Monday, October 19, 2009

GREAT Greg Vaughan Interview up with Michael Fairman

It's awesome...and long. Read it on Michael's page. Greg is VERY honest as you can see: (he also gives big props to all his fans!)

Do you feel like you even had the opportunity to make Lucky your own?

I think in everything I was given I tried to bring a realness, and was accepted. So many people were voicing their opinions, and it says they embraced me more as Lucky being the man, instead of the child. You know what? With the utmost respect to Jonathan Jackson, and he is a great actor, but I would never have seen this day coming. He has a family he has to take care of too. Now I am on the outside looking in. I don’t have a paycheck anymore. Now I’ve got to go figure out what I’ve got to do to feed my family.
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