Thursday, October 29, 2009

There Goes Claudia!

LOOK WUBBERS! It's ChrissyO! Helping out at iParticipate in NYC next to "Mateo" from OLTL. (She's got the ponytail). What a great cause. Read full story on SoapNet.

Dear Mean Mr. Guza: You had such potential with Ms. Z-- great mobulous couple. There was a potenial there so untapped all because you didn't think AHEAD or figure out a way to redeem her. Plus, Sarah Brown's gone again. BOO on YOU! I am not happy. I am loving the writing lately I do admit that, but I just wish this could have ended differently.

Mike is ON! Mayor Floyd is ON! Mercedes! and....Marty my fave clerk at the Metro.

I feel so sorry for Claudia...wahhhhhh. It's suspensful waiting for Sonny to say something!! OMG, Sonny's using LukeSon history and talking to all the characters we've forgotten over the years. Guza MUST be tied up in a closet somewhere!!
Man, Johnny running up the stairs...clocks ticking...eeeeeeeeee!

Jason and Sam are totally underdressed. Best dressed? Robin. LOVE her necklaces!



friscowannabe said...

Great show today.
Saw some chemistry there between Olivia and Mac. Also between Floyd and Alexis. What about an Olivia-Mac-Alexis-Floyd storyline?

Dante and Lulu are smoking. throwing Maxie in made it fun.

Where is Spinelli? Or Bernie?

Or Diane? Would of like to seen her in a scene with Max.

Nicholas could of been at the party as well. He is one of the few friends Claudia has and he also knows the secret.

Morgan and Molly breaking Johnny out...Alexis is gonna blow a gasket.

I have to agree, Robin looked great. As did Alexis and Tracy. LW is just stunning.

Have to agree, writing is getting better and having a few extras around is really nice.

jen said...

Damn! Still at work but diappointed that I have to see Sam the Scamming Skank AGAIN.

So glad about GReg V but I love JJ back. I agree with other postings that say I finally feel ba f Lucky. GV made him wimpy (not sure how since he is a huge honk of a man! mmmmm). Good point about Claudia & Nik, they never explored that and we have to remember he kow what she did as far as ordering the hit. Thanks fiscowannabe for the reminder.

jen said...

Damn I needed to check my spelling. Sorry girls!

Dawn said...

Ok can someone tell me when do I get a break from Sam on my screen all the flipping time. I mean seriously enough already

CampusDisco said...

woot! Great stuff today! So much happenning at the sime time it's a great adjustment. I felt so bad for Claudia. We know her sad history of never having been accepted and she is finally the center of attention. Weird I know, she is such an anti-hero but I love Sarah Brown so much I hate to watch it happening. Morgan and Molly are so wonderful together. I hope we can watch tem grow up on the show. I so totally forgot that Nik new the secret. Too bad no follow thru with that. Great show today!

Dierna said...

Argh!!! Good ep... Sonny talking to all the people of his past....Can't wait to hear what he'll say to Claudia tomarrow.

And MAN! That was a MAJOR cat fight between Claudia and Olivia. Glad that Mac noticed Domnte is a cop. *lol*

Anonymous said...

Amazing show today I was at the edge of my seat , GH was rocking on ............
Maurice Deserves Emmy after today show he was so amazing watching him smile and playing everyone and that the talk about everyone what amazing actor he is I was like wow .....
And I loved JaSam I love how Sam gives him the second thought
ANd yes they were not that dressed for the party but it was great
Jax need to shut up I can't wait for Sonny to punch him
Love Tracy she was on fire
Dante and Lulu were so cute
ANd Scrubs were wonderful
I can't wait for tomorrow

Anonymous said...'s would HAVE and could HAVE...

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is getting nit picky and nasty around here...some people really need to take a valium and relax!

Mrs. B said...

I agree Dawn, I have been forwarding through her scenes this week (I was watching them at first giving them a chance) but I can hardly stand it. Especially since now they will be tlaking future according to Our new Spoilers up! That will give them even more time on our tube. I really tried and I just can't get into them. Its not the Liason fan in me either, I am over it and I am happy JJ is back.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a chance to watch todays episode yet, probably won't get to it till tomorrow morning. But I can't wait after reading all the comments! I'm so excited that GH is becoming watchable again. Except for Sam. Bleccch. Just don't like her. And Karen, I love ya and all the cool stuff you do for the site but I will be so happy to see Claudia fall off a cliff or whatever fate she has in store. I agree with you 99% of the time but the character was so poorly written I couldn't stand her from the get-go.

