good old days.
Looks like everyone in the Gala went to the same hairdresser!! 60's Greek Goddess? 
fugly vest.
MAXIE IS THE ONE that did it!! WOW...She's the reason Robin's going BOOM! OMG.. Patrick collapses on the FLOOR? I had no clue that was going to happen I LOVE IT! wow.. love twists.  Thank you!
curling irons were in full force!
ALL THE GIRLS look gorge at the party! I LOVE curly hair!! Becky especially looked fabulous. Didn't like the dress that much but her hair up? WOWza.
Ha ha on Kate/Carly's speech interruptions. Heh. HEY! THERE WERE WAITERS there!!! GOOD LORD!  Great party..I even saw a food tray! Max tries to tackle Johnny when he gets his checkbook out! Sonny and he try to outbid each other. I was waiting for them to measure their... you know whats! 

OH! Monica mentions SUSAN MOORE!! I'm going to love this. For once being OLD is going to pay off because I know that whole history!! eeeeeeeeeee!
Dante and Sonny went into the parking garage...and..and... we see a gun. Sonny's gonna take the bullet for Dante!
Patrick's crawling on the floor of the lab...Robin's probably going to find him or go back for Jason's protocol and BOOM!?


  1. Even with the LONG overdone and overwrought mob stuff, I do enjoy the events like the party where a bunch of characters are on screen and get to play off of each other.
    I was rolling my eyes at Maxie, Liz, and Carly though - geez the levels of bitchiness were too much. I half expected Brooke English and Blair Manning in full on hellcat mode to pop in to join in the back and forth. Geez!
    I did love the Susan Moore stuff though, which I watched as a kid. Wasn't Robert the commish when she got murdered and he had to solve who did it? And hey, now that we're going old school HOW ABOUT A SCENE WITH ANNA AND MONICA? I love Epiphany and all but throw us a bone out here and give the 80's legends a scene together!

  2. What a great show today! I loved it!!!!

    Metrocourt party: Oh! This party is awesome!! Kate stealing the spotlight and Carly don't like it, so, Carly back on the spotlight. Johnny ranting, Sonny spilling the beans about Johnny's parents, Liz and Maxie going at it while Matt is sticking up for Liz, (can we have a catfight?!) Then Dante angry at Sonny for what he did to Johnny! Dominic Zamprogna did a fantastic job!!! BRAVO!!!! :) Oh and let's not forget Mac is Diane's date and Alexis isn't happy about it ROFL! Well hey Alexis you snooze, you lose! :) After Sonny's bean spill, Kate doesn't want him to touch her and boo hoos ROFL! OH! Someone is watching Dante and Sonny argue! And the person has a GUN!

    Piffy and Anna: Piffy is happy to see Anna! :) Piffy do you like Anna? :)

    Anna and Emma: Sweeeeeeeeeeet! :) Love the scene!!!!

    Robin and Maxie: Maxie still whining and oh oh she broke the gas line!!!! OH NO!!!!

    Robin and Monica: Awww love the scene. :) Altho, MONICA LOOK AT THE GAS!!!! SMELL IT!!!

    Robin, Anna, and Emma: Love the scene! Love how they are talking about how Robin was little! :) I WANT FLASHBACKS! :)

    Patrick: OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gas got to him!!!!!

    Monica and Jason: Love the scene! Jason wants Monica and Edward to be family to his son!!! :'( I started to cry. That should have happened with Michael too when he was a baby, but that's the past and this is now. :) Monica didn't make any baby videos of Jason! So that means Susan Moore made the Jason baby video?

  3. Where was the food tray? I saw NO food. And I was looking. Million dollars contributions one would think would be reason for a sit down dinner! (I LOVE eating)

    Can't Jason just once say "I love you' back to his mother?

    My favorite girl Emma was on today!
    I remember Robin calling Anna LOVE!

    How beautiful did Liz look? Seems to me there is a new beautican on board as well. They use to wear their hair up and pretty like that. Then the Wolfie/Guza's entered the building!! Well buh-bye losers!
    Matt walks away. REAL man Matt! Fight for what you want, do you even know what you want??

    Pt Chuckles brought out their finest today. But we don't get ENOUGH of them! We had 1 scene, if even with Diane, Mac, Alexis, Papa, Tracey, etc. However, I must say, at least they were taken out of the closet and brushed off. I just want more.

