Tuesday, October 20, 2009

General Hosptial Today: Laura Mention!


OMG, today's show steeped in nostalgia!

Leslie takes a pic for Laura! Audrey and Bobbie are on! Luke and Tracy are talking about how stupid the whole party is. Heh "Since we're all together for the first time in forever" Luke you GOT it! LUKE's been talking to Laura in France and told her all about Ethan. More airtime than the Spencer Clan's had since 1999. How much is Liz really "Laura"..Nik is "Stefan" and Lucky is Luke. And they were on a PARAPET today!! smelling feta!

Helena bantering with Nikolas!! woot! "Lucky has a streak of honor and decency that I couldn't even burn out of him"! She's snobby to Rebecca. Oh HELENA you are the best!

Patrick and Jax have a nice just "chatting" scene. GREAT STUFF. That's what we need!! Just talkin', hanging out in the hospital like naturally. Poor Jax--he's in a heap o' trouble when Carly finds out about all his sheezbot lying. Even IF it was to "save" her from labor.

Love JoLivia Sex. Thank you writers for running with this chemistry!! Don't screw it up by making she and Sonny drift together when the DOMte reveal comes. OK?

JaSam in saviour mode. They are going for Mr/Mrs Smith big time. I do really like the writing for them this time around. It could be adventure fun. Jason has talked more in the past 2 weeks than the past two years!

Didn't like those giant things in with Keifer's flowers. eek.

Michael and Kristina: That was a good scene too. "Did he take you home?"..uh...you got it dude.
Writers: I think the newbies that are on board are doing a FAB job. Really and I haven't thought that in a LONG LONG LOOOOONG time. It's awesome and I'm looking forward to watching GH everyday again.
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Mrs. B said...

Anyone else realize that when Liason was a couple we had a few scenes every other week but with Jasam it's been EVERY day? This is why Liason fans are so upset. Jasam had their time, a real couple for 3 years or a bit less. Liason never was out in the open as a real couple and had to sneak around from everyone for months with tiny scenes here and there or shwinhg them on the phone. I think this is why so many Liason fans just can't do the Jasam thing. We nevber had our couple time full on, 100% yet they share a child Jason barely mentions.

I really wish SJB well, but cannot wait much longer for her to go due to the writing for Claudia. I am also concerned they will ruin Johnny once everyone finds out he knew also. He has come so far as such a solid good character.

Anonymous said...

I just loved JaSam scenes Kelly made me in tears ..
And I also love how they write to them ........
They are so amazing now .. cute funny and touching and very HOTTTTTTTT
I say Jax say goodbye to your marriage , Carly will never forgive him in helping taking Sonny down THINK OF JASON - Stupid
and I still say GH is really better right now we have more characters on one episode ...

Anonymous said...

I agree GH is getting much better. Hope they can keep this up...I am more interested now than I have been in years.

Just a few notes...I love Dante and LuLu...can't wait for them to be a "couple".

Okay the blouse Sam had on the last few shows is terrible...when are they going to dress her like an adult?

Went back and looked at the Montage on YouTube for that "Wall of Murder" and I can't figure out who the breaded man is...anyone?
They used Adam Lambert's Mad World...great song!

When are we going to get a new beginning? Hey, its time....need to get rid of that last pic where half the men aren't even on the show anymore.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Sam's clothes but they feel she is their "it" girl so that won't change. If they give her a baby with Jason it would be so wrong on so many different levels. I do agree they never gave Liason the airtime they give Jasam, but again I feel that is Guza's infactuation with Kemo. While her scenes today were heartfelt I just can't get into this couple. I did enjoy Jolivia but I wish they wouldn't have made it about sex. I wish they would have made it about "I can't live without you". I was believing their angst. I liked the conversation Luke had with Liz and loved seeing Audrey. Wished I hadn't seen Bobbie, gosh what is she doing to herself? She's like a giant guppie with watermelons for boobs. All I can say is: Ick!

cj said...

Not into Lulu & Dominic one bit. She's too boring. Maybe he can spice her up a bit but usually she does th eopposite to people.

Where is Maxie & Spinelli? Now that their non-wedding took place they fell off the face of the earth?

I sincerely hope Carjax stay together. I'm not looking for a sonny/Carly redo and I'm afraid they'll head in that direction. Hey Jason knew too will she hate him also?

Anonymous said...

How have there been more characters? Jason & Sam or anything to do with Claudia is all I have seen

Dawn said...

