Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday IS HERE! Get Yourself A BEER!


I'm so happy the week is ovah!! I still have to clean for guests coming this weekend but at least not TOO much paperwork. I have to take an online course for the state -- ;/ billing sheeze. Hassle. 
 Oh good Gravy.
Diane and Alexis were hilarious today. :)  TOO BAD LIW and Ethan were on.. Well, I do love ETHAN but not blondie girlie.

Ok fast impressions:
Mac's hair grew again and although Diane and Alexis were hilarious, why would they play strip poker with all those extras around in the bar? LOL

Ethan needs to dress up like AdamAnt with make up and everything just to please me.
WTF is this with Kate? A shrink IN CHICAGO? ummmmm, ok, why not Buffalo?? 

Why can't Dr. Kelly just tell JaSam over the phone?? WHY? Drama? And dangnabbit but Sam needs a baby bump soon. She SHOULD be about 4-5 months PG by now. Geesh. 

Mulva..don't care.

HELENA!! LOOKED Marvelous!


  1. Looked to me like Helena and Cassandra know each other. Maybe they are planning to trick Luke/Ethan?

  2. COULD be! I'd like that, anything interesting!

  3. Does anyone know when Kate (KS)will leave the show?? I heard rumors but not any date of her last air date. I really hope the rumors are true because I cant stand Kate on GH. I have to FF her no matter who she is with

  4. I can't wait to see Ethan's reaction when he realizes who he is falling in love with.

    No wonder Kristina couldn't get him to fall in love with her.

    It just wasn't in her DNA.


  5. I am clueless with LIW & Ethan. I ff thru them. Just let me know when they are planning on leaving Pt Chuckles.

    Terrible show today. Not only were they playing strip in a bar full of people, they left out the good stuff. Bad. Bad.

    Tired of hearing about Steve & Maggies past. How long have we been hearing about it?? 8 months?

    Everyone knows Jason is the baby daddy. So why the cliff hanger? Doesn't the editing department read the spoilers??

    If Kate flies to Chytown to see a shrink and she cries that easily over it, and anyone believes that is why she is there, I have some land to sell you. Call me.

    Bad show.

  6. Why is there a picture of the soap magazine General Hospital in Depth up there?

  7. Yeah I don't get why they are trying to draw out suspense about who the father is. Everyone knows Jason's the daddy just inplant the kid with a gps for when it gets kinapped and order a infant sized bullet proof vest and just move on already! I just wasn't a good show today at all.

  8. Ethan and Cassie: He thinks he is falling in love with her zzzzzzzz.

    Kate and Sonny: Oh she is seeing a therapist. That's it?!!?! Zzzzzzzz. Please let her be lying!!!

    Jake's bar: STRIP POOL YES!!! And Mac is part of it this time!!!! Mmmm he has got a great body! :) Oh Mulva got attacked by ??? Is it Detective Domestico? :)

    Olivia and Steve: YES OLIVIA YES! Tell him how you feel! :)

    Jason and Sam: Blah blah blah misery. Zzzzzz. Oh Dr. Lee can see them tonight!

    Helena and Cassie: She says hello my dear! Helena has got that dagger!!!!! KILL HER HELENA KILL HER!!!

  9. 2Cents: "Doesn't the editing department read the spoilers??"

    You made me laugh for real. I often think that.

  10. sonya said...
    Helena and Cassie: She says hello my dear! Helena has got that dagger!!!!! KILL HER HELENA KILL HER!!!

    LOL This is hilarious. It was better than today's episode!

    I enjoyed the Mac/Coleman/Alexis/Diane stuff but the rest was BORING!!!

  11. Just saw the video interview Kimberly did with Kristen (Starr) it's nice!

  12. Nell said...LOL This is hilarious. It was better than today's episode!
    Hahaha thanks. :) We probably have to wait for Helena and Cassie to chit chat before Helena kills her ROFL! IF she kills her ROFL!

    I enjoyed the Mac/Coleman/Alexis/Diane stuff
    Yeah it was awesome!!! :)

  13. I wonder what's going to happen with Helena in the next episode, and why no one on the show is commenting on Ethan dating a woman who is supposed to look like his sister Lulu.

  14. I put that cover on because of the Johnny and Carly sex thing. I think it's hilarious!

  15. I really hope Kate is playing Sonny because that excuse for all her secrecy is one major let down.

    Diane was hilarious today. The whole bar scene was funny but she was hilarious. ( And Mac was looking hot! Wake up Alexis1)

    I wonder if Doc Ewan is the killer? If he's a Cassidine he's got the genes for it.

    And *gasp* Helena spoke!

  16. Love the soap mag cover.. "Carly and Johnny have SEXXXXX"...LOL!! Although the cover reminds me of when I was in high school, I can't wait for them to "do it" *giggle ;)

    Today's epi wasn't that great for me. Loved the Jake's stuff even if it did come off as random was fun and nice to see. But it's always nice to see things like that instead of killing and bombs and Sonny threatening someone about something/anything.

    Oh the Jasam stuff. It's known I'm not a fan of them, but I am not a hater by no means. That couple is just unwatchable. I don't even care about the paternity because we all know, it won't stay that way. For that reason alone I should be interested a little in the storyline....but due to the horrific writing the last couple of years, I have no interest.

    In regards to Kate, as much as I can't get into Kelly Sullivan's portrayal/"acting" of Kate, I really do hope she's working behind the scenes to bring Sonny down. It would make sense storyline wise....we'll see.

    Oh Mulva...what webs are you weaving? I don't want to care because the acting is so bad but apparently the writers want to take us down that road. Loved Livvy for giving a little street schooling to Lulu about watching "her man"...take the job Lulu!! Loved it!

