Monday, October 19, 2009

GREAT Greg Vaughan Interview up with Michael Fairman

It's awesome...and long. Read it on Michael's page. Greg is VERY honest as you can see: (he also gives big props to all his fans!)

Do you feel like you even had the opportunity to make Lucky your own?

I think in everything I was given I tried to bring a realness, and was accepted. So many people were voicing their opinions, and it says they embraced me more as Lucky being the man, instead of the child. You know what? With the utmost respect to Jonathan Jackson, and he is a great actor, but I would never have seen this day coming. He has a family he has to take care of too. Now I am on the outside looking in. I don’t have a paycheck anymore. Now I’ve got to go figure out what I’ve got to do to feed my family.


Anonymous said...

As much as I liked Jonathan Jackson as Lucky in the beginning, I am so anry that nothing was ever done for Greg and his version of Lucky. TPTB could have explored GV's Lucky so much better than they did. All they did was make his Lucky look like a stupid fool, not like the once "street-savvy" kid he used to be and how he could have applied that to his adulthood and maybe by joining the force could have been his desire to have a stable life outside of constant danger and being on the run. It could have been explained that he wanted better for his family and future.
Greg deserved better and is right, he portrayed the adult Lucky. He brought maturity to the role. I am very sorry to see him go. I hope he can find another gig... Maybe AMC should snap him up.... and I hope he finds one before his second baby comes. How stressful of a time for he and his wife.

I hope TPTB make this Lucky-switch worth it. They better not screw up JJ's return. I don't have high hopes for this though in looking at past returns under the poison pen of Guza.

Mamaspat said...

So Guza makes another one bite the dust.I know Genie Francis may want to come back just understand what Guza may do to you too.I liked Greg till they made him into a whiner after his stint with drugs.I wish him the best try to go to Days of our lives its a good show

J said...

I love Greg and I'm sad to see him go. It is true that the only storyline he ever got was the drug storyline and that is really sad. Lucky is an idiot now and they better fix this for JJ or what is the point?

It shouldn't take the original actor reprising the role to get a good storyline in the first place, but JJ won't be around long if they continue with this version of Lucky.