Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday on Soap Town.

AMC: I think Stuart's falling down dead scene airs more than Marcia's getting hit in the nose clip. Good LORD. Please stop this.

There are some new scoops up and a fantab pic with Helena in a wheelchair on the WubsNet. She looks so glam, even in the hosptial! I love that picture up there of she and Luke! Hey...Lucky gets a heads up from Granny Cassadine regarding Liz--watch next week
I'm PODCASTING Sunday! How fun will that be? Can't wait to dish with daytime confidential. So much to talk about.
NLG was tweeting about Obama's NPP today. She's happy he won, 'natch. Not much else to report on there yet.
OLTL: Destiny: "Your ex-boss is marrying a woman, and she's a "sistah"! Then, Dorian starts quoting Madonna. God, Tea freaked right out, didn't she? And we get Roxy talking to Morris!
Didn't Blair JUST get out of the dang hospital after the shower attack? She should be on GH she gets hurt so much!!

I need to take my son to the doctors. Please put comments in below about the show (GH). Let me know if I should watch the DVR of it, ok?

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Mamaspat said...

OLTL was and is a great show GH was good today.Loved Brandon's singing at Jakes.And they finally had a cliffhanger Friday on GH and also OLTL.

Jen said...

I think Johnny sounded like Billy Joel majorly... A little hokey that they were both there but ok.

Loved Robin. too cute! Finally having her break out a bit. Hate that Louise chick. Can't believe she's getting airtime over vets

Sheila said...

I'm so confused... If Claudia knew that Dante is Olivia's son and then told Olivia that she knows... Wouldn't Olivia tell Dante that Claudia knows? Weird.

Shirleedee said...

I thought the singing was great!!! Love BB's voice and I love those old show tunes. I thought Dante handled the situation with Claudia very well. Glad his people got him out of there before she discovered the wire!

shirleedee said...

Oops, I got it wrong. "Try a little tenderness" isn't a show tune...Bing Crosby recorded it in 1933. BB sings these old classics and I'm just old enough to really enjoy them....sorry....

cj said...

i agree Sheila! not to mention she would have told Kate for sure too.

I also liked Scrubs, that dumb ada is just sucking up airtime that could have been better filled by ANYONE else. Even the new bartender

And I could care less about the whole Devlin thing and Sam getting busted by Lucky. It would only be good if they wouldn't make Lucky whiny about it and actually show the spark he and sam used to have.

Zak said...

Loved OLTL again on Friday (always do). The actress who plays Tea is just fantastic. Ilene Kristen is always hilarious. Roxy talking to "Morris" the stuffed-gorilla was a hoot. I just love this show.

I tuned out of GH early. It just couldn't hold my attention.

JEN said...

Why are they trying to ruin my Alexis by making her berate Sam? I'm not a fan of Sam's at all, never was but this seems unfair. Is this Guza's intention so we feel sorry for Sam? If he had Alexis say "maybe if you didn't sleep with my husband when I was diagnosed with cancer" it may be worthwhile, but this just gives Carly reason to start freaking out some more and saying how perfect Michael is