Monday, February 20, 2012

Fly Fly Away...

One of the only kids allowed to grow up on GH. She's been on forever. Other than JJ, no one else lasted longer in a part going from youngster to adult.  Knowing  what was coming today? Painful to say the least.

Kids brought BEER! LMAO... Poor Molly!!!  Animal HOUSE...woot! I so remember when a guy would bat his eyelashes at me and I'd melt at 14. LOL That's what Boone's Farm Wine was for!! 

Jason and Spin...Spin better watch out because Franco and Sonny are going to be jealous!! 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH the door slams shut because of the toxins!! EEK!!! Paddy's going to watch Robin die! oh no!! Just like Spock and Kirk!! EEE! Didn't people on "24" die this way too? Robin put the toxins in the box so they will be safe at least.

I HATED KATE TODAY. HATED hate hate. I wanted Olivia to slug her face. ugh.  And Why the hell would Dante go UP to the party instead of calling 911? Sonny was down/out. Good lord, that was stupid. I think KATE SHOT him!!


  1. Oh yeah. I totally think Kate had some kind of an episode and blacked out and shot him! At least Johnny has an alibi. Isn't it about time for him and Carly to be doin' the dirty already?!

    Tomorrow's stuff with Robin is going to rip my heart out. Poor Patrick and Emma!!

    Dear Maggie- Please go jump off a cliff. Seriously. Enough.

  2. Patrick and Robin: She saved him YAY! But oh oh she is stuck! Patrick leave before the doors lock!!!! OH NO AN EXPLOSION!!!! The ending was brilliant! :)

    Carly and Johnny: Great scenes!

    Sonny and Dante: Sonny gets shot again. it's just like when Carly always fell down the stairs ROFL! Enough already. Boy Sonny has a lot of holes in his body. Oh oh Sonny is gone! Where did he go?

    Kate: Damn Kate is so shaky!!! What the hell?! Kate I think you need to stop drinking coffee. And then later she sees Sonny's blood!!

    Olivia, Maggie, and Steve: Oh yes Maggie, Olivia wants to know what is going on with you and Steve, so you tell her you two are having an affair? What the hell?

    Liz and Matt: Matt is getting drunk hahaha! Ewen stood Liz up!! ROFL! It's okay Matt is there. :)

    Molly's party: No Molly! Don't go up to your room with that boy!!! Hey TJ saved the day. :) I'm still at the party and I'm having a blast! WOOT WOOT! :) That blonde girl who gave Molly the drink, who is she? Is her mother Kate? Or is her sister Cassie? Damn the blonde looks like them! Michael shows up to be a hero!

  3. Today's GH was certainly engaging. The thing that kept me watching and on the edge of my seat, even though I knew what was coming, was Robin and Patrick. I realize Kim wanted to go and focus on her directing, and I wish her well on that, but I feel so badly that this character survived the problems with her HIV and all the heck Lisa put her through only to blow up in a lab! I read on Raven's page that Robin will be back...she said much the same way that Trevor St. John's character was on OLTL in the end, so we will see her again...hopefully!

    Other annoyances...

    The scene between Jason and Spin was sweet, however, didn't we just have a similar "I am dying and so could you take care of my spouse and kid" convo between Liz and Robin recently? It just smacked of recycling a conversation!

    Kate...this woman had better be nutso because of how she's acting! Again, unless she's nutso or setting Sonny up, there is no reason on earth this woman should want to be with Sonny, based on what's happened to her and how he treated her...NONE!

    Steve and Maggie...just spit the damn secret out! No one gives a toss anymore! Maybe Heather will come back to set things straight. Nah...actually I think that'll work into the Jason/Franco mess. I agree with someone who said that having Heather have stolen a baby that was maybe Jason's fraternal twin who grew up to be Franco would be soapy!

    Molly...ok, it was nice that TJ grew a conscience, but this was a waste of air time! GH just cannot do a socially conscious story right! Facebook bullying, teen alcohol, etc. Those are timely issues, but GH never makes the point well enough! I hope Molly's ok!

