Tuesday, October 6, 2009

David has a "unibrow" ABC Soaps Today! smokin' JOLIVIA!

Did you wax today?

AMC: OMG, where to start. Liza gives the chick her baby in a church? WTH? Uh, ok. Guess that's the soap schmaltz talking. Madison confesses all--(bye-bye) and Colby's all pissy. The only good thing was that Jake said David has a uni-brow. LOL. Fave part of the show. That baby Stuart is a darling!!

HEY! I have a great interview up with Chrissie Fit! She's such a sweetie. There's a little JF drop in there, look to see what GH did just for him.
BIG auction coming up for Team ScrubsWubs for the AIDS WALK LA! NLG just donated an item and we have a Jonathan Jackson auction going on Friday!

OLTL: Poor Tea...good scenes though. The nasty ol' Todd came out for a bit. "You're makin' me sick" What's her other secret? A kid?? Todd you are SCREAMING WAY TOO LOUD! You'll get vocal nodes doing that!! Oh, Jared, you are in too deep and you're off the show--sooooooo, sorry buddy. You're OUT! Love the damn movie thing...Gigi throws popcorn at Kim. Heh.

General Hosptial: Today's show starts off with Lucky almost finding the Lizzy note. DOMte tries to get Tommy to join the witness protection program. Carly says her baby's name will be: Jocelyn John Jacks. Or it's spelled Josslin, I don't know. Krissy said "Joss Stone" Which is what I tweeted. I am so hip, baby.

Olivia: "Johnny you are fabooshalah in bed but I really felt sorry for you and you bring out my maternal instincts"... OUCH! great work by both Brandon and Lisa! My TV Melted! Classic soap stuff. Nice. LOVED IT!

OMG, writers, why would DOM have Tommy knock him out? I mean he could totally run to Sonny! That was shoddy writing right there. DOMte.."you could be a leiutenent"...like it's the army. THEN he says: "But consider yourself on probation"..double secret like Animal House!!?? LOL

Claudia said she could "already be PG by Sonny" wow. So, I guess she takes the test and then goes on the prowl for a baby. She goes to pee on the stick...puts it on the DRINK CART (ewwwwww), then throws it. NOT PG.

I say Mischa looks a LOT like Emily. Sounds like Leyla. This is not starting out promising. I guess I have to give it time, right? Helena and Luke are on again! I love Connie's hair. Mekkos had yet "another bastard"--Valentin. Helena wants Luke's help. Will Luke believe her? She will be in GH sometime, we've seen the media net pics. I know the whole story but I'm not telling. HAH!

Elizabeth Taylor tweeted today she's going into the hospital for a heart procedure. She wanted people to know before the papers got it. That's the POWER OF TWITTER, people! Stars really can control their PR!!

NLG (Alexis) tweeted a link for her video of "What a Pair" where she sings for Breast Cancer awareness. Anyone else going to her NYC appearence in November? The Wubqueen will be there. HOW fun is that going to be?

Dancing with the Stars last night (I can't believe I watched, but I did): all I can say is Kelly O got robbed! I so want her to win.
RUMOR: James Franco is named Darius Cane. Can't confirm. Another rumor: Greenlee back to AMC.


J said...

So does ANYONE actually believe Claudia wants to get PG because she's such a loving person and just wants to be a mom?

Because I think she just wants a safety net for when Jason or whomever figures out her role in Michael's shooting.

How ridiculous.

kdmask said...

Well, I think she does want Sonny's kid...I think she really wants something to love

friscowannabe said...

or...does she want someone to love her? nothing more genuine and innocent then the love of a child.

if Dante sleeps with her....urgh!

Mamaspat said...

I thought the ending was great watching Claudia get her come uppins from Johnny.

Dierna said...

Jocelyn John?? Really? *gags* That's like a horrid name. Im sorry but come on.

From the Germanic masculine name Gautzelin, which was derived from the name of a Germanic tribe, the Gauts. This name was brought to England by the Normans in the form Goscelin or Joscelin, and was common until the 14th century. It was revived in the 20th century primarily as a feminine name, perhaps an adaptation of the surname Jocelyn (a medieval derivative of the given name).

In the end Jocelyn means God. John means God is Gracious and Jacks is considered to be forms of the name John, Jacob, and James. Either way.. I don't like the name. :P

cj said...

I like the name Jocelyn, you don't hear it much on soaps, so that's nice (beats maxie or georgie by a mile).

I despise Claudia and don't really care what she wants. She doesn't even know Sonny much less love him.
This may be the most hated character ever. I hope she has a painful demise.

cj said...

According to soaps central, OLTL is done in 2010:


Lori said...

ABC is confirming that Rebecca Budig is returning to AMC as Greenlee Smythe, who was presumed dead last February when Kendall ran Greenlee's motorcycle off the road. (courtesy of SOD)

I don't watch AMC but I hope that news makes some of you guys happy :D

friscowannabe said...

I'm most interested in seeing what Spinelli calls the baby!

Lori said...

Frisco wanna bet Spin calls the baby "Peanut" ;) lmao

KyMommy said...

Love the name Jocelyn! It's so romantic. Johnny and Olivia's breakup was heartbreaking and HOT. I didn't like them at first but they have grown on me. Wow! I actually thought Johnny was going to punch Claudia's lights out. Great scenes and acting by BB, SBr, and LLC.

Mrs. B said...

LC as Olivia was fantastic yesterday, I believed she felt every word she said and the etars were real. She broke my heart..

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the breakup scenes. Very heartbreaking. Again, everything else, not so much. GH better watch out, or they will be out soon. I know I am back to watch Days full time and I couldn't be happier with that show!

Melissa said...

I can't get over wanting the baby to be named Janie Jacks! I will keep calling her that forever. It sounds so much better!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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