Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Laura visits Franco in Jail. She doesn't believe him. She thinks he's guilty. Franco tries to convince her otherwise. 
He says at the end "Dr. Collins isn't the man I know him to be"... Laura's face is thinking.. hmmmmm

Drew thinks Franco is innocent. He tells Jordan that Franco didn't even kill the guy (Harvey) that tried to strangle him during the earthquake. He's changed. 

Cameron is all beat up because kids at school found out Franco got arrested. He thinks he's guilty. Best part of the show:
Jake, Aiden and Cam all sit down and Liz talks to them about Franco. Aiden asks questions: Did he put that lady in the barrell? Gram said he did it, is she a liar?? 
Drew comes over to lend support. He talks about Franco's tumor. Yada yada

Nina's gonna marry Val. AGAIN.  Dr. O comes around to meet Sasha and have lunch with she and Nina. Valentin isn't happy.  

Peter's having lunch with Maxie. :eyeroll: She's watching the table with Nina/Dr. O by her make up mirror. 

Spencer visits Sonny, who seems to know that he tampered with the election. Spencer said he's not telling Laura because of Lulu and what Dr. Collins did to her but Sonny said he should. 

Jordan and Curtis talk about Franco...and how many questions there are surrounding him.  They think the licenses were planted 

END: Liz spies the wedding invitation. I bet they'll get married. ON VALENTINE'S DAY which will gut many a Liz fan. 
You know why. 


  1. Karen, Spencer told Sonny about the election tampering right before he left the show the last time, they were sitting next to each other, I think at Kelly's.

  2. they really gotta step up February sweeps----I am tired of Ryan now - have Ava find the shoes, realize it's Kevin/Ryan, tell Franco and Franco saves the day..........cause really those shoes are STILL IN HER APARTMENT!!!!

    1. Yet I hate to admit it, as much as I love the sl I'm ready for it to wrap up. I want Ryan found out, Franco out of jail and Kevin with Laura! I hope Ava, Laura and gag Jordan figure it out.

  3. something seems to always happen on valentine's day. anyone remember Terry walking naked through the streets of Laurelton?

    1. I read somewhere that Liz and Franco get married on V day while he's in jail. I also read someone is ending up pregnant!!! Ugh!!!

    2. i read about the PG too. and you will NEVER believe who it is rumored to be!

  4. I hope Ryan kills again on V-Day while Franco is still in jail. Agree that sweeps has been a snooze-fest so far ...

  5. I guess what I meant to say was I can't believe Ryan's not losing his marbles over where his missing bloody shoes with evidence linking him to Lulu's stabbing are.


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