Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Casting News, Spoilers For GH!

Marsha Thomason of "Lost" and "Vegas" will play a mysterious gal connected to James Franco's character says SOD. New Spoilers are up and a hilarious pic of Johnny, Jason and's like a whole Wub in itself! More and more info pours in about the whole Carly/Claud crash. Carly gives birth in a cabin, Michael is the one that comes up on the accident. Claudia obsesses.
Just a note on OLTL today: Gigi's hair. Scary. Dorian to Vicky "I'm going to be the first out gay married woman mayor in America"!! LOL. fun. I'm not liking Brody's sister. I think it's just because she's new. SHE is a shrew! I knew it!! Do you think it will be Halloweenie on GH?
TODAY'S GH: (or..JJ, day 2) JJ is playing Lucky very, very mellow. Like the old JJ. Luke's jacket was nice. LAURA mention again!!! Wow..TG was so good when he was trying to talk to Lucky about Liz. (Doggin' Liz, actually! LOL) Nice. "Sometimes DNA isn't something to be proud of"...EMMY for TG and JJ for that short yet PERFECT scene! Nothing against GV at all, mind you. I just loved that little exchange.
DOMte!! Shirtless! Shaved, wet and tatt'd. yummy.
I have such mixed emotions about this Claudia stuff. Ahhhhhhh! Just knowing SB was NOT liking the storyline at all and left makes me all sad. I really wish I could have written her character!! I WILL MISS SARAH BROWN! ClauSon should have been the UBER MOBULOUS couple!! Poor Claudia, all happy...sniff.

Michael makes me chuckle in his Harry Potter uniform!
LOVED JAX/SONNY....LOVED NIK/LUCKY! classic Jax/Sonny bitch fest!! Ingo and Mo could probably do it with their eyes closed.
OH, AND NOTE TO SAM: You can get all po'd at Claud but we do remember YOUR PAST too. Just sayin'.
Becky Herbst is just all kinds of gorgeous.
Other stuff: I'd totally go for a OlClaud romance. Heh. I'm weird like that.
JASON!! EEE!!! OMG!! He hears the truth!!
Yeah to see AZ! They kept the spoilers on that deal at a minimum, even scoopsters didn't mention the hit on Sonny/Jason. Just that Joey took Johnny and Anthony had a plan. I like the tension! I like not knowing every dang tiny thing that's going to happen...LOL and I run a website! It's more fun this way. Now, with the writing not giving me hives, I can enjoy the show. and I AM ENJOYING THE SHOW!!!!!
No Halloweenie on GH. Yet?
Nice article about Maurice and his film "Confessions"...pic too!


friscowannabe said...

I would LOVE for this new character to turn out to be GIA!

kdmask said...

frisco, are you on twitter?

Anonymous said...

Laura is so coming back within the next 6 months. Since they've pushed back the Cassadine story arc, maybe she'll come back for it during Feb. sweeps.

Valetin goes after her.

Stampin'GHmom said...

Still swooning over JJ!! Did you see him with Elizabeth at the hospital? Oh my gravy! So beautiful these two are together. (Yes, I know I'm probably making GV fans gag; but oh well, I can't help it!) They just totally rock. Even he and TC seemed to have picked up right where they left off. I think it would be great to have some juicy tidbits about how RH and TC feel about him coming back. Still, I can understand why they might not want to make their feelings known out of respect to GV.
Thanks for the link for the article about Maurice's new film. I really hope it gets picked up by a studio. I can't wait to see it, it sounds fab!

Anonymous said...

To comment on the spoilers. Hasn't a pregnant Carly been missing before? yes, the last time she was kidnapped when pregnant, but can this woman have a normal pregnancy ever?
More to come after I watch the show.


Anonymous said...

I still don't really feel the JJ magic yet that scene with TG could have been with Greg . not that big deal ...
Please make Jake Lucky I can't hear any more that this great and so on just make him Lucky's.......
I liked that today we saw the Jason protecting side with Carly I love he just told her no and no and pushed her to go home , I Love JaRly friendship !!!!!!

I also liked Sam I think today she was more rational today she gave Jason something to think about , Michael and their connection Jason should think about that he can't let Claudia and him wanting her to pay cost his bonding with that kid that is his son..

Mb was fantastic today the last scenes when he didn't say a word but his face did was awesome..

Anonymous said...

Sam BLECH! GO away. Seriously. SHould we really bring up your past? Oh do what you have to do Jason, know it in your heart if its what you feel (to kill another human being and be ok with that). Oh and now DO ME! What a hoe!

Love JJ. Liz looks prettier with him (not sure why? coincidence? Perhaps but I am loving it). Love seeing an old fae even when I loved GV. I had no idea I would feel this way, I was so po'd for Gv I didn't even consider how much I loved JJ. If you didn't watch before it will take some time to get a feel for the L&L magic. Funny it has the same initials for Luke & Laura, hmmmm

Donte is HOT! SO is Johnny. Sick of Jason and so mad they are saying Jasam spoiler is to talk future? O M G! WHy would they do such things? Liason fans can handle the current daily hog my screen time with detective crap, but now they're talking future? After what 2 weeks tops in soap time? But no future if you have my baby? WTF?

