Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wed, Wild Rumors on the Soap Opera Trail

Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) writes another book in the Pandora Series! It will be available January 2010! How DOES she find the time!!?

AMC: Geesh, Ok, I think the "Annie in the Hood" Thing is a bit much. ugh. I DON'T CARE who shot Stuart. I used to...I used to really think it was a good story/mystery but now? Good Gawd, get it over with.

OLTL today was called "Children of a Lesser Todd"...heh. I LOVE the writers on this show, even their titles are great!!!!
I don't get the whole Jared it still over Tess? If so, that's lame. I know he's leaving but still.
Dorian to David: "I gave you the chance to play gay"!! How about OLTL as "Mad Men"? David could be Don, Jessica Betty and Nat Joan. (she has the boobalage to do it!) Not sure who for Peggy...hmmm, Starr? Tea could be Pete's wife. Todd could be Sterling. Oh, I can go on and on!
GH: the gang is ALL IN GREECE! Look at Luke go, showing off infront of the kiddies! I am loving the fact that Connie can play 1/2 way "good" as Helena. I know she wanted to do so with Alexis at some point. This is great.
JoLivia: Breakin' my heart! Such great soap stuff!

CHECK OUT THE RUMORS:! I put them all out there. There are a million of em. I loves it! They built a new set for James Franco which I am HOPING doesn't mean he's block taping the entire thing with Steve B and a few others. There are a few new spoilers up too. It's an exciting time for everyone because no one knows quite what's coming! While you are there, click on a google..JUST click, it will go to the AIDS walk! It's free and easy. Like me. Oh..that didn't sound right did it? LOL.


Anonymous said...

I hope JF doesn't block tape. It is so worthless and doesn't move the story one bit.

Anonymous said...

Is it Lemon Season in Rochester? I ask cause Carly had a bowl of about 500 lemons on her coffee table.

When someone comes over to visit, does she say "Welcome to my home. Here. Have a Lemon"

What hideous decorating. Even Trading Spaces used to do better than that.

Mrs B said...

I like the lemons, they add nice color and its inexpensive. I'd rather them use the money to resign Vanessa marcil or Genie Francis!

Poor Jolivia!

Dierna said...

Luke: "Look! It's Nicholas!"
Goons: "eh?!"
Ethan: "Oh's Nicholas..."
Luke: "Bad timi....Oh hi Nicholas..." *lol*

Jax and Carly should name their kid Jove....or Molly will someday have a kid with that name. She really seems to like it. *lol* Altho why name a girl after the king of the gods? :P

skeebob said...

Someone somewhere at some point - that's about as specific as I can be - thanks, mind - said James Franco is block taping everything because he's only working one day a week. So they'll tape everything for the week that day.

Anonymous said...

I think they will call Jocelyn John "JJ", or something along those lines...

Siobhan said...

Hope the rumor about Stavros coming back is true. I have to say, I'm not feelin' the James Franco thing. The writers think they can save the day through casting, but it needs to be coupled with good writing. The JF appearance seems like another gimmick.

Anonymous said...

yawn. Thanks for the nap GH. Luke helping Helena?
Jason and Sam are boring. Thanks writers!
I do like the dialog with Johnny and Claudia. Brandon did a really good job with that.

Mamaspat said...

Have ya ever notice soap writers on GH bring a couple togethor they fall in love and the writers are determinded to blow them up.The stuff of the mob has to dominate this show.So sad