Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Link" and "Evan" take over the Haunted Star!!

John, Mr. Jackson if you're nasty.... :) (get it?)

OLTL today: I swear that I've waited before for Blair to remember stuff. Maybe I'm thinking of Jessica remembering the baby switch. I don't know, but I'm a bit sick of it. Scott Clifton is on today! woot! yippee! The only fun part was Fish yelling today about "Dorian's pretend Gay fiance"! I am in love with Kimmy too. Great actress.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: You know, GH comes on when I SHOULD be walking my poor bladder filled doggie. LOL.
OMG, the whole Michael's is shot flashbacks are coming again--Dylan Cash laying there. Here's hoping he gets residuals on that piece of film. Could pay for his college!
Molly is 'conducting an experiment' in Sam's hot tub. This kid could have her own show. LOL. She's a gem. 'Heathcliff/Catherine" she's such a romantic. She reminds me a bit of Diane, who should be her godmother.
Coleman with the shotgun! LOL..."I have to call Jason or Sonny or they'll have us killed"!! Fun, fun. And a good combo--that's not usually GH's style to throw different characters together so KUDOS writers. (:thud:) Coleman with Epiphany. Even some 'back banter'!!
Claudia/DOMte are creepy to me. Just creepy.
Ha! Tracy hires two guys that look like Luke and Ethan to run the Casino! "Link" and "Evan"! And the Haunted Star is PACKED with customers! :thud thud: Too funny. They must have had fun getting the "Lukealikes"! (as TG says)
Kristina snowing Alexis about her birth control pills. Oh, ALEXIS !!!! Then Molly tells her mother she walked in on "sam and jason HAVING SEX"!!! brahaha. Alexis' face is priceless. Uh, Molly they were kissing!!
Anyone else thinking they are writing JaSam pretty well this time around? Jason smiled yesterday and 'TALKED' today... he said "I realize how much I missed you--how simple it is to be with you"... Nothing against Liason mind you, it was just written really well.
ClauSon COULD have been an epic couple I tell you! EPIC! But no, they had Claud order that damn hit and write her into the corner.
OMG, I have always defended Jax and now I'm so mad at him! stop it!! stop it!! While you're at it, grow that hair out and get some highlights! LOL
I am totally falling for GH again. Who is writing all this? MVJ? The new guy? It's brilliant and someone finally got the memo to MOVE PEOPLE AROUND TOWN! woo hoo! Keep it up!
DWTS: I watched...although I don't watch Tues, so it's kind of hard-- I am glad Sabrina (whatever her name is) the Teenage Witch did so well...and Kelly O of course. And Aaron Carter? He was SO going to cry!!! Biggest Losah tonight. I love sitting my butt in front of the TV for two hours watching other people exercise. :)


friscowannabe said...

I love that GH is moving people around town and having characters interacting with a wider range of other characters.

The biggest turn around for me however is the new characters. Molly, Christina, Michael, Morgan constantly upstage the 'stars'. Throw in Johnny and Dante and the new cast additions are amazing. The casting director deserves an emmy.

The Luke and Ethan lookalikes. God help us, the originals were bad enough.

It was nice to see Tracey however. I would of loved if she gave us an update on Edward. Is he still in the hospital?

Dawn said...

Does anyone know if poor Molly had a tetanus shot I mean heaven knows what is floating around in the sextub.

While I think the writing is better, as a bitter Liason fan it just reminds me how much I hate Guza for not having the balls to write them this way. Though I totally think JaSam deserve each other he's a killer and she's obviously co-dependent.

While I agree casting is amazing at their job, I really wish the editing department would start getting on the ball because I am suppose to buy that Molly is not Lojacked by Alexis that she just breaks in to her sister's place and does research on the herpes tub.

Anonymous said...

I really think Gh is so good right now
it is funny and cute and very fun to see
I love JaSam they are really writing them good this time , seeing Jason smile and Happy and talking it is such a mice change ....
I really think that JaSam are the real super couple ,not like Jolivia just hope they won't destroy it
I love Johnny and Coleman this team just crack me up .. I really hope that because of Claudia's death they won't destroy him and make him all Diego type ..
He is so fun to watch now ,,,

Liz said...

missed GH today, but i'll catch it on hulu. sabrina was played by melissa joan hart.

Monica said...

From how the writers completely destroyed JaSam the last time around, I never thought that I would be a fan again, but great writing can do just about anything! Im falling in love with them all over again. Love the lighthearted side of Jason that can actually string more than 4 words together in a sentence. That Molly is just a riot too!

Wubqueen.. I do think the writers have taken a few hints from you! The writing has definitely improved.. still has a ways to go, but its getting there! Lets keep our fingers crossed!

jen said...

Yo Anonomous.. NO hatin on my Jolivia. j/k They made me love Johnny again after Lulu ruined him (careful Donte fans, she may do the same to him). I personally like Lulu alone better. She's funny, warm, and a better friend.

I think I am the only one that can never see that Clauson could have been soap stardom couple. yuck. I see nothing between them and its hard for me to believe have a fan I was when SJB played Carly & she was w/ Sonny.

