Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Dorothy Hamill

Aiden is ice skating.  Franco is talking about being a suspect. Liz invited Brucas to come and skate with Aiden. 

Peter calls Jordan and tells her HE'D BETTER BE UPDATED ABOUT LULU ASAP! ahahaha. Maxie asks if Dr. O could do the medical advice column.  Peter's like SHE TIED ME TO A BED! Maxie's like Welp. He decides it's ok if she works there. 

LULU and Laura.. Ryan comes in to hypnotize her. Laura says she's going to be in the room with her.  Jordan says she has to be there too. Ryan says NO way.  She may spill details of her personal life. No psychiatrist worth their salt would let the police be there--or anyone else. Lulu agrees to it and not to have it recorded. 
Ryan puts Lulu under--using a super sexy voice. ;) 
Lulu remembers about the list. Ryan tells her she called him and there were seven people on the list NOT nine.  He basically plants things in her head to remember about Franco.
She sees Franco's face instead of Ryan's !! 

Sasha surprises Nina. I guess Valentin set it up.  Sasha tells Val "She's calling the shots now" whatever that means.  He tells her whatever, but don't meet Lesil. 

Carly gets near-hyterical over JaSam's "Break-Up".. ugh. She's such a mouth. Of course, Jason tells her it's a ruse to catch SHank.  Then they basically talk about the entire story --so if you need a catch up on that, watch. 


  1. Haven't watched yet,but read on another site that Matt Cohen is out soon as Griffin.

  2. It is sad, what they did (or didn't do) with his character. I hope that they decide to keep him on, and give him better stories.

  3. karen, you titled the blog Dorothy Hamill and I was afraid to open it, thinking that she died. ugh!

    it is really sad when they have characters with potential and they dont know what to do with them and have to let them go. I always felt Logan Hayes should never have died. he had so much family on the show to work with. and He and Lulu both had names that started with the same letter. (old school right there)

    they there is someone named Matt. I am not going to google it. He played noah drakes brother. good looking guy and a good actor. was from another soap, i believe. they sent him to jail for 5 yrs. He should have been out a few years ago.

    and then there is griffin. i never warmed up to him as an actor. (did I say that without being offensive?) but you know what? he was an ex-priest. there is a storyline right there. did they ever really flesh that out and deal with conflict? i dont think so. it was mentioned and talked about, but it really could have been a decent storyline worth watching.

    the list goes on. for those of you ready my drivel... what character/actor do you feel the show didnt know what to do with and let go of them too soon?

    1. Matt was Patrick’s brother I think and Noah’s son. He played on Days opposite Kristen Storms. Belle and Shawn.

    2. yes, thank you Mrs. Goose! Are you related to the drakes? or Sigmund? ha ha ha

    3. Sigmund for sure. I had an umbrella cockatoo named Mrs. Goose.

  4. so sick of carly,jason and sam. they need to go. sonny has potential. matt cohen was never given a decent story. and to top it off they will now ruin franco.

  5. I never liked Griffin at all - not the actor's fault - just the character --- I WOULD be interested if he went nuts and killed-----oh lots of people.....

  6. I hope this Franco frame up doesn't last too long. Why couldn't this hypnotism session be taped? Just lazy writing period. Bad enough, this Dawn of the Day cult story, is a sleeper.

    1. I hope it doesn't go on forever either. Sick of many sl's right now.

  7. Ice skating rink:

    Friz and Brucas: BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Stop stop stop. Just stop. Really. It's almost painful. The three of you suck at subterfuge.

    ROFL! Yeah it was just bad acting by the three of you! ROFL!

    Friz,Brucas, and Aidan: Aidan talks about not having a little brother or sister, and the look on Liz's face! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And BobTodd grabs her! HAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jarly: Geez Jason! Don't just tell her that you and Sam broke up! You should have said, but it's fake.. Idiot!!! Glad he told her what has been going on, and that we didn't have to see it. :)

    Hiney's office:

    Hiney and Maxie: UGH UGH UGH! Boring!!! And they almost kissed! UGH! I want my M&M!!!!!!

    Hiney, Maxie, and Dr. O: Great scene!!!! Yes Dr. O you can help so many people!!! Maxie don't want to hear anything negative about Hiney. So just concentrate on the people you can help!!! :)


    ValeNina: Stinkin slime bucket!!!!!

    Sasha and Nina: Oh Sasha is back!!! Go find Griffin he is lonely and is raging!!!!

    Sasha and V.C.: HE IS SUCH A STINKING PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Lulu's room:

    Jordan, Laura, Ryan, and Lulu: Well what he says is true. Only the patient and the doctor are alone..

    The hallway:


    Doc's office:

    Ryan and Lulu: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Come on Ryan! Tell her BobTodd did it!!! I know you want to say it! :) Love how we didn't hear anything Ryan said to her about who did this to her! :)

    Lulu: It's Franco!!!!!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Soapy goodness!!!!!! :) I love this!!!! :) WOOT WOOT!! :)

  8. When Griffin showed up recently with a gash on his face, I think it never was explained, were we supposed to infer he is in bad shape, or did they just edit out the explanation? I really hope he is not leaving, anyone know for sure? Also, does anyone know if DA lady is still here?

    Poor Curtis, is he guarding Lulu 24/7 without sleep? If not, who is guarding her during his off time? Don't see any cops there, don't even see Curtis there. Lulu keeps saying she wants to identify the killer to keep others safe, but doesn't she realize she would be the primary target? (Well, maybe not now, that Ryan has neutralized her, but she doesn't know this.)

    Poor Franco, I also hope this doesn't drag on too long . . .

    1. A few days ago,I read on another site that the actor was leaving GH.

  9. "AntJoan says When Griffin showed up recently with a gash on his face, I think it never was explained, were we supposed to infer he is in bad shape, or did they just edit out the explanation?"

    It was explained. He said he cut himself shaving. It was just a quick explanation. It was like an afterthought.



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