    Lastly...Carly and Johnny, the destructive kindred spirits. Yeah, right. I'm sorry, but I just cannot get into them. BB has loads of chem. no matter who he's with...he's a terrific actor who's been totally wasted on this show. I don't need to be reminded about how great of a liar, secret keeper and manipulator Carly can be or what messes she's been in (mostly her own doing) over the years...I got it, thanks! We've been reminded how good of a liar she is for about a year now. Johnny...the writers are again shoving him into the crazy corner and he needs a savior. Lulu tried, Olivia tried, now Carly. He's said it himself..."I don't want to be saved." Let the guy do what he's going to do. I wonder how Carly will feel once she learns Sonny was shot. Will she go back to her Sonny worship again? Where will that leave Johnny if she does? At this rate, the guy is as good as dead once Sonny gets back on track...and yeah, just where did he crawl off to? Or was he taken? Papa Z is the culprit maybe? I don't think Johnny did the shooting. He was too busy ledge gazing.

    What was good, aside from Robin and Patrick...

    Emma and Grandma Anna...the girl is absolutely adorable and a great little actress! I felt so sorry for them watching though, knowing what will happen! Now, returns from Robert and Noah make complete sense. I assume GH will break their here of late tradition and actually have a proper funeral for a cast member? They'd better!

    Sonny's party was not what I was expecting. It was boring as heck, actually! The lead up to it all made viewers think there would be one heck of a body count. Well, it isn't over really yet, so who knows. Maybe someone will go on a shooting spree yet! It was either the party or the explosion at the hospital which led me to think tons of people were going to die...maybe not!

    What I want to know...

    Where the heck is Luke? Is he still knocked out?
    Where is Lulu...she's either stuck in bed sneezing or boozing, I guess.
    How is Ethan leaving? (As long as Cassandra goes, I don't really care how!)
    Where is Granny Helena?


  4. Oh I forgot to mention, Anna and Emma! Love the scene! I hope Emma grows up and joins the WSB and becomes a spy! :)

  5. Ohhhh that picture....*sniff. RIP Robin. Tomorrow will kill me. KMc will be missed.

    Karen, you're so right. That scene with Patrick and Robin was very Trekkie!

    GrammaAnna and Em...ohhh such a sweet scene. I will have my kleenex box ready tomorrow.

    Carly & Johnny need less talking and more action!

    Matt drunk again but yet it's Lulu who has a drinking problem? Hahaha!!

    It may be just me, but I could not take Kelly Sullivan over acting her scenes today. She needs to dial it back it bit (imo). I also think Kate shot Sonny.

    And why was nobody calling 911 for Sonny? Dante running back to the party was just ridiculous.

    Jason and Spin. A love story. LOL! Cute stuff. Jason's hair keeps getting higher and higher each day he's in the hospital! *Max Headroom

    Was nice to see TJ being something other than a punky kid and actually looking out for Molly, somewhat.

  6. MatchboxGinny said...Matt drunk again but yet it's Lulu who has a drinking problem? Hahaha!!
    Well hey, it's not in the morning when Matt is drinking! ROFL!

    Jason and Spin. A love story. LOL! Cute stuff. Jason's hair keeps getting higher and higher each day he's in the hospital! *Max Headroom
    Max headrom!!! ROFL! That is so old. :) Jason and Spin a love story! ROFL! Gotta love bromances. :)

  7. I am so sad - fly away home Robin, I love you. It happened faster then I thought it would but boy did it happen.
    Ok who didn't love Anna & Emma together. As soon as Anna said she was going to tell Robin how much she loved her and how proud she was my tears started and lasted the whole episode. I'm sure they will through the week.
    I see a lot of Dr. Noah in Dr. Matt - looks like they've changed who's going to become an overnight Alcoholic. Up until now he's been too healthy for Liz, watch him start falling apart and she'll be right there.
    I agree about Sonny - I think Chicago Slut Kate shot him. Stick up her A** Kate takes control and realizes she has a gun and OMG! what's going on I have a gun, what to do - what to do? Maybe she stuck it in a potted plant. Maybe it will grow a therapist for her.
    Jason and Spin were fantastic today. Just the right amount of emotion when Jason asked him to be there for Sam and the baby. Spin thanking him for everything. Their scenes were pure perfection.

  8. Sonya, are you calling me old? ;) LOL!!! It's like Jason's brain swelling is happening in his hair follicles!

  9. EXPLOSIVE ending!

    Pretty dress Diane. Tracy too. Tracey always looks good though.

