Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog's Day: Or GH under Guza hee hee

Happy Groundhog's Day.
Happy Groundhog's Day.
HAAHAH. Best movie--I love it. I know ol' Bob Guza did too because he USED THE SAME sheeze over and over again enough!! 
Maybe BOB the Badger will be highlighted today in a tribute??

Not sure I'll make it for GH today, we'll see!! Have a good one.


  1. ICAM! Guza sure did.
    Same tired s/l's just switched the characters up.
    And heck, sometimes he even used the same ones!

    I think that is why I am enjoying this new writter so much.
    Yes, it has been hit and miss with some things but heck, at least he's being creative.
    Unlike some, or most, I actually like Ewen. Especially in a story line with my beloved Elizabeth.
    Yes, Yes, I would rather see her with Jason over anyone else but that isnt going to happen anytime soon.
    So I'm actually enjoying the way things are going right now.
    A little Matt, a little Ewen, and soon I have a feeling a little Patrick!!
    And best of all, NO Lucky!!!!

  2. Your Groundhog's Day analogy is fitting. I think everyone knows about Guza's habit of repeating the same storylines, and reusing them over and over again, much to our disappointment.

    I hope for better with the new PTB.

  3. Oh Karen, you are so right about GH being Groundhog's Day!! Good one!!

    Today's epi...I'll sum it up, "Drink up". It was a drunken epi with Johnny drinking straight from the bottle and Lante hanging at Jake's throwing back some beers...with Mulva, and her invisible hubs that was a "no show", of course.

    Sonny and Kate. Hmm....I can't. You'll have to watch for yourself. I guess it was supposed to be poignant but I just can't handle Kelly Sullivan's "acting".

    Random Mac sighting where he learns about Robin's medical condition. It was pre-haircut for Mac. Ugh. Really hate when GH makes stupid mistakes like that. Makes me feel like they just don't care about what they're putting out there for the fans, but with all the changes, I'll give them a pass on it ;)

    Diane & Alexis were together at Jake's talking about menopause. It was okay. Could've been better, imo.

    Livvy was dizzy we're back to that and she confronted Steve about LisaRedo.

    Not a great epi for me but not so bad that I wanted to clean my birdcage for more enjoyment. lol ;)

  4. Alexis and Diane: HAHAHAHAHA WELCOME TO MENOPAUSE ROFL ROFL! You are free Alexis to make love and not get pregnant YAY! ROFL! Oh man I love their scene today! Oh there is Mac!!! :)

    Mulva, Dante, and Lulu: Oh oh Mulva's hubby Eddie is not coming!!! Coleman thinks Mulva is hot! :)

    Sonny and Kate: Oh!!! Now THIS is a great scene!!! :) Not boring at all! She is BUSTED! And she has the nerve to say SHE is offended? PLEASE! Oh it's another man!!!! Who is it Kate? Your son? Sonny's the father? Oh please no!!!

    Patrick, Robin, and Mac: Great Robin and Patrick scene!! And then Mac comes along all upset because Robin didn't tell him the truth! She hugs him awwwwwwwwww! :'(

    Shawn and Carly: He asks her out on a date!!! But I don't think she is interested in him anymore. I think she is interested in Johnny now. :) Go for Johnny Carly! :)

    Carly and Johnny: Poor Johnny! :'(

    Johnny and Olivia: A scene with them YAY! :)

    Olivia and Maggie: Oh you tell her Olivia!!!!

  5. You missed nothing today Karen.

    Carly is still more obsessed with the guys than she is her own children.

    Jasam will find out tomorrow he the baby daddy. They didn't show them today.

    Olivia sticking her nose where it don't belong. AGAIN. I guess her own life isn't interesting enough.

    Cutsie scenes with Coleman, Diane, Alexis. I don't want scenes. I want a storyline.

    Maggie/Steve still talking about nothing. Since June. WTF is going on with this nowhere storyline?

    Mulva got stood up by Eddie.

    Sonny followed Kate to Chytown.
    We had to listen to memory lane and crying the whole show. Finally Kate told him she came to meet with someone. A guy. boo-hoo.

    GOOD STUFF: Robin, Patrick, Uncle Mac. Uncle Mac knows Robin is sick.
    Very underplayed. However, 3 days of Mac!Even if its only 2 scenes a day!