I just see boring when I see JaSam now, Sam with the doppy doe-eyed bit is just stupid, and really I am one who believes Jason should be seen and never heard. I mean its not like Sonny ever listens to him. I agree with Mrs. B, but I will add that they are writing JaSam this time around the way they should have written Liason. Right now all these extra scenes for JaSam angst are not cute or organic...I mean really next stop cemetery to visit baby mccall. Was she thinking about her baby when she watched Jake get kidnapped, just love how the writers want more sympathy for Sam so we drag out her baby memories.

While I am not FF through GH as much as before it is because someone is realizing that ensembles work not just three key players.

Love my Liz but seriously girl take the man aside and tell him the truth, even if you don't tell about Nik just say you can't marry him, though I was happy to see her not go all lip locky with Nik on the parapet.

Siobhan said...

Agree with you -- I looved todays eppy with mention of the past and LAURA. It was shockingly good -- have the writers changed their meds?

Wish I could like Jason & Sam -- because it's a bonanza for those Jasam fans. Wish the triangle was between Liz/Lucky/and Jason, especially with JJ returning. Liason was another ball the writers mysteriously dropped.

Mamaspat said...

Guza must be on some really good pot.He wants you to root for Sam and Jason and they get close and then he tears them apart and now back togethor again.Shoot when I got rid of a ex he stayed and ex trust me.Sad how Johnny is so head over heels in love its going to be a big mess when he finds out about Dante.

Anonymous said...

Um, so now Sam has feelings? "I sure hope the baby and the mom live?" So, were you thinking that when you let a boy get kidnapped? A boy you held in your arms?
I do like that they have Sam remember her little girl, but is that the only way they can show how Jason and Sam are getting closer. Oh yeah, you did have a little girl (from my best friend) a long time ago and she died, and I took care of you because of your grief. Are they going to do that again to get them closer? Are they going to talk about her wanting a child again? It would be wrong. They wrote Sam into a corner and I have a feeling that I'm not going to like how they get her out of that corner.

Otherwise, the rest of the show was great. I really like Lulu and Dante. Don't know how many times I can say it. It's adorable.
Loved seeing all the older cast members that were swept under the mat. Just wish it wasn't for the Liz and Lucky heartbreak show.
Olivia and Johnny are hot together, and I can't wait how they are going to write the Dante reveil. Please, please don't ruin it!!


Jen said...

Dawn and Andrea could not have said it better regarding Sam and her baby. Time to pitty Sam. And yes, we did mourn with her years ago when she lost Sonny's baby. And I would have been sad some more with her yesterday had the whole Jake thing had not happened. BUT IT DID. And Jason should reflect on what Sam says and mention HIS SON. Not just Sam's daughter cause Oh yeah! His son is actually alive! Silly me. And could they please show some scenes where Jason feels he shouldn't be around Michael, Morgan, Carly (sine she's preggers), Molly, Kristina, etc since he's too dangerous and his ememies may shoot them dead? Maybe these new writers will help us understand. Maybe not.

And was that Luke actually being sentimental again? Actually caring for his son and showing interest? Could they maybe show a scene with Luke and the grandbabies? If they do that I will be hooked once again. I'm close, but no cigar.

Anonymous said...

did your site wubs.net have a poem on it a few days ago? I think it was your site, but I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

If it was your site, can you please put it up again? Now that we have seen a few more items, we'd like to reread the poem.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! CJ - How can you say you are not into Dante and LuLu???
I think this is a good pairing.
When LuLu was with Johnny....too much opposition from Daddy Anthony and others cause of all the mob garbage....but now I think LuLu is more mature and kind of trying to resist Dante's charm because he is in the mob. Wait till she finds out he's a cop...that will sit well with Lucky. I don't think there will be interference from any sides if they get together. At least I hope not.

cj said...

I just don't like Lulu paired with anyone. I worry she will take Dante/dominic down to her whiny level. Love her with Maxie and Kate and even Carly. Just for some reason I don't like her as a main character or in a full on love story. Maybe she will surprise me tho. When all that happened w/ Michael getting shot all she worried about was John's alibi. Even before she asked how carly was holding up. It made me sick. I don't find her as a natural actress, she kind of babbles like Sam. JMO of course. I do like Dominic a ton.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about writing close to the same rant as you, Dawn. Didn't even read your blog before I wrote, but it is very nice to know there are people out there watching GH and thinking the exact same think I am!!