Friday, February 24, 2012

Jack Wagner on Dancing With the Stars!

We knew some GH person would be on--someone "connected to the show" and TMZ reports Mr. Wagner is on the roster. He needs some good PR about now!! So, Frisco will be doing the Fandango!


  1. Has all the contestants been named?

    I will watch him!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, I'll watch, too.

    My dream line-up for "Dancing with the Stars" would include MORE C-list celebs with SCANDALOUS pasts ...

    We're talking Tonya Harding, Patty Hearst, Kato Kaelin, Fawn Hall, Todd Bridges, Monica Lewinsky, Nadya Suleman, etc.

    I would do away with all the temporarily trendy reality stars they seem to shove down our throats and all the gold medalist winners. Man, I wish I could have a hand in casting one season of this silly show. =)

  3. I want him back on GH with Kristina of course!


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