Friday, October 23, 2009

Real Life Soap: AMC Move? Hella Mess...

You know me...I usually report only on the news of GH but this is too good to resist. I heard from not one...not two...but FOUR peeps from the "Back-wings" of AMC about the whole move to LA and let me tell you, it's not pretty. "Logistical Nightmare" is what one is saying.

Although some sets are being rebuilt at the old Night Shift set, there's a huge amount of wardrobe, props and just plain 'STUFF' not to mention offices/personnel loadin' up and movin on across 3,000 miles.

BUT it's been done before you say! Look at Ugly Betty! Yeah, they have months of hiatus...AMC has ZERO. I believe we shall see shrinking and shrinking sets, movement and block taping. Even when the actors make the final move, many are communting so the blocking will continue.

Mood on the set? Can you guess? It's setting in that schools will change (if actually moving) for kiddies, real estate isn't too pretty and some of the cast ISN'T making the transition. Of course, Budig is coming back as Greenlee and Kelly R and Mark are doing a Hailey/Mateo cameo.

You know my idea? Do a "reality" thing about moving the show. Behind the scenes of the LA transition. (listening SoapNet?) I'd totally watch it, it would be fascinating. Actually, if you think about it, MUCH better than the stories have been lately. I DON'T CARE WHO KILLED STUART. No one does. I also hope I get some stories to tell from time to time on the whole deal. I'll share if I do!

This is leading into RATINGS for last week. Can you believe that AMC beat both GH and OLTL? Hmmmmmmmm. Funny that. I think they have a bunch of Neilson Boxers on payroll at ABC. That link is to "We Love Soaps"--I like it because they include ALL soaps, even primetime ones! It's fun to take a gander at the whole genre. (who knew "Glee" was a soap!?)

Have a great one. Maybe the Wubqueen will go to the AMC studio herself and hand-cam the whole thing. What do you think!?


QueenPeng said...

Good idea, a good reality show for the fans. That alone should be plenty of drama. OBTW, who killed Stuart?? Scott?

Mrs. B said...

Can't wait to see more Liz with Scott Reeves joining. What a nice surprise. Wish they would have Audrey on more also.

Not thrilled with todays GH but excited for the weeks to come.

No Claudia
More Liz
Liz & Lucky 1
Sam & her sisters*
Baby Carjax
Michaels remembering "scenes" will be Over!
Domte reveal

*Wish it were less of Jasam, however and more clothing on Sam.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen today's show yet...but the Michael remembering is so stupid. The kid was in a coma for a year. Hey, peeps this is a show named General Hospital. He should be in physical theraphy, not to mention being seen by a psychologist. What parents allow him to do this on his own? Oh, Sonny and Carly!
This part is very unrealistic...Guza is insulting our intelligence with this one.
(No way would Michael be driving, and going to school like nothing happened.)


Mamaspat said...

Amc is so screwed up and the stories take forever to come to light.I missed Gh watched OLTL but they have been slow to hear lately.The Coma Boy is driving me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm not excited about Hailey and Mateo coming back to AMC (even though its only for a little bit), I don't understand why they waited for the move to do it. I thought the actors live in NYC.

Anonymous said...

yes SR looks older he's almost 45 so there you go-he's even older than SB who BTW looks older in HD. Don't watch AMC so don't care. I love Elizabeth having more air time--RH is an excellent actress-she even made SBu look alive the short time they were sorta together. Sam now has him with that 'duh' look again. I'm excited to see the new s/l with the Spencer/Cassadine's. I love CT she makes me smile why isn't she on every day. Looking forward to seeing JJ for the first time on GH. I don't know how to feel about Elizabeth and Nic it just makes me mad they try to present her in the worst light possible--stop with the Lucky reunion already--the ship has sailed.

GH has too much Sam, Olivia and Sonny's 40 kids. All stupid s/l I LOL when I saw the rating this past week-whoever thought Jasam was a good idea needs their head examined and then lopped off--stupid.No the JM wondering through the carnival wasn't must see TV it just brought home the fact that he's a deadbeat dad and sleeping with the woman who endangered said child--so no kudos for JM or SBu. What was with the wild west gun drawing he was doing hello kids around. Sam counseling her teen sister OMG how gross was that Alexis should slap her back into 2006. Now how poetic was it that they were arrested or being a hooker and a john-somebody somewhere has a sense of humor because she looks like a hooker.

I even like Claudia better than Sam and that is low. At least SBr can act. SBR could have been much better than TIIC made her -their loss.

CarJax baby yes that could be good if IR is given a good part and I actually like this couple.

Sorry I get got carried away

Piper said...

WOW! While I agree Sam's wardrobe leaves something to be desired and Sam has had way way too much airtime of late (especially since Liason got 5 minutes a week when they were paired). I still think this is a harsh post. I don't think kemo is emmy worthy, but she does add something to the show. It may be sleazy at times, but I do enjoy her with Alexis and the girls.

JJ coming back, I'm just not sure if that is going to be what RH needs. While they shared that Magic 15 years ago so much has changed. I guess we will have to tune in and see.

Good riddance to the actress playing Claudia. I am happy she signed elsewhere so there's no chance to see her mug on gh again any time soon. I'm sure Steve Burton doesn't mind all of his airtime with Kemo since it puts him front and center like the sonny and steve show again. Never will be a fan of Jasam but it is what it is.

Dierna said...

Thanks writers for creating a Deus Ex for finally solving the shooting. So seriously all of that stuff was in the Lost and Found for over a year??? Why the heck would they even put a doctor's stuff in the lost and found?! I guess he didn't have any family. :P

Jen said...

I hate that they're going to make Carly only mad at Jax. Forget that Saint Jason knew. And why do they need to ruin scrubs? Per soapzones rumors they are splitsville in 2010Possibly for KM to leave?

Dawn said...

I have no problem with items being in a lost and found - I do however have a problem that this happened after the hospital BURNED to the ground.

I have a problem that the all mighty St Jasus has been looking for evidence for over a year on Claudia but in the last week with the help of his trusty side kick Wham-Bam Sam has found this evidence which to the normal person was in plain sight.

Please JaSam is not bringing the supposed ratings Frons wanted, but as long as they are together Frons is happy and the rest of us will suffer. Thank you Frons for making me root for Spin over Jason because the argument they had on Fri epi made SPin sound normal and plausible.

Really all this stuff was found in a brand spanking new hospital but its nice to see that some fireman saved all the items from a lost n found isntead of rescuing people.