    Helena...can't wait :))!!!

    Ethan = Adam Ant. Karen, you crack me up!! :)

  17. I think ronnie is unless they change it to Ewan to get rid of him

  18. Has Luke been lying on the floor of that tunnel unconscious all this time? They forgot him!
    Poor Mac--doesn't seem to have a clue how the girls are targeting him.

    I liked the other day when Alexis was protesting to Diane that she didn't want a man in her life--'unless it's Colin Firth--this store is closed.'

    I laughed out loud because I could favorite actor, too.

    Obviously Kate isn't going out to see her shrink in that glittery outfit, so she wasn't exactly honest with Slimy.

  19. I wonder if Delores' hubby is the dancers' stalker. We haven't seen him, but then, that might be a plus. He knew where she was. Maybe he is tired of her being a cop and he thinks he can scare her out of the career--or he is the one who hurt her sister.
    I'm just mulling it around here. Not sure it works.

  20. Ok I know tomorrow is sunday surgery so I thought I would comment. Sonny/Kate totally stupid story line, who really cares?
    Lulu/Dante I like the exploring of what happens when you first get married (trying not to lose yourself).
    Ethan/LIW only bright spot Helena.
    What happened to Luke, is he still knocked out in the tunnel?
    Johnny, really like the storyline with Claudia being his mother which was not really a big surprise but the acting is spot on.
    Why are they writing Liz like Amy Vining?
    Scrubs great storyline like the way they are dealing with long term illness (as someone who has one) it helps to look forward and not back.
    Olivia/Steve/toothy barbie snooze.
    Jason/Sam baby drama this needs to be done already.
    Carly not even going there.
    Mac is looking very good.

  21. If Luke is still knocked out in the tunnel, how did he contact Ethan by text/cell phone?

  22. I am GH#1 fan. However this week, had Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza written all over it. Terrible writing.
    Yes I happen to think Mulva's husband is the attacker.
    Whoever, he has dark hair.

    Is it me, or is every scene of Sonny, Kate, Olivia when they are together, do we have to go back down memory lane from back in the day.

  23. My predictions:

    Kate has split personality disorder between Connie Falconari and Kate Howard. Re: the saucy outfit change at the end of Friday's show. I see her going crazy and will end up in Shadybrook or something. Then enter Brenda for the final Brenda/Sonny reunion before GH ends.

    Jason is the daddy and Franco never even raped Sam. He only wanted to mess with their minds and I don't think he's dead for real.

    Dr. Ewen is the one who attached Mulva and is the "stripper killer" LIW has something to do with it, maybe she knows his true identity. I think it's more likely she is Laura's daughter, then Ethan sister but open on this one.

  24. Yeah, I love Brandon Barash and Laura Wright, too, kd.

    Just not "General Hospital in Depth." Even when it was ABC Soaps in Depth it was still "GH In Depth" because out of 26 issues they put out each year, "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" only got a total of four covers.

    SID = losers

  25. Love 4 Dogs: It was likely Helena who texted Ethan, since she is at the star and not Luke.

    I keep going back to Abby's death at a construction site--Delores' husband is a construction worker....
    We still haven't seen the guy, but maybe we have and don't know it. ?? Naw, can't think of anyone it might be.
    Anyway, I wonder if hubby is targeting Delores with all this--but then it has to do with that stripper club and the dance school the girls all attended--including Abby? Maybe Delores' sister was a dancer--do we know?

    Sorry. I can get fanciful when I start mulling over plots...

  26. sonya said...
    Ethan and Cassie: He thinks he is falling in love with her zzzzzzzz.
    BELCH!!!! When they leaving the show together??

    Kate and Sonny: Oh she is seeing a therapist. That's it?!!?! Zzzzzzzz. Please let her be lying!!!
    She is.

    Jake's bar: STRIP POOL YES!!! And Mac is part of it this time!!!! Mmmm he has got a great body! :) Oh Mulva got attacked by ??? Is it Detective Domestico? :)
    Did you see Uncle Mac had his badge hung on to his underwear??

    I have to agree with it being Mulva's hubby who is the attacker.
    Wasn't her sister attacked and killed too??

    Please Please give me an early b-day present. KILL off Maggie & LIW.
    btw...In HD, LIW has had alot of work done to her face for a young women.
    And Kate (who I like) has a huge ZIT on her cheek.
    Just wanted to share that with all of you.

  27. My weekly letter to Mr Paul Lee of GH:

    Uncle Mac had lost weight and got a haircut on Monday. By Tuesday it was all grown back and he put weight on. Every blog is talking about that.
    Forget Uncle Mac was dancing in a bar. Why were they playing strip with other people in the bar??
    Last week this show showed promise. This week, it had Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza written all over every scene.
    We love Mac. We want him all the time. But write him with respect.

    Why was cliffhanger Friday about Jason being the daddy? Doesn’t the editing department read spoilers? Is there honestly anyone out there who didn’t know its his baby and Franco probably never raped Sam.

    I say the women cop’s husband is the one who is attacking the women.

    Robin isn’t dying from aids. But ’supposingly’ she dies. Or is killed.
    Until the end of the show unless it finds a new home.

    Please NO BRENDA. PLEASE. Let her stay gone. Isn’t that a unanomous vote with everyone??
    I was hoping, that Kate with her secrets is working for the FEDS and is taking Sonny down. jmo

    How long do we have to suffer thru Maggie & Steve’s past? Its been well over 8 months and we still know nothing.

    LIW-Maggie-PLEASE leave my screen.

    Jax, come home. CarJax is the only LOVE for Carly!
    I think I said just about everything to Mr Lee! lol


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