    Lulu is thinking about working at the cop shop. I wonder if she can bring her wine to work? If so, it may be a good fit.

    Johnny is still in the bottle. Who can blame him finding out skanky Claudia is his Mama?

    Today was written by Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza. No doubt.

  6. I think the new powers to be are droping the LuLu is drunk storyline. I loved the show today The new writer I hear is making changes to what we are seeing on the screen.

  7. I did like Diane and Alexis especially when the talked about having sex now without worrying about getting pregnant. But Diane said to stay away from Sonny because somehow Sonny's little warriors could probably still get a woman pregnant after menopause! LOL

  8. I got to see Olivia & Johnny together again - love them. The Diane & Alexis stuff was hilarious. I love Diane...she always makes me laugh. The scenes with Patrick & Robin & Mac were good even if the Mac stuff was out of left field.

    I changed the channel and watched DOOL during the Sonny & Kate stuff as well as most of the Dante & Lulu stuff so I can't really comment on them :)

    I did hear Lulu's comment about Ewen though and it's true...his character seems to be getting odder and that makes me VERY UNHAPPY!!!!! He's the only new character I like so I'm upset that they seem to be ruining him. I want to enjoy E&E!

  9. Ewan is getting odder. I hope they don't make him the killer.

    Maybe Kate is going to meet her child. Maybe early in her career she had a child by a "benefactor" named Gino A new sibling for How would Sonny like that?

  10. LaTanya...Diane was a hoot when she was talking about Sonny's spermies!!! YES that was funny!

    YES! Ewan IS getting weirder!! I noticed that as well. Is he the attacker?
    Or is Eddie? Mulva's husband? Maybe he is the one that went after Mulva's sister. That is why Eddie stood up Mulva, he had to attack. That could be interesting.

    Kate disapointed me. I thought from how she talked today like maybe she did have a kid somewhere. I want her to be working with the FEDS instead!

  11. Robin and Patrick scenes (w/Mac) and Alexis/Diane scenes were great. The rest was all disposable.

    Went back and watched a little bit of Night Shift 2 and Robin/Patrick's wedding on GH. The Robert/Anna/Robin dynamic was written really well for all of those. Go back and watch it yourselves if you don't remember - even the wedding stuff that took place on GH had some heart and was true to the characters that we all remember. MAYBE there is some hope with Robert and Anna coming back?

    Here's what I am guessing:
    - Faison is the secret villian in this
    - Anna and Robert and NOW married and chasing Faison down as a final assignment. They get word that Faison has targeted Robin and/or Emma.
    - BOOM! Anna comes to Port Charles ahead of Robert to keep an eye on things
    - Robert shows up shortly thereafter claiming Faison is now in the area and trying to pull something off
    - Faison attempts to kidnap Emma but grabs Robin instead (shades of the old Grant Putman/Anna/Satan the Doberman storyline) and fakes her death
    - Robin leaves as his captive unknown to the rest of PC (shades of the old Lucky is dead storyline with Faison in the 90's)
    - Aftermath, funeral, hello Noah Drake for the funeral, hello Holly for the funeral, Anna and Robert decide to stick around PC for awhile to keep an eye on Emma and Patrick and HOPEFULLY good storylines unfold for them

    What do yall think?

  12. My2Cents2 said...Kate disapointed me. I thought from how she talked today like maybe she did have a kid somewhere. I want her to be working with the FEDS instead!
    YES! I want her working with the FEDS too!!!

    Anon said...Here's what I am guessing:
    YES! I love your guessing of what is going to happen!! I hope it happens! :) I would love that! :)

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  14. Diane and Alexis had the scene of the day and the line of the day! ROFL! Actually a lot of lines of the day.

    Diane: Hey this frees you up to sleep with Sonny again.

    Alexis: ARE YOU ON CRACK?!


  15. I didn't watch today's episode--my mom had another doctor's appointment. Why is Lulu drinking? She knows she has a problem, and most people, when they know they're alcoholics, do not drink. wtf?

  16. Looks like they are phasing out Lulu's drinking problem. Mulva actually seemed full of life yesterday. Ewen is odd - always seems to wear the same clothes, too. Love anything Alexis/Diane and Coleman of course. Nice to see Olivia and Johnny. Maggie needs to be sent away ASAP. I noticed that when a scene ends before a commercial it does so very sharply, which is new. I was so glad Kate was busted.


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