Tuesday, February 26, 2019

LIVE Streaming

Alexis and Neil doing therapy. "What makes you dangerous"?  She tells him about killing Keifer with her car "He just ran out in front of me"!! and Alkazar...he ran into my knife"!! Dr. Says Oh, so nothing is your fault!! 
She then mentions Kat Bell ...and she says My Family is a MESS!! LOL