I agree that Carly should have her baby in a hospital with Jax by her side. this couple desrves this and we as Carjax fans do too. This will not redeem Claudia to any of us, so its stupid.

Never liked Gia but maybe they will make her interesting with the new beauty coming on. Love the idea of Nik & Kate that someone posted before. I think Kate adds great thigns to the show, I really like her.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Greg V gets a little something everytime the opening of GH comes on with his face as Lucky.

friscowannabe said...

Hi Karen, no I don't use twitter

I was the one who suggested a Nic and Kate pairing. I think they would be really hot together. And picture a Kate - Helena faceoff!

CampusDisco said...

Luke and Lucky chemistry!!! They fit just like they used to even with all of the issues. I am so sorry that Sarah Brown is leaving. I've always liked her although I hated her character of Claudia in the beginning. She has finally become likable in a way that you want to tell her everything will be okay now. Great actress, crappy storyline.

Elsie said...

I'm just not feeling JJ. I know everyone has discussed his age, but to me his looks ARE younger than his age, his dealings with Luke are very immature, they are spot on for the timeframe for when he left, but not as an adult. He seems whiney and unkept, very juvenile.

Frisco-The idea of Nick and Kate remind me of Nick and Catherine...yuck!

Lori said...

Karen darling can you canvas all your contacts and find out about Dante's tatoos? lmao You know you want the story about them all as much as I do. xoxoxox hehehe

I'm not worried if it will be Halloween on GH, more concerned that they will completely forget that it is Maxie's birthday! Poor Maxie, she really could use a big slice of birthday cake to fatten her up too :D

And lastly I want to give kudos to the wardrobe department at GH for buying Johnny's sweater 2 sizes too small... keep up the good work people!!!

Anonymous said...

How would YOU have written Claudia out? I'm interested to hear.

As for this new girl, she's pretty FINE!

She should be related to Lainey though... just to give her character some development.

Dawn said...

Frisco what a good idea, though I was never a Gia fan I could see that.

Sorry but Sam..really??

So enjoyed seeing "cowboy" wiht Nik and Luke. Luke is even becoming more tolerable. Two days and I am beyond thrilled with JJ.

Liz stunning, Sam get some sleep the bags are back, better yet invest in nicer clothes.

And yes please wardrobe keep Johnny in those sweaters. Hubba HUbba

Anonymous said...

Well, for me, JJ day 2 was an improvement over day 1. At least he did not mumble. The scene with TG was okay, but certainly not Emmy worthy and GV definitely could have and would have pulled it off just as well. Same goes for the scenes with TC and RH. For me the big test is going to be scenes with the kids and with Lucky supposedly on the job. I still don't think JJ will be able to pull them off, but I could be wrong.

I absolutely love Dominic and Lulu together! He is really a great character. The scenes with Claudia and Olivia are just ridiculous though- if I were Olivia I would have just told Claudia that if she opened her mouth about Dante, all the info about Claudia being responsible for Michael's shooting would come out...

Dawn said...

I must disagree strongly, while GV was a good actor, he never made me feel Lucky's pain. JJ has managed in two days what Greg could not do for me in 6 yrs, make me feel for Lucky.

His speech to his Dad about DNA made me smile, and when he went on to Liz about being a good person, I lost it.

JJ manages to take the same dialogue and brings it to life. For the first time since Liz slept with Nik, I felt bad for Lucky, and wanted Lucky to find out. In fact, I cannot wait for when he finds out just to watch JJ perform.

Anonymous said...

Good show yesterday. Not wow worthy like Tuesdays though. Liked Lulu looking really embarassed about what she said to Dante.
Tired of Olivia and Claudia bawling each other out. Loved the Harry Potter reference to Michael.
Love watching Carly and Jason together because it seems to be the most honest conversations two characters can have.
Don't know what Sam looked like today, because I still FF her scenes.
Loved Sonny's face at the end, but it was kind of funny when Jason got in Sonny's office. Walked in like he was tattling on Claudia...


J said...

Dawn I have to agree. GV could have pulled off the dialogue maybe but not the rest of it. JJ is excellent with facial expressions and invoking passion into the character that just wasn't there with GV.

GV was a miscast as Lucky. He just wasn't a good fit.

And JJ makes me excited for GH again with all of the possibilities. I don't think anyone expected his first two days to be Emmy worthy but a Genie return? Then we'd be talking. GV didn't pull it off last time which is probably why they haven't brought her back.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't think GV or his acting abilities had ANYTHING to do with whether or not Genie Francis is on the show. That is just ridiculous! I think the crapfest of writing had just a little something to do with it...