Sunday, October 25, 2009

sunday surgery: GHH "Blows UP" Morgan Pics!

I'm sure Shirley over at GHH will forgive me if I gush about her idea to blow up the newspaper clippings in the "Mad World" montage! Take a gander! Looks like it has to do with ALKAZAR--not the whole Pauletti thing I had heard about. GENIUS idea to do that. Ergo, the code must have to do with Alkie somehow. I guess Mr. Franco also looks a tad like Mr. A. So, although the part about father/son was correct, I do think this is the way the story is going.

UPDATE: "sonnyandbrenda" on twitter had an awesome idea. Brenda clues are also in those newspapers. She had a hand in the whole Alkazar thing. There are railway maps of Europe on there (where she is now). PLUS, Vanny mentioned to her friend she wanted to come back on GH to work with James Franco! So, who knows?? BTW, will he also go after Alexis who killed THE OTHER Alkazar? hmmmmm.
Many charity events this weekend both on the West and East Coasts. Daytime/ABC cast members helped refurbish schools. Wubber Chrissy said she had a blast in NYC with members of OLTL. I will have pics from both coasts by tomorrow I hope. It amazes me the charity involvement in the soap community--very cool.

Bradford Anderson had an event in Atlanta yesterday and gave out roses to the people that attended!
Chrissie Fit (Mercedes) is looking for a Halloween costume. I told her to go as a Wii Fit! :) how fun is that!? Did you know she was in the movie "Crossing Over" with Harrison Ford and Ashley Judd? Catch it on DVD!
GREAT Spoilers for next week will involve Claudia and Joey Limbo tangle, Johnny tries to save his sister and Liz tries, but fails to sleep with Lucky. (guilt?) Sonny will have a nasty toast for Claudia at her party. Guess who finally ends Claudia's life? Kind of like an EYE for an EYE....if you do get on the spoiler site, please just hit a sponsor or two. I'd appreciate it!
****** NEW ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY***** Lists "CougarTown" on their Mist List as #1 to Watch--and mentions "Scene Stealer" Carolyn Hennsey!
PS. Shilo the "Mermaid Girl" lost her battle and has died. She was one of my most favorite people. Anyone that saw the docs on her fell in love with her spirit. I feel so badly for her parents.


  1. Wasn't that the whole reason that Diego decided to blow up the town? Haven't they been there and done that?

  2. GHH2 has posted in their Rumorville that James Franco's character is believed to be the childhood friend of Dante's whose father was murdered by the mob.

    I'm not sure where this Alcazar thing would come into play...they have been there and done that as you say...and most of us weren't interested.

    I went to YouTube to hear the whole version of Adam Lambert's song Mad World and there are a lot of GH fans doing the same thing and posting about GH in comments. Hey people are interested now. I hope this keeps up....and the childhood friend of Dante's makes good sense...James Franco would be out for revenge and this gets Dante, Jason and Sonny involved and could develop the Sonny and Dante dynamic. Time will tell....but people are watching.


  3. Anyone notice that the picture on the spoiler page has Mac checking out Olivia's bust line?? Lol. Poor Mac he needs a love interest !!

  4. Too funny Lori, and if you look closely you can so TELL that the "BUST" is not a push up bra. That my friends, are some nice implants.

    Hate that they are trying to redeem Claudia. And are they hinting that Michael or Morgan kills Claudia? He was raised by 2 mobsters? Or is it Johnny. That may be good.

    Love that there is nothing about Sam in the spoilers. Give us a bit of a break, please.

  5. Yeah it doesn't make sense if this is Alcazar related... hmmm. But I haven't been this excited for GH in a longgggg time. Between James Franco and JJ coming back TOMORROW...

  6. Manny Ruiz!!! Jason's mugshot is attached to Manny's stats!!!!!!!!!


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