Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clues, Clues Lookie Who's!

Oh, things are starting to come in about the whole "wall of death" we saw yesterday! Early stages yet so just for WUBBERS, comes clues on the Wubs Net! I do believe it's not only going to provide a story for a newbie, but it just might bring father/son together in a unique way. Also: If you have it on DVR, look at the bearded guy in the upper rt hand corner of the photo montage at the end.

General Hospital Stars Read Hospital Classics! See that pic of Becky on the right of the blog? She was at a Children's "Speakaboo" event with other GH stars. Now, their readings are available on audio books for the public! What a fun Christmas Gift for the GH fan with little kids!

Rumors on Claudia's exit are RAMPANT. I do know that alternate endings were shot. THAT'S RIGHT....there are different endings out there. Just sayin'. So, even if you see something, it might not be true. Which, even as a scoops maven, I Love. LOVE surprises!!

With the mobular story heating up, Carly ready to pop and the Baddest Cassadine Ever coming, I'm hoping that the end of 2009 is great for GH. :praying to soapgoddess:

Here's hoping we see a bit more of Leslie, Bobbie and Audrey today. Did you blink and miss them in the party? I didn't even SEE Bobbie! LOL.

See you on Twitter and at 4ish.

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