Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar! Oscar!

Jen and Kelly at the Oscars

 My Outfit for tonight is a vintage Elsa Schiaparelli lobster dress: 

Perfect for the Wubqueen and Alerta Lobster!
So happy Billy Crystal is back! He is the Oscars, I swear. Can't wait to see him do "The Artist". I still love him from "Soap". What a fun show that was. *sigh* 

Sandy Runner Up!
I loved GLENN Close on the carpet!! wow.. Just awesome-- might be my best dressed-- we shall see. It's Zac Posen!! One of my fave designers. *sigh* Read more Oscar Wubbers:

Octavia Spencer

Melanie Griffith looked really soft and beautiful. I like her a lot and haven't really liked how she's looked in the past few years.  Tonight? Gorgeous!! 
Jessica McQueen
 Robert Forster is from Rochester, Kristen Wiig is from Pittsford (about 2 miles from here). Just thought I'd give you some local connection! 

Gwen Paltrow, Superman's Mama in Tom Ford 

Soapdom has a great interview up with our Jen Lilley about The Artist and her other acting work. Check it out.

"Say I'm Batman" I loved with Clooney and Crystal kissed!!! Another fun moment was when Cameron Diaz and JLo showed their backsides!! Woot!! 
Octavia Spencer got a standing O! Everyone just loves her so much.  That whole category was full of great actresses.  
OMG, the Second City TV Gang doing the "Focus Group" Loved it. 
 Kelly Sullivan at the Oscars... this was tweeted tonight.

THE AUDIO SUCKED though! was bad this whole night. 

Emma Stone was SO CUTE with Ben Stiller wasn't she?? Loved it.

 It's 10:00 and I'm really bored. Christopher Plummer's speech was so wonderful!! xxoo He's a  consummate actor. I'm glad that Woody Allen won for screenplay,  I loved Midnight in Paris. 
Ok, I'm going up. Hope you had a fun Oscar watch or  whatever you were doing tonight!



  1. Hi, Karen, thanks for the Oscar posting. I couldn't find Jen Lilly when the cast of "The Artist" came onstage to accept "Best Picture" award, so thanks for the photo!! Her coming w/NuKate was really nice, like Busy Phillips w/"best friend" Michelle Williams--their interview was great. I love seeing best friends together, women's friendships are rarely given the honor and respect they deserve, I, myself, have a few "best friends," and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I wish the movies--and GH--would show more women's friendships!!

    I watched a lot of the show--until the end--but missed the beginning, and some of the inbetween (due to TV problems--don't ask), so thanks for filling me in!

    I thought the show was good--what I saw of it--professional, and not many cringe-inducing moments.

  2. I didn't see Jen or NuKate there. So thanks for the photos.
    Why was NuKate there?

    Either way, they both looked gorgeous.
    btw..Karen you said that Jen probably got the role in the 'Artisit' because of her eyes. Could be. Or the fact the movie was silent????

  3. Except that as I understand it, Jen Lilley has the one line in the movie!

  4. Love4dogs said...
    Except that as I understand it, Jen Lilley has the one line in the movie!


  5. SPOILER!!!

    CasSUCKra is gone!!!! Praise Jesus!!

  6. Jen took Kelly as her "Date" I think they were at parties during the telecast--not sure they were in the theater. She was at a ton of parties and met Meryl Streep and a ton of others.


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