    Visibly absent was Lulu. They say she had a cold. I say she had a date with a few bottles of wine.

    Next week is going to be MIND BLOWING. I can't wait.

    Yep Sonya, I think Franco & Jason are brothers. Whose Franco's mom?
    Susanne Moore?

  4. Ditto to Jake. He should have gotten to know his family...unless they end up not being his family because of a Jason baby switch?

    I personally don't know the whole story of Susan Moore. I just know that she had Jason, died and Monica adopted him. Can someone fill me in on more?

  5. So Jason & Franco are fraternal twins? YIKES!
    Who saw that coming? Is Heather the one sending Jason the tapes??

    That IS a whopper of a secret!

  6. As memory serves:
    - Alan Q had an affair with Susan as revenge for Monica shacking up with Rick Webber
    - Jason is from that affair
    - Susan went after the Q money when Alan went back to Monica eventually
    - Heather Webber (Susan's cousin) and Scotty Baldwin were involved with trying to get the Q money somehow or another
    - Eventually Susan ended up murdered somehow. Robert Scorpio was the commish and soled the murder. Jason went to live with Alan and Monica

  7. Really good episode today. They did a nice job the last few days of leading us there. Next week, with RC fully in the driver's seat should be great...although sad, but I'm sure it will be well done and not butchered like we've been used to.

    It was so nice to see pretty much the whole cast interacting. Robin, Monica, Anna, Epiphany..although Lulu was missing from the boring Gala that Sonny ruined by telling everyone Johnny's true parentage...nobody cared Sonny. Nobody...which was priceless.

    Sober/Drunk Johnny - oh how I love you. *giggle

    And it doesn't get much better than a Monica/Jason scene. *tears* Such nice moments between them today. Oh I miss that. Miss all the times Monica has spent trying to convince Jason how much she loves him. I am also old enough to remember the Susan Moore days even though I was young, it's what I watched with my mom when I got home from school. Great memories :)

    The Robin/Anna/Emma/Maxie scenes, then seeing Patrick on the lab floor later just made me so sad. I feel for Maxie because Robin's death is going to hit her hard. I see a downward spiral in her future...or perhaps this could make her less selfish? Either way, I'm sure Jen Lilley will do it justice.

    Great scene with Liz/Maxie/Matt too! Nice to see Matt and then Liz finally standing up for herself! Becky Herbst looked so beautiful, but I do agree Karen, they definitely all saw the same hair stylist! Loved the curls!! Curly-haired girls unite! LOL!

    Sonny/Dante/guns- ...deja vu.

    Monica telling Sam she's going to make a wonderful mother made me yell out a big "WHAT???" Boy, if Monica only knew the things Sam has done...that will make for great storytelling if the writers go there.

    In the words of my husband (who loved the Metro Hostage Crisis) and watched today, "Who is getting shot or blown-up cuz of the party happening? Well that's when people die on General Hospital, right?" LOL!

  8. Crane killed Susan Moore!
    The food tray was next to Johnny when he was drinking...

  9. For me, today I got to see emotional scenes with Jason/Monica. Those were always my favorite. I have a feeling alot of people liked them as well. I just want Jason to say I LOVE YOU Mom!

    I also saw all the fav's from GH. No matter how short of a scene. Max, John, Sonny, Jason, Monica, Papa, Emma, Patrick, Tracey, Robin. Alexis, Mac, Diane. I guess others like them too, as we are seeing more of them. Though not as much as I want. YET.

    I was just talking to my bff on the phone. Explaining what is going on now with GH. It was like talking about the ol days! I said 'remember Susanne Moore'. Alans affair. Heather Webber.
    Anna Davane. Robin is dying. Robert is coming back and Starr starts next week.
    YIKE I said all that to her!!

    I believe there was food there Karen. I just didn't see much.
    Can anyone say at this point in time that 100% GH is cancelled??
    I don't think so.

    Though Ron & the gang 'officially' have their name on the storylines beginning next week, these storylines that are coming up did NOT come from Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza.
    I say Ron got busy with his ideas the day after he was hired.

  10. Is BH pregnant again? Although she looked beautiful, that dress definitely made her look pg...

    I know I am definitely in the minority, but I did not think today was a great show- I was pretty bored all the way through.

