Thursday, October 29, 2009

Major GH Scoopage 10/29!!

My Florida Connection came through!

Get over to the WUBS NET for the full Claudia story!! It's going to be exciting...on top of all that, Guza says that Ethan will have a "major story" coming up with all the Spencers. He also says that JaSam is 'in it for the long haul'--and that Franco will 'change their relationship'. Lulu finds out about DOMte and remembers all. See it all on the site!


Shirleedee said...

I will be so happy to have the Claudia story over - it has been soooo brutal!

Some Ethan detractors want him to exit with Rebecca so it's great to hear he will have a "major story". A nice Spencer s/l with Lucky/Luke/Ethan/Lulu and, of course Tracy and the Quartermaines, would be such a wonderful break from the mob stuff. Like JaSam, and DOMte is good, especially with Lulu, and if Johnny and Olivia stay together I will be one very happy camper!!!

Shirleedee said...

Whoops, forgot to say 'Thank You'! Karen, for getting us this scoop so fast!!!

Piper said...

See ya you flaring nostril weird awkward struttin woman you! No seriously, great great actress but Guza ruined you. This time I will not miss you. NO Jasam for me. I tried and tried and tried and I just can't do it. I will slow down my ff speed if he's naked though..
Excited to get home and watch today but don't want this to turn into mob stories 100% again. Give me Liz/Lucky/Nik and even Jason triangle, Scrubs funnies, More Maxie, Diane and Alexis. The kind of suspense this week was much better than guns a blazin. I sure hope MIchael doesn't have to help Carly deliver that baby, that's just WRONG. Why can't they give ax everything for once, I mean really? He's not a killer like Sonny and jason! He lost Courtney. brender, and sam(which is a godsent). Hold on to Carly!