Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday BLog Coalition! Frozen Twitter!

TWITTER was frozen this afternoon! I finally found out on Mashable (great for all things tech). I was like, what the heck is going on!? I am so addicted to that thing. I get such good info in an instant. No one seems to know the news before ME. Heh.

AMC: Hating the Annie thing. stupid, stop it. (there that ought to do it!)

Best line ever: David to Dorian: "That Gay Banner is well hung".. brahahaha! OLTL is getting good with the double meanings. :wink: I am totally spoiler free on this soap so the things that are happening are just stunning. I'm forever surprised. The sound went off ABC on my TV at 2:45 so I couldn't hear Blair screaming at Tea. Just seeing her gums a flappin! Dang it. Blair is just being a banshee.
whaahah! Dorian saying she's Amelia's fiance! whahahakakakaah.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: How can Sonny be so stupid, like Claudia wouldn't go get PG just to keep him. I mean, really.
LAURA WRIGHT is too gorgeous. Geesh. I wish I could have her coloring--I wonder if she tans. Or spray tans. Hmmmmmmm.
I swear, GH starts and I get all tired. LOL.
Love how Claudia hit Olivia in the butt with her purse. Sarah Brown's taking no prisoners in this, is she? She's playing it pissed and hurt (which I bet she was a bit!)
Does Sonny have a new pinkie ring on?
Why isn't Michael spilling what a jerk Keifer is? ugh. And the Patrick and Louise thing. Why is she on? Why did she drag is "Lisa" name up. I am so hoping there's not an ex of Patrick's coming back! Now she's off to Jake's with Patrick?! Come on.

Sarah Brown had this on her facebook:
Last day as Claudia Zacchara - such a pretty name - I've always thought so. Hope you have a good one - wish me luck - I'll need it! xxoo's SJ5 hours ago\
twitter: Steve Burton as usual, always there when I need you most, thanks Brother, I'm not gonna cry, promise, xx's u in Cyberspace, C ya later! :)

I know that's a 'private' message to her friends but since it has to do with GH, I thought I'd get it out there for you to see. I think she'll understand. I feel badly. I know she wanted to come back, they created the character for her. The whole writers strike messed up her debut, imo and she never really recovered. Sucks.

Loved Modern Family last night. Like Cougar Town. Love Top Chef. Padma had on one of Chers' jumpsuits from 1976 though. ughly. TONIGHT IS THE PAM/JIM wedding on The Office !!! Niagara Falls! If you see The Red Coach Inn, just know that the Wubqueen has dined there herself!

ABC soaps had a crazy casting week last week. Tune in to hear Luke, Jamey, Regan and Belinda discuss all the comings and goings, including: James Franco, Jonathan Jackson, Beth Ehlers, Thorsten Kaye, Susan Lucci and Greg Vaughan. (Daytime Confidential)

There's plenty about All My Children to be negative about. But there are also positives too. In an effort to accentuate those positives, I propose my own Top Ten Reasons Why I Love AMC. Share the love and tell us what your Top Ten Reasons are! (Pine Valley Bulletin)

The Serial Drama girls have decided that General Hospital is really good at something: being inconsistent. The last two Mondays' episodes couldn't have been more different in terms of quality (and amount of karaoke). (Serial Drama)

There is something to be said for older characters on the who bring so much wisdom to various storylines on the soaps. As the World Turns does this well and nowhere was it more evident today when Lucinda and Emma tried to reach their daughters regarding their love lives. (Soap Opera Examiner)

On this week's We Love Soaps podcast, Suzanne Rogers talks about how she landed the role of Maggie on DAYS and why her character has come back into prominence this year. (We Love Soaps)

Woo-wee! Could we have a more wild week in soap news? The Wubqueen dishes it all plus Carolyn Hennesy news, and Team ScrubsWubs LA Aids walk info. (Wubs)


Dierna said...

If ya remember Lisa was mentioned as working at the other hospital....and gee.. Matt just HAPPENS to be going out on a date with a new intern at said hospital... hmm..gee...wonder who his date is? :P Awkward moment at Jake's coming right up!

skeebob said...

I watched Modern Family too. When the plane hit the son-in-law I almost choked laughing.

Soaps made CNN again. The guy from Young & Restless is leaving. Victor, I don't remember his real name. Nelson Branco reported it a few days ago, but I guess somebody at CNN is a Y&R fan.

Leesy said...

Absolutely hated the Dorian idiocy today. Are we to believe anyone would believe a multi married prima dona would suddenly decide she's gay? I think it belittles the real gay storyline OLTL has done so well thus far. Blair and Tea stole the show, chewed the scenery and spit it back out...cudos ladies!! GH was a ffwd fest today for me. Do we really need trouble in the only good relationship on the show? Guess they couldn't leave Patrick and Robin alone. As for Olivia, Claudia and Carley in the same that was brilliant just having the 3 divas together...way to go! shame it has to end.

Did anyone else notice Domte's hairy little tummy? That tape he used on the wire must have hurt something fierce when he pulled it off...ouch! ahahaha..I DO WUB HIM, LOL...

Mrs B said...

Anyone else remember that John was the name of Carly's dad too?

And I'm sorry, but Carly has to see a LITTLE bit of where Alexis is coming from with Michael. He's a freight train! COming straught at Keifer for just walking in the door? Kinda dumb for Carly not to at least say "yes I get it but he's my son so back off". Instead your kids will resent you? Really? Well at least they'll be alive.

Stephanie said...

I think Carly was right. Michael had plenty of reason to punch Keifer, he totally deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Were you watching the same show I was? How did Keifer deserve it? he did nothing. I hate the kid too don't get me wrong but this time he did no provoking. Time will show what a jerk Keifer is, but Alexis is right to be concerned. She shouldn't however, have talked to Michael directly. That was not a good idea.

I laughed at how small Sam looked at that PI desk. Too funny. She looked about 12. One of Molly's play mates!

Can't wait not to deal with Claudia soon. We should start a countdown to be rid of the witch!

cj said...

Glad to read Jolivia will be together! They broke my heart the past few days.

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