    Why didn't someone call 911 instead of Dante going for help upstairs??
    OMG Kate shot him!! I LOVE it!

    Sonya where were you? I thought you were going to the party??
    Were you in the bedroom? :) lol

    Why didn't Patrick call for help?? Couldn't the window have been broken??
    I mean he stood there for how long?

    The GOOD: Emma, Emma, Anna, Emma
    The BAD: Anything Carly today.
    The UGLY: The explosion. Why did Patrick stand there for so long?

  10. Oh yea...Matt, have another cocktail. While your at it, shave that hideous beard off!!! Thank You for NO Maxie today.

    Carly GO HOME!!! Your only good when your playing in bitch mode opposite another women.

    LOVE this Kate. LOVE. But I am thinking her days are numbered...

    YES an interview Kim mentioned she would not be seeing Robert ALIVE.
    It was on gh happenings 2.
    You could take it to mean a return. Or not.

  11. MatchboxGinny said... Sonya, are you calling me old? ;) LOL!!!
    No! ROFL! I was saying Max headrom is old! :) That was in the 80's!:)

    It's like Jason's brain swelling is happening in his hair follicles!
    Hahahaha well his brain IS swelling! ROFL!

  12. 2 cents says, Sonya where were you? I thought you were going to the party?? Were you in the bedroom? :) lol
    I was at the party! ROFL!I was drinking a lot! I was having a blast! Until Michael had to ruin the fun. I told him off, and then ran to the bathroom and threw up. :) Where you at the party? Where were you? :)

  13. Worst way to kill Robin ever! I'm so disappointed. Robin didn't think twice about leaving her family to save Jason?!? Sickening.

    Also you know Carly will still hate her...

  14. It's been a heck of a long time since GH left me happy and speachless. I loved today's show, love love love love LOVED it!

    FYI people, this is what we call February Sweeps. I know it is foreign territory to GH viewers because we haven't seen it in ages lmao

    Standing ovation Mr. Carlivati

  15. Nitpicking of me, but why didn't Robin just pull Patrick over and have him hold the door open while she ran in? Or put one of those moveable carts - there were two right outside the door - in the doorway while she went in? It was dumb for two smart characters to act so idiotic. Ugh...

    But, I know they had to do something and this was better than another mob shooting. At least Robin will "die" a hero.

  16. And why didn't Patrick go for help? Obviously it wasn't doing any good to stand there and bang on the door. You'd think there would've been some kind of plan in effect in case something like this happened, but it's a soap so you have to let some stuff slide...

    So sad. And this is terrible but Patrick is going to be the sexiest grieving husband in the history of soaps...

  17. Of course Robin jumped to give her life for Jason's. Did anyone think she wouldn't?. Monica gave us a big hint last week "I always thought it would be Robin who would save your life, I just didn't think it would be this way" - or words to that effect.

    No one on this show know's how to use a cell phone to dial 911! I swear u'd think 911 didn't exist in Pt. Chuck. And OMG - Sonny is MISSING or he called one of his goons and he is off searching for Johnny. He'll be determined to shoot back this time even if Johnny didn't do it.

    The party out at the lake house looked like a lot more fun then the Metro Court and it took a whole hell of a lot less planning. Poor Molly do you think anyone will call 911?

  18. sonya said...
    2 cents says, Sonya where were you? I thought you were going to the party?? Were you in the bedroom? :) lol
    I was at the party! ROFL!I was drinking a lot! I was having a blast! Until Michael had to ruin the fun. I told him off, and then ran to the bathroom and threw up. :) Where you at the party? Where were you? :)
    NO I couldn't make the party. I was too busy SCREAMING at Patrick to go for help to break open the window. You didn't hear me?? lol
    I know you are from that neck of the woods...U people have 911 up there??

  19. I also think Kate shot him.

    I'm on the fly but apart from all the terrific acting in this episode, I love that we had actual crowds of people at both the benefit and Molly's party. ( I also hope TJ realizes how close he came to almost getting Molly raped. Stupid kid!)

    And even Emma probably knows to dial 911 when someone is shot.

  20. wherewolfmom said... Poor Molly do you think anyone will call 911?
    No people are not going to call 911!! Like you said, nobody knows how ROFL!

