Friday, October 16, 2009

GWaddie Visits Love Out Loud Event --GHers!

GHer's: Matt Borlenghi (Coming on as Cassadine)
Lexi Ainsworth
Greg Vaughan
Brandon Barash &Lisa LoCicero
Amanda Baker (Mischa)
NS--Adam Grimes
NS--Carrie Southworth
GH'ers past, present and future showed up at h.wood last night to show support for POZ Magazine and AIDS Walk LA. Greg Vaughan looked relaxed and enjoyed catching up with Lisa LoCicero. His wife was unable to make it.Lexi arrived from the studio, very poised and friendly. She's hoping to test out of one more subject in school and then start community college classes. Lexi does NOT have a twitter account, Taylor Spreitler (DOOL) was encouraging her to get one asap! Matt, very friendly and easy on the eyes. A humorous moment, I introduced Lexi to her "Uncle", explaining that Matt was slated to come on the show as a Cassadine. Brandon and Lisa arrived together. I was in swoon mode, and totally did not notice Lisa! I was on Lisa watch forever, until someone pointed out that she WAS there. My bad. Brandon and Lisa signed our tote donate for a chance to win it!!

fun facts:
Brandon and Lisa both love Bruce Weitz
Lisa does a great imitation of Lisa being Olivia
Brandon has definite favorites in sports teams (a definite USC Trojan fan/alum)
When they each got their phone call about Jolivia one night stand it was a "whaaa ?"
They are both passionate about the upcoming Habitat for Humanity project
Lisa spreads the charity love around--so many worthy causes
Lisa enjoyed filming the scene where Oliva and Claudia duke it out in Johnny's hospital room
Lisa originally auditioned for Kate, but tptb called her back specifically for Olivia
They agreed that Maurice Bernard can be friendly Mo, but all it takes is the word ACTION for Sonny to come out
GH is shooting post-Claudia scenes and the fall out from her exit off canvas
They both feared coming across uber cheesy in the scenes after karaoke
Brandon's headed to WV for a public appearance
They just finished a quick shoot for a February promo
NEXT up for GWaddie and Hubby Paul? AIDS WALK LA--this Sunday!


ALLY2HisHeart said...

That's an awesome recap! Thanks SO much guys...appreciate all you do for the Soap community, and more especially, this important cause. Go get 'em!


LilChic said...

do you know anything more about brandon's appearance in WV i cant find anything on it and i live there so id really like to go if i could.