Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Medic: Soaps on a String

Soap Opera Source has a great interview with one of my fave actresses on the planet, Connie Towers! She dishes about JJ coming back, Helena's fear of the new Cassadine and much more! Here's a bit of trivia for you about Connie: She collects pigs! She also wore a giant spider pin that was designed by a fan just for her for a couple of eppies. Scoops say Helena ends up in GH--in a hospital bed, and Luke goes in to make her life miserable.

AMC: Ugh..can't watch this show !! I am stuck here anyway--my son has another head cold. This season is gonna suck with the illnesses, I know that. This Bailey chick is really young. I get she's supposed to be young, but she looks REALLY young. I hope they totally TOTALLY throw caution to the wind and start doing all sorts of bizarre things before they move. LOL. Like run Madison over with a bus...Hang Randi out a window and drop her... what else? LOL. The whole Hubbard mess is just that A MESS. MESS.
OLTL: Todd to Blair "Sometimes I just zone out when you open your mouth" heh
Another great one: David to Dorian "There's no way people will believe I'm gay. I'm rugged and outdoorsy...people find me dangerous"!! and "I won't go gay for pay"! zingers.
Jared is doing a good job at being over the top out of control. Tea's got another secret. Loves it!!
GH: So, wonder why Olivia isn't throwing the whole Michael thing in Claud's face? Double Blackmail! lol. I am going to miss Sarah Brown. If she stayed and was PG with Dante's kid, can you imagine? Hey, Sonny you think your son is really your grandson. ahahha. Aw, cute stuffed animal for Olivia, Baxter from Johnny!
Nikolas and Robin. I remember when they'd sit on the couch and read poetry.
Spencer. SPENCER? Good LORD. And I still say it's hilarious the de-aged him from when Nadine was on. heh
It's 3:27 and I'm bored. At least a new Elmo commercial is on.
OMG! THE fake GREEK set!!! LMAO. It's killing me. Love the "bar"-- fishing nets, blue and white, "Greek Music" pfffft. OLIVES ON THE TABLE! I think they basically look up the country in a 3rd grade atlas and grab some nicknacks to throw up.
Love the discussion of the Girl's Name. Jax said "Jason"..for the middle name?? uh, ok. TEEN baby girl Jax is on...I still say Janie Joy Jacks is a good name.
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PRIME TIME: Can't comment on my fave Mad Men as it's on the DVR waiting for my viewing pleasure. Ahhhhhhhh. best show out there! The Amazing Race last night was interesting, I could never go to a hot/humid country, I'd boil. Seriously, I get nasty and pass out when I'm too humid. Ask hubby.

Uh, oh..getting a sore throat. waah.
REMEMBER to support Team ScrubsWubs AIDS WALK LA! I sent my lobster out today to take part in the whole thing! woot!


Shirleedee said...

Start taking Echinacea NOW! There's a good chance the sore throat will be gone by bedtime. It works for me.

friscowannabe said...

Just after the scene with Sonny ordering Dante to kill someone, asking him if he is afraid of murdering someone, etc. it cuts to a "Today's General Hospital is brought to you by Snow White." LOL...Disney's beloved kids movie bringing us murder and blackmail in the afternoon.

friscowannabe said...

Instead of bringing in a new character as a new Cassadine why not re-write the Ethan is Luke's son debacle of a story and have Helena reveal Ethan is actually Holly and Stefan/Mikkos/some ther male Cassadine.

Poof, he is no longer Luke's son, he is the son of Luke's rival.

Poof, he is no longer Lucky's brother he is Nicholas's.

Anonymous said...

That is definitely more interesting than the current storyline. Good job Friscowannabe! Do you want a job writing for GH?


patti said...

Can you believe Nikolas makes Spencer eat his dinner alone? Where's the family bonding time? How cruel!

Jen said...

Karen I think you're one of the only people wishing SJB would stay. Good riddens I say (more to the character nott he actress, as I loved her as Carly). I cannot imagine her staying on with Domtes kid, wouldn't be fun to wacth at all, just FF. I hate what she did to Jolivia.. In fact I hate everything she does (even crying annoys me from her!)

melissa said...

ha i bet if jax said the babies middle name was alexis carly would not be so quick to let jax have his way with that one. it was cute morgan got annoyed cause he was named after jason, but seriously... does every kid have to have jasons name???? but karen its starting with a j so maybe it will be janie jax lol

Lori said...

Ok I'm voting for some version of the following for Baby Carjax...

Barbara Jane Jax... BJ, Bobbie Jane, Janie

Jaqueline Jane Jax... Jackie Jax

Of course I laughingly think they could go with Apple Jax, Cracker Jax, or Jumpin Jax!!

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn John Jax

Anonymous said...

OLTL David saying that him being isn't believable is really funny because he plays a gay character on Desperate Housewives. GH if Claudia did get pg by Dante a DNA test could still prove it to be Sonny's child.
Mrs. Goose

Leesy said...

I've said ever since Tea started with this "secret" thing, that the big secret is a child she's had by either Todd (my bet) or Ross. She acts very strange when parenting is mentioned. Now the trick is...WTD??? and where has this child been all this time?

Love the idea of Barbara Jane Jax. A little homage to Carley's mom and Jax's mom too. Anyone else have some good ideas???? Let's hear them!

Anonymous said...

couldn't ff through this day fast enough. Only think I liked was the baby naming. I know that Molly and Kristina are related in some way to Carly's kids, but again, why are they there helping make the decision?

Leesy said...

Just read on another site it is indeed Jocelyn John Jax! Not too fond of it, but maybe they'll call her Joss or something cute. She and little Emma Grace could grow up to be best buddies, or enemies,lol it is a soap after all.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing too...why were Kristina and Molly there in the baby's room. When Ric was in town thoses kids never saw eachother. Now they are best friends. It was cute though.

I think they should go with Jackie Jax. If all else fails they could call her "Peanut" Jax. (That's Ingo's kid which I don't get.)

Still love Dominic/Dante...can't wait for this story to explode.