I can't go there with Jasam, they may be writing the current story for them well, but still not conversing on that little tad bit of info about Sam threatening Liz and the boys not to mention sam sleeping with her mothers husband and watching Jake get kidnapped. I do enjoy Sam with her sisters and I can handle her and Jason working together as they fit in that category, but Liz still has his heart (sam just has his weiner!) I have slowed my FF button with them lately so I can enjoy seeing Steve hhalf naked though.

Makes me sad seeing Liz with JJ in the pic Karen posted. Greg is missed already by this loyal fan. I hope someone swoops him up and shows him with his shirt oiff so I can tape that show along with GH! Did I say that? I am taping it every day again! woohoo!

Love love love Johnny, Coleman & Carly together! This actress playing Carly is really good at humor. Tamara was my fav with emotion (esp when she thought Michael was dead years ago) but this girl is more versatile and makes me laugh.

Lori said...

Is nobody else worried about what "experiment" Ms Molly left in Sam's smutub? lmao

Jax actually said to Olivia that if she wanted to have a private conversation that the docks weren't the right place - shocking, we've been saying that for years, right?

Loved the "lukealikes" and thought the show over all was really good.

Kudos to our WubQueen for getting a personal tweet back from her beloved Scott Clifton. That was super cool!!!

I've decided that we all need to take a shot every time Dorian says "When I become the mayor of Llanview" - the newest OLTL drinkie game!!

Leesy said...

Loved the show today! "Lukalikes" were a brilliant idea and Luke and Ethan played off them with great fun! Loved Sam and Jason. While Liason made us all go "awwwww how beautiful", Jasam make us go "whoa, nellie"..completely different type of relationship. Love them both in their own way.

What I can't get is what they are doing to Alexis. She is a brilliant, funny, sensible woman. Who is this overprotective harpie I'm seeing who is laying down the law to everyone and not seeing the reality of her own children's lives? She's running around telling everyone how they are to live their lives, how they are to relate to each other, and who they may or may not be with. Boy she is in for a rude awakening one of these days.

Anyone notice how much JJ looks like Todd Manning??? hmmm is he really Todd's long lost kid??? hahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

I have not watched gh since before xmas. watched today because I was bored. GH is still the same bore. the only thing different is KeMo's boops have shrank.

luvnsteveburton said...

I totally loved Jen's comment - Liz had his heart and Sam only has his weiner! LOL And, I know what you mean about watching Steve w/his shirt off! He's so YUMMY to look at! GH is really good right now. It's fun to see all the characters interacting. I can't wait for Nov. sweeps. Have watched this show since '82 and can't stop!

Anonymous said...

Does Molly and Kristina know that their sister has slept with both of their fathers?

Anyway. LOVED the show today. Sorry all Jason/Sam fans, but I still cant get into them. Everyday I start off watching them together, but can't go through with the entire scenes, so my ff button goes crazy!! Maybe one day, but since Friday when I saw the look on Jason's face when he learned of Liz getting remarried to Lucky. He looked hurt, but the writers obviously want us to see that Liz has moved on, so it is ok to accept Jason moving on. Sorry. Didn't work for me!

Johnny, Carly and Coleman today. Wow. What a trio!! Johnny's faces in the background while Carly gripped his hand. Priceless. More of them together would be GREAT!

Didn't like the whole Robin dressup thing. Not sure what happened there...

One quick thought about Friday's episode: Why must they make Lucky look stupid again?!? Come on. He has to have better instincts than that!

I agree that Jax is seeming a bit blah and mean lately.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing so much cast integration lately - Coleman, Johnny & Carly were great. I hated JaSam before but now I really like them, even though I am a Liason fan. Sam used to just hang around Jason's house all day doing nothing, but now they are interesting and likeable together. Kristina looks way too young to be having sex.

friscowannabe said...

Other then Luke, is there anyone on the show who has had 2 (or more) children with the same person?

Are there any "full" siblings other then Lulu/Lucky, Luke/Bobby and Max/Milo?

Anonymous said...

Maxie and Georgie were. I assume Johnny and Claudia are.

Dawn said...

Johnny and Claudia only share the same father so they would not count as full.

Georgie & Maxie would have

Yeah I can only tolerate JaSam and the main reason is because Liz is getting a storyline, but I only think it will be a matter of time before she is leaving a$$ prints on his couch

Anonymous said...

Do Liz and Sarah count? I know Sarah isn't on anymore, but she was on at one time.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I assume their dr. brother has the same parents too. What was his name, that was on GH to flirt with Carly for a second and then left...

jen said...

OMG! That is so gross that Sam slept with both of her sisters father. And had her baby that Sonny fathered lived, Kristina would have been the baby's sister in 2 ways? yuck. Weird. Just goe to show you that TPTB always try and hook sonny up with every new gal on the show. Brenda, carly, sam, emily, reese, Kate, olivia. I know he's a great leading man and all but they have to think of the back stories also.

Anonymous said...

Kristina would have been the baby's Aunt and Half Sister