Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh, Kristina, Kristina, Kristina....

Connie and Jack Gavin out on the town for the LA Opening of the Philharmonic. (Oct 8th) Don't they look dazzling?!

There's Kristina fallin' for the OLDEST line in the book..'It will be ok'...oh, sweetie.

Anyone see Bubble Lamp's cousin in their room? CrystalCube! Gotta keep an eye on the props, people. They will serve you well on a boring day. I'm sick of condom wrapper noise on soaps. I know we have to have the message of "protected sex" and all that but man, I miss the swingin' '70's.
Awwwwww, Kristina and Michael. Nice Bro and Sis stuff...glad they didn't "go there" with the creepy stuff. AND I'll say it: MICHAEL will look a LOT like Lucky!! I smell a teen pregnancy comin'! Alexis and Kris reminded me of the Gilmore Girls! Alexis all Emily like...LOL.
Coleman and Johnny are still priceless. I am LOVING BRANDON BARASH! Here's an idea: Coleman and Johnny move in together. Frat boyz!
The DOMte reveal is going to be SO GOOD ---I swear SO GOOD! I am digging Olivia/DOMte and the whole thing. I'm a total JoLivia fan, but I want to see what happens when he finds out. eeee! DOMte is preaching our COP is the good guy stuff! I think Guza read SoapZone, Daytime Confidential this blog et al..right?
Of course they are making me like Claud even more. Sarah deserves such kudos for making her sympathetic. Although creepy with the "I love you, you love me" junk.
OMG, guess who TWEETED me yesterday?? Scott Clifton!! :twirling: He said he got my message of cyber-fan love!! Little does he know I'm the great and powerful Wubqueen. heh. I just love that guy--he's so "Ryan Reynolds"
My pal Frank found this picture of BJ Jones all grow'd up! Her name is Brighton Hertford (sounds so soapy!). She's the one in the blue blouse.
THANK YOU everyone for the ScrubsWubs ad clicks and donations. We are over $1000 now! Karla and Paul are walking SUNDAY with Alberta the WUBS Lobster! I can't wait to see the pics!!

RIP CAPT. Lou Albano. "The Phone the middle of the night and father yells When you gonna LIVE YOUR LIFE RIGHT"??? sniff.


Leesy said...

I remember when John (Jack) Gavin was a young man in Hollywood. He was the best looking thing ever! And it's nice to know he married well and is still happy, and he hasn't lost his looks at all. Connie should be congratulated on a job well done, lol. I just love that woman!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

What a stunning, classy couple Connie and Jack Gavin are!

Dierna said...

Claudia: "I love you, you love me and that's the way it's always gonna be..."

Dude....your his sister!! blech!! I half expected Barney to suddenly appear.

friscowannabe said...

I am liking that the characters are saying what they know we are thinking/gonna think. Like Sam saying "this is gonna sound childlish..."

Carly rocks. I wish they will rollEdward down (assuming he is still in the hospital) to visit her. I always liked the Carly - Edward relationship. Heck, maybe Nurse Bobby could have even popped he head into the room.

CJa said...

I started watching again, after reading the WUBS. It has improved, but why is everything so dark????? I am visully challenged, and a lot of the time can hardly see the folks in the scene.
I feel sorry for Kristina, falling for that creep's line. Sigh. The experiences of youth don't change much, huh??
Loved Coleman and Johnny coaching Carly. What a hoot.

luvnsteveburton said...

Well, we all know Kristina is going to end up pregnant. I hate that Keifer character. He's a slimeball! I'm sure Michael will want to kill Keifer, not to mention Sonny and Alexis. GH is SO good right now, hope if they do in fact go w/teen pregnancy story it's at least written well. I loved Lulu's abortion story. That IMO was written well and JMB played it very well. As always, love looking at Steve Burton on screen. Hey, I was thinking . . . it would be nice to see Jason in someone's dream/fantasy sequence to participate in karaoke night at Jake's!!!!