  11. I was wondering if she was preggers as well.

  12. hmmm...maybe Susan gave the other twin up for adoption, for money, and Allan didn't know.. Franco found out that jason was his brother and was obseesed with him. Didn't he keep saying they were more alike than Jason knew.

    I was really shocked to see Patrick overcome in the lab. I wasn't expecting that. I hope, if Robin dies as a result of this, that Maxie finds out it was her fault. Her selfish attitude will have killed someone. Her tirade in the lab about "Jason's little headache" was all "ME ME ME!" It's always all about her. I hope this leads to a turn around for her character because she's really getting way out there in her selfishness and vindictiveness.

    I loved the ladies' hair today too. It was nice to see them all dressed up. And it was great to see so many extras at the function. So much better than the usual 2 or 3 characters at a time in a washroom somewhere that has marked such events lately.

    Monica telling Sam she's going to make a wonderful mother made me gag too, as did all her sympathy in the past about Jake. I still remember the kidnapping and her part in it, and the gunman in the park. I hope the new writers go there too.

    I did like Liz in pay back What a look!

    And we actually had a Luke mention today from Tracy.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Franco is Jason's fraternal twin.
    Though I love the thought of the story going there, please tell me you all don't think that idea came from Ron months ago?? Its the Jess/Gnat scenerio all over again.
    Franco was obsessed with Jason, because Alan kept Jason. Franco was given away. DANG!

    Yes I am afraid (imo)that Maxie the idiot will be the cause of Robin's death.
    Maxie's character is becoming useless. Maybe she will leave town with Spinelli.
    Didn't I read he was being written off?

    There is still hope that LIW will be a casualty in this story. Someone is looking to shoot Sonny, maybe she will be in the line of fire instead??


    Sorry this is the correct site.

  16. Latte sex is the best revenge against Maxie!

  17. OMG, I can't take Robin leaving/dying, I really can't. . . .
    Also can't take the Johnny rant at the Sonny Metro Court party, just like the Michael rant at the last Metro Court party, just like the Sonny rant at the Metro Court Claudia party . . . GAWD, how many times do we have to see this? It's in SUCH POOR TASTE, all the innocent bystanders (well, at least this time there actually were a few bystanders), have to suffer through hearing everyone's dirty laundry, how disgusting!!

    Yes, I noticed earlier this week that RH is PG, I guess this makes number 4.

  18. Loved Liz! Go Liz ! Don't take the BS any longer and make Maxie's life hell. Matt looked so handsome today.
    Sonny was his usual ridiculous self! This scene reminded me of the big sonny/claudia scene.

  19. Brender, here's a quick summary I posted on Media Domain.
    Susan was a character on the show for quite awhile, played by Gail Carlson. Early on she was having an affair with Mitch Williams before and after he married Tracy to further his career in politics. Tracy put an end to it after Mitch became Senator on Tracy's money. Then Susan took up with Frank Smith for awhile (Frank always pretended to be a respectable businessman and few knew he ran the PC mob). Susan played his hostess at some parties and it looked like he would marry her but Luke and Laura ran off together on the day Luke was to marry Smith's daughter Jennifer, and Smith put Susan in charge of the Campus Disco which Luke had managed, and finally she began seeing Alan Q. Alan put her up in a nice little cottage. Susan got impatient however, wanting rich Alan to marry her, and by the time she discovered she was pregnant, Alan had left her and she had the baby and then she took up with Scott Baldwin, another conniver who was always looking for a fast buck and saw a Q baby as an advantage.
    Later Susan was murdered by an ex-husband of Lila Q (I'm not clear on those details). Heather, Susan cousin, got custody, but gave the baby to Alan and Alan brought his son home.
    Jason was raised a Q and Monica came to love him and adopted him. She and Alan already had AJ whom Alan had long resented because before AJ was born, it seemed as if the baby might be Rick Webber's, but proved not. Alan never quite got over that and he was seldom loving to AJ.
    Susan was very pretty, could charm and seem sincere and could be quite likable--only she always went after wealthy men.

    Hope that helps. My memory isn't perfect though....

