Friday, October 9, 2009

OLTL: who told ya baby?

OUCH. I knew OLTL was in trouble. They said they would be moving to the AMC studios, and AMC to LA because of transferring to HD. Well, Nelson Branco has this little nugget on his site today, read it and weep:

One Life To Live, ABC — Another sign the show is doomed?• ABC slaps their ugly stepchild again: According to Soap Central, ABC has shelved plans to broadcast their best soap opera, One Life, in high definition.

When I brought up the fact that I heard OLTL was in MAJOR trouble, I got many emails saying they wouldn't be moving it if they didn't have faith. Well, folks, that faith is going down ze tubes. So WATCH IT, write to it, tweet at it, whatever it takes. OLTL is a super show, the funniest in daytime and really deserves to be saved. AMC is the one that should have stayed on the east coast languishing, imo.. BUT! That is a flagship, has Susan Lucci AND is Agnes Nixon's first baby.

Sad, sad, sad.


Mrs. V. said...

OLTL is 100% better than AMC (a snoozefest!) and I have no idea how OLTL could be cancelled in favor of AMC... boo ABC!

skeebob said...

It isn't Agnes Nixon's first baby. OLTL beat it on the air by a couple of years.

But the point is still correct. It deserves much better than this treatment. If only OLTL's headwriter was as chummy with Fronz as Guza and Pratt are. You'd think class and talent and entertainment and fun would count for something.

Anonymous said...

OLTL is such a well written show. They use history of characters, vets and develop new, interesting stories and characters. They deserve more respect and consideration than this. I also happen to think this is the best show of the 3.

Siobhan said...

Anonymous -- I couldn't say it any better. Loved Blair falling out of the window today onto Dorian's press conference. Kind of a silly thing, but done so well, somehow. Loved the title of the show "the Defenestration of Blair Cramer."

QueenPeng said...

I absolutely adore OLTL, and I agree with Mrs. V, OLTL is tons better than AMC (and GH, IMO)!!! ABC has always treated OLTL as the Lesser Soap Opera. This show has excellent actors/actresses, well crafted storylines, and great creativity with the dialogue.

Yes, I am royally upset that ABC is that stupid to cancel a wonderful soap as OLTL. It should be GH and AMC!!!

Leesy said...

I'm hoping the answer to Branco is the fact the studio simply isn't set up for HD and they don't want to close down to change it (like GH did). The show is great the way it one writes a story better, and no actors portray it better. OLTL is worth saving...hope tptb pay attention to what we are writing.