Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, Still Giddy over AIDS Walk photos!

How fun is it that the Wubs Lobster got to go on the walk with Kim/Jason? She'll be a famous Wubber soon!!

#AMC: OMG, does Scott make the WORST drunk ever? How bad can that get? eesh. I am so over Annie...So over Stuart's shooting. Maybe Scott did it. That would be the only "surprise". Was he drunk that night?

#OLTL: "The Born Identity" I love their titles!! Vicky's hair looked terrible. (the important things first!!) I missed thurs/fri and didn't know the kid was Ross' not Todd's? Or er..Ross THINKS he's the daddy but it's really Todd's. And the lawyer is his brother? Well, I don't think that lawyer guy is a good actor. :/ I'm glad Carlotta and Tea talked. I like the NuCarlotta. A LOT! Natalie, buy a clue. OMG, you know what I saw? CLUE that's a take off of "The Office"! (See Photo)

I really love Nathan Fillion. Just thought I'd get that in there.
#GH: Want to see the new Lisa chick coming to Port Charles?? Told you she would be...she's an Ex's of Patricks. (that's who Louise was talking about) I guess Scrubs needs some angst! Julie Mond will play Patrick’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Niles beginning November 18.
More dates from
McKinley Freeman will begin playing the recurring role of detective Roy Williams on October 29. * Barbara Tarbuck reprises her role of Jax’s mom, Jane Jacks, on November 9.
Constance Towers takes Helena out of town on October 20, but is set to return, “sooner, rather than later.
JJ's first air date as Lucky will be on October 27.
Jordi Caballero will play a Puerto Rico nightclub owner named Mo on October 21 and 22.
Olivia almost gets the DOMte thing out..and, nothing. Oh, Claudia, why did they write this for you!? ughhhhhhhh. HATE.
Helena is in her glory hanging out in her hospital bed, holding "Court"!! Loves it. CT needs to be on all the time. I love that she knows all about Ethan! heh. "Helena 101" says Lucky, that's about it. Tracy and Helena....heaven!! Tracy tells Luke to "go get a stake" at the store. Heh. I'm glad they remembered that Helena/Tracy worked together at one point. Did you see Luke's jama-bracelets? goodness. Luke calls Hells "My Lethal Flower"!
Why the hell is Michael all standing up for Claudia?
So, Olivia goes to visit Anthony Z-- interesting. I saw the media net pics and read the spoilers but couldn't wait to see LiLo and BW together. Love that he knows about Johnny and she. heh. "You're a little long in the tooth for him, but you're HOT"...LOL

Oh, now they are going to have another 'name'...
Denise was Leslie (like Leslie Carleston)
Connie is Connie (Megan Ward)
Becky is Rebecca (Natalia Livingston)
Lisa is Lisa (newbie girl)
I didn't count Laura Wright because she came way after Genie.

Graffiti was "CO77X" on the wall. I am liking DOMaLu!
Leslie and Audrey at L&L2's engagement party...I tweeted last night that Leslie was going to be on as well.
Genie Francis is due at the Anaheim Comic Convention in April 2010! (maybe because she'll be back on GH and living in LA!!?
NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! Go take a gander, hit an ad and feel the WUB@@!! We'll have a "Puerto Rico" set soon. Heh, I'm guessing lots of pineapples?


friscowannabe said...

Bobbie was at the engagement party as well.

In the Nicholas - Liz inthe studio scene did Nicholas NOT know about the engagement party?

Andy said...

What does the graffiti mean? I missed something...

Dierna said...

I think that was the spot where that cop was killed that inspired Dante to become a cop himself. Either that or that's where he lived as there was police evidence photos on a wall with a neon sign of the graffiti on a window.

Yeah thought that was weird that Nicholas made no mention of the engagement party. Like he wasn't invited....but it seems gram and bobby were. *lol*

kdmask said...

I didn't see BOBBIE! that's how fast that dang scene was! LOL I'm hoping tomorrow,there's more!?
The graffiti is of a guy with vengance on his mind. Not sure the meaning yet.

Lori said...

I saw Bobbie too it was fast and scarey! I love JZ but lady needs to step away from the botox. Both Leslie and Audrey looked wonderful.

I also noticed that TG looked really great today. Healthy, not too thin, not ghostly white, A+!! The chemistry between TG, JE, and CT was electric!!!

Anonymous said...

What evidence is Dominic waiting for in order to arrest Sonny? He's already ordered him to kill someone. Is there something worse? And what about Claudia she hired Dominic to kill Jason? Whats up with that? Shouldn't she be in a sell next to Sonny? One more thing. Why didn't Olivia worn her own son that Claudia knew who he was? Why isn't Dominic concerned for his mother since Claudia, who hates Olivia, knows this secret?
Mrs. Goose

Anonymous said...

Good show on Monday! good to see Liz's painting room again. What was that a mural of in the background? her mother and her? Looked like a young Liz...
Any person that has scenes with Helena looks good! Even Ethan. Glad to see Ethan at the surprise party for liz...and Bobbie and Leslie!! Why wouldn't Nick know about it? Is he coming later?
I absolutely love Lulu and Dante! Cute!!
FF Jason and Sam though. Still trying to watch them. Just can't do it. Wonder if Valentine will go after Jake, since he is also a "Spencer"? Won't mind if he goes after Sam. Maybe a scenario where Jason has to choose between saving Jake or Sam...

Mrs. B said...

Anyone else realize that when Liason was a couple we had a few scenes every other week but with Jasam it's been EVERY day? This is why Liason fans are so upset. Jasam had their time, a real couple for 3 years or a bit less. Liason never was out in the open as a real couple and had to sneak around from everyone for months with tiny scenes here and there or shwinhg them on the phone. I think this is why so many Liason fans just can't do the Jasam thing. You tell me anonymous, is that why its like that for you?

Anonymous said...

I am guessing so. I honestly didn't mind Sam and Jason as a couple the first time around. Yes, she was boring and on his sofa the entire time (mooch city), but not once has Liz and Jason been given a chance. I mean both times that the writers kinda put them together it was a tease and then Jason went to Courtney 100% and Liz back to Lucky. And the second time? Same thing.
Obviously there was a very strong Liz/Jason following, so I don't get why they wouldn't go there? At least get them together and THEN do the usual breaking up, like most soap couples do.