Leesy said...

Excellent show today! Lots of people in lots of plots and all of them winding down to the Metro Court for the reveal we've all been waiting for! Now THAT'S good writing!! Hope Guza stays on vacation for a long time! As for Jasam showing up in jeans, well they didn't know they were going to the party and just rushed out to help Sonny no matter what he did. Can't wait to see the fall out from what is sure to come tomorrow!!! Finally a GH worth waiting for!

J said...

I'm tired of the mob but man can Maurice bring it when it needs to be brought. You can tell Sonny is just foaming at the mouth. It was great!

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow and there wasn't even any JJ on my screen today. Who knew?

Lori said...

Bahjeebus today's GH was fantabulous! How often have I been glued to my TV when GH is on... maybe 8 times this year?

A big round of applause again today to wardrobe (and make up) for styling Tracy, Lulu, and Maxie with 3 outstanding looks. My one small complaint is Maxie's new hair color. Girl needs to eat a bag of cookies while someone fixes those roots.

Quick OLTL comment: The wedding ensemble that they have put on Dorian is just fabulous. It is really gorgeous, she looks devine.

Anonymous said...

r u kidding me!!! i can't wait for tmwr! this is hte most suspense i have felt from gh since the metro court crisis! i loved sonny today, which is saying alot!!!! omg i'm just so giddy over this!!

mosbp2003 said...


I completely agree about Dorian's wedding outfit. She looked fabulous! And I am generally not a Dorian fan (I think she is completely over the top) and I am not a fan of the storyline at all, but she looked great in that outfitt!

friscowannabe said...

You are right Anonymous. But what would you have had to complain about then? Perhaps correct me for starting a sentence with "but"?

Anonymous said...

Loved the Dante glances to Lulu, but why put Maxie in there acting like she is still in High School?
I don't like mob scenes that much, but Sonny revenge stares are the best!
Was Jason and Sam in that much. I was too busy FF any of those scenes to notice.


Lori said...

mosbp2003 - I'm not a fan of the Dorian story either. I think it detracts from the real story they are trying to tell. I just had to point out that gorgeous outfit though because it's too good to miss. LOL

Anonymous said...

Dante & Lulu --not bad

I love Luke & Tracy

Wow another fight didn’t see that coming—boring

Johnny & Olivia—was good not anymore

That's right involve two 10 yr olds in the mob also-morons—where is the parents of these two or even the nannies.

Sam & jason who cares --they deserve each other both are Hos. They looked like idiots-well probably because they are

What suspense? Like you don't know Claude is going to get killed

I don't want Carly or the baby hurt, of course, but it is sad when you are cheering for one bad character against another equally bad character-I was hoping Claudia would end up disappearing-but not dead.

I don't like Sonny, I've never like Sonny and I will never ever like Sonny--he's as bad or worse than Claude-how can you be on his side-he set all this in motion with the Johnny thing and taking Michael to the warehouse so shoot him to while you are at it Jason. Oh and shoot Sam didn't she endanger your child. Mark my words Carly will blame Jax for this because he is the criminal and not Sonny or Jason-Jax should have told her but he has less to be faulted for than anyone.

Dawn said...

I agree with the last poster.

Jason and Sam may be getting better writing this time around, but most of that is due to the fact that re-writes had to take place because of SJB's sudden departure.

Personally Jason comes off as the bigger hypocrite especially with him worrying once again about Mikey. I mean really Mikey has two parents if they don't care who the hell put him in that coma why does that fall on Jason...Oh wait I forgot he's St. Jasus

Anonymous said...

I just saw the ratings for Genral Hospital. I can't help but blame Jason for the piss poor numbers. he is on every damn day of the week. we need a break from the robotic idiot. When is he gonna get what's coming to him? He keeps saying Claudia has to pay.

Anonymous said...

LoL @ people being impressed with maurice acting. bwah