    2cents says NO I couldn't make the party. I was too busy SCREAMING at Patrick to go for help to break open the window. You didn't hear me?? lol
    ROFL! No I didn't hear you! I was too drunk and I was throwing up in the bathroom ROFL!

    I know you are from that neck of the woods...U people have 911 up there??
    Yeah we do but nobody knows how to call it! :)

  21. Drunk Matt:"I'm a doctor"!
    LOL! Luv him!

  22. I'm not even talking about Robin. I'm way too bummed she's being killed off.

    Best line and HOW TRUE from Alexis: "Why do I come to these things? They never end well."

    Thought Bradford A. nailed it today.

    Kate definitely shot Sonny.

  23. oooh yes..I hope that Kate shot him..juicy...

  24. The ending was so sad especially when she realized she was trapped so she started telling Patrick how much she loved him. I would say that Robin's exit is going to be great (the storyline) but from spoilers it seems like it quickly turns into a St. Jason story. No one wants to tell him about Robin and people want Patrick to try and save Jason....really!!! So they couldn't have Dante mad a Sonny for a whole 24 hours huh. Sonny "saved" Dante so now he's gonna be kissing his behind I guess Kate can take one cheek and Dante can take the other o wait where does that leave Micheal? smh

  25. So if Kate shot Sonny accidentally (she was aiming for Dante) does this make up for Michael shooting her accidentally? Just asking.

  26. I agree that it is ridiculous that Dante will now be o.k. with
    Sonny because he got shot. This is not different from Guza's writing. SONNY SHOT AGAIN?! LOVE Liz and Matt!

  27. Couldn't agree with Caffeinated Joe more. Pretty damn stupid way to get rid of Robin and, yes, it was quite Wrath Of Khan-ish.

    Also agree with those here who said Kate shot Sonny.

  28. I don't understand how a studio full of smart people could write the Robin exit like that. Wouldn't someone have said, "Robin is too smart and her will to live would be too strong to run into that room without at least thinking of a way to hold the door open" or certainly Patrick would have suggested it? Would she really leave her child motherless on a "chance" that the protocol would work? If the protocol was close enough to be ready to use that she would risk her life for it, why was she playing board games in the lobby? I just feel so often like my intelligence is being insulted.

  29. I agree with Vicki. Though Ron's name won't 'technically' be on until today, the writing of Mondays show SUCKED.

    Robin's exit storyline was poorly done. It didn't make me sad. It made me mad. Lazy written.

    Where is Sonny?? Did he have the rest of the day off, so now he is MIA?? Or will he end up at Wyndemere with the rest of the lost people?? (in white) Where are all the casualties of the party that Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza promised us??
    There is still lots of work ahead to do before this show gets it right.

    Again, the lack of calling 911 on BOTH situations was maddening.

  30. Yeah, I'm starting to get that sinking feeling that the writing is still going to be bad. Hate to see Robin go, but not much brain matter utulized in the whole scenario. Emma is just the cutest and she is a natural little actress. Great scene with RObin, Anna and Emma. Jason T. should have some Emmy-worthy material coming up, that is if there still are daytime Emmys.

  31. Call 911 or go upstairs where there are doctors who can come quicker? I agree, he should have called 911, but it was an obvious first thought to get Steve.
    Prop the door open with something because it will lock down any second--that does seem reasonable, but I suppose Robin was thinking of all those hours she spent (and a few she wasted on unwelcome interruptions) coming up with the meds, and thought she could dart in and out so quick....
    Where could Patrick go for help? Could he call maintenance on his cell? He panicked. How did little Robin manage to pull a grown man out of the room, emergency adrenaline? It can happen.
    I think Anthony shot Sonny because the shooter was aiming at Dante, and why would Kate aim at Dante? She was pretty pissed with Sonny after his little rant, but did she follow him out? We don't really know where Anthony was at the time.
    Altogether a pretty well-done show. It is still Wolfe's story, but I'm sure there has been tweaking by the new PTB. It just paced better.
    And SO good to have Anna back.

  32. I think Kate SHOT Sonny!!

    Patrick could have stepped back and started to scream for help.
    He is in a is AX would have broken that window.
    Let's hope today brings that possibility, instead of an explosion to rip her body to shreds.

    Dante running upstairs I can buy..somewhat. I DO believe Ron has been 'tweeting' bits and pieces of the show lately. Maybe he was out sick the day yesterday was written?? lol


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