Monday, October 12, 2009

Renegade French Fries only on GH!

Carly eats some nice Coleman's french fries while Johnny talks to her about Olivia. She's going to have pains...he's having false labor, I believe.

Dante and Lulu have a good chat about his early life. I am liking how they are taking them slow. And we find out DOMte knew someone that got killed by a mob hit. Poor Mr. Pauletti. That's why he's a cop! Oh, and he likes Johnny....calls him a "wiseguy".

Sonny "gets" Michael's rage. That's why they both throw barware.

ZeNoose is tightening around Claudia!!

JaSam making out--and Molly catches them while wearing a snorkel mask.
THANK YOU GH for moving the people around canvas!!

Oh, I have a fun story to tell you. Does anyone remember when they called the middle of Port Charles "Center City"?? Used to bug the HELL out of me. NO lie, but now they have up signs going into Rochester saying "Rochester Welcome: Center City"!! whahahaah! I used to make fun it all the time. Now the whole city shows me up! I would have stopped to get a pic but I was flyin' down the expressway. Sorry.
Isn't Modern Family the Best? When they were in Costcos I was dying! "What IS this place"???!


Anonymous said...

modern family is definatly one of my new favorite shows! i love the all the families on it, they are all really funny! wed is like the best primetime night right now, modern family, cougartown, and glee! thank god for my dvr lol

Lori said...

So I'm reading your review of today's show and it took me about 5 minutes to realize that "ZeNoose" wasn't a hot new couple lmao Pretty sad I was trying to figure out who that was. Someone needs a nap, right?

Mamaspat said...

the show was only half bad today.Glad Carly is having this baby.Sad for Jolivia hope she kicks Claudias a**.Modern Family is a hoot love it.

kdmask said...

Anonymous, I HAVE to start watching Glee. My brother raves about it. Got to get busy on Hulu!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone caught the TJMAXX Commercials? Their ads say where you go from a "Fashionista to a Maxinista". I could not believe my ears! I think someone at their Marketing Firm must be a GH Fan!

Can't wait for Dante/Lulu...yippee!

And Glee is great.


Dierna said...

I can't wait for this week's Modern Family. Al Bundy married to Diane Chambers from Cheers?! And she's a nutter?! Muahahaha... I haven't seen Shelly Long in anything SINCE Cheers. She was apperantly in an ep of Boston Legal but I don't remember it. *lol*

Yeah... The TJ Maxx commercials crack me up. "Now you can go from being a Fashionista to being a Maxximista!"...and Im like "Who wrote this commerical? Spinelli?" *lol*

As for G.H. Eh... This happens everytime Carly is preggers. She gets a Braxton Hix and everyone goes in panic mode (except for when she was pregnant with Morgan and had a Braxton Hix in the secret room....)

Anonymous said...

OK, I musta missed something, how did Lulu get back to PC when she was just in Greece? And why is she walking around in upstate NY on the docks no less sleeveless in Oct.?

Anonymous said...

That last anonymous was me, AntJoan. What happened, the last time I posted, it gave my name?

melissa said...

the first anonymous was me. glee is awesome. im addicted. i wish that claudia on the beach rumor is true! too good, and would tie in nicely with sjb's tweet about how claudia is done, at least her playing her anyway. lol

jen said...

Anyone else catch the hypocrocy in Carly saying its just "gross" that Claudia doesn't want Johnny to love anyone more than her? Ummm hello? Carly are you really saying that? Cuase you can't stand it when Jason (or Sonny for that matter) loves anyone but YOU. I am a huge carjax fan but let's not forget what a freak Carly is.

I guess the TJ MAX commercials say that since Max is in their name.

Any why would Molly be at Sam's unattended? Stupid.

I hate cougar town, awful awful Courtney cox (but love our girl, wish they would at least explain her abscence and show Max in the hospital or at home recovering!)

Only a few more days until we're rid of Claudia the witch. woohoo! Maybe they'll bring someone else in to play her to turn the character around. That may actually work. Not fair to Sarah, tho.

Why even show Jason be a bit hurt over Liz marrying Lucky? Why not say then how come she was kissing Nicholas? Is that Guze throwing Liason fans a stick (vs a bone?)

mosbp2003 said...


While Carly may not like it when Jason or Sonny love someone more than her, she is not Jason or Sonny's sister. It is a completely different situation between Claudia and Johnny and definitely gross. Carly was not being a hypocrit at all...

Jen said...

OMG! Carly IS THE biggest HYPOCRITE... Come on! How can you even say that? Yes it is definitely more gross for a sister to do that, but the writers never showed us why Claudia was like that as they promised. Carly on the other hand is so possessive no one is allowed to have a life that doesn't include her as #1. Recent months are the only time I have seen her improve. So yes more gross for Claudia as a sister but hypocrite also for Carly.

Mrs. B said...

I have to agree on Carly, before Jax she could barely talk or look at anyone that loved Jason (Liz, Sam, Robin) And she had absolutely no respect for any of their relationships. She was also barging in and being rude as if their feelings didn't matter. The only one she could tolerate was Courtney. I used to Hate Carly but love her now that she's with Jax.