  20. OK ladies & gents......I will give you this: Liz looked gorgeous at the party.. Maxie looked ugly and behaved ridiculous. However, please remember, Liz is far from an Angel. She has done plenty wrong. Including how she handled the Lucky situation with the drugs. Do I think she deserves suspension? YEP. But how fun is her new FT job getting back at Maxie going to be?? lol

    Check those out. I am only the messenger.

  21. Karen, NOT trying to take away anyone from your column as you are the BEST in the business. You break news faster than a speeding bullet. lol

    However, I am SHOCKED at this new RUMOR from GHHappenings2

    GH: Felicia?
    Posted by ghhshirley on Saturday, February 18, 2012
    Rumorville: On the heels of the rumor (see previous item further below) regarding Jack Wagner's (Frisco Jones) probable return to GH, comes this message from Kristina Wagner's (Felicia Jones) facebook page:

    "Catacombs....two weddings....2 on screen kiddos....the Brownestone...hmmm...who are these two characters? They may be seen again on screen on a certain ABC soap soon....keep watching GH for some great returns!!!!! The old gang is making stops in Port Charles!"

  22. I have a hard time believing that Kristina Wagner would appear onscreen with Jack, as I thought their last breakup was downright bitter. But hey, if that quote is directly from Kristina, then maybe they have patched things up enough that they'd both do it.
    If true, I would love to see Storms back in the role of Maxie to face off against them. Nothing against Jen, who has done a decent job as a sub, but Storms has breathed such life into the character and made her likable even with all the immature and self-centered stuff that the writers have had her do.

  23. Anon...I too found it impossible to believe Felicia would appear with Jack. However, since it is a quote from her fb page, I can't ignore that.

    I would love Kirstin to come back as Maxie too. I think her time is over though. (her doing)

  24. Crane Tolliver was Lila Q's first hubby, who blackmailed her, after it was found out she was never legally divorced from him, thereby anulling her marriage to Edward, making Alan and Tracy bastards. Lila paid off Tolliver and I don't think she got the divorce. Tolliver and Susan were scheming w Scotty to blackmail Alan, and Susan was married to Scotty when Crane doublecrossed her and killed her. He later was murdered.

    Aa for:

    Anon said...

    I would love to see Storms back in the role of Maxie to face off against them. Nothing against Jen, who has done a decent job as a sub, but Storms has breathed such life into the character and made her likable even with all the immature and self-centered stuff that the writers have had her do.

    February 18, 2012 9:30 AM

    This is AXAVTLT opposite. Stormes NEVER made Maxi likable. Jen Lilley has humanized her so that when she does a despicable thing to Liz, we still like Maxi. KS cd never have pulled off the acting Lilley's done this last week, nor w Anthony Z.

  25. AXAVTLT opposite. Stormes

    shd read

    EXACTLY opposite. Storms

    That's what happens when a cat intercedes.

  26. Cosmoetica said...This is AXAVTLT opposite
    What the heck is axavtlt? :)

  27. Friday's show was pretty OKAY! except I am starting to really dislike Sonny - no redeeming qualities left at all. Please, he doesn't love his children. They are pawns, excuses for him to stay in Pt Chuck and play his games. He's become DESPICABLE, his humiliation of Johnny was so unnecessary and just plain ugly!

    The party overall was a great big let down. It was barely an attempt at an Event. Am I Connie Am I Kate Am I Connie Am I Kate Am I Bored

    If they keep throwing
    "you have 'no family' so you can't understand" at Kate she's gonna pop a red lipstick wearin' kid out right there.
    So do they rewrite history and now Kate lost Sonny's baby when she got shot at the wedding and she's become Chicago Slut?

    When I watch Robin, Maxie, Alexis Jason and the rest it's like another show and with everyone coming home I'm just a twitter! I don't know what to do with myself I'm so happy.

  28. wherewolfmom said...So do they rewrite history and now Kate lost Sonny's baby when she got shot at the wedding and she's become Chicago Slut?
    Chicago slut! ROFL! That sounds like a TV show. :) First we had the TV show Chicago hope, now we have Chicago slut. :)

  29. What is a Chicago slut?

  30. My2Cents2 said... What is a Chicago slut?
    A slut that lives in Chicago? ROFL! :)

  31. I live outside of Chytown, and I want to be a slut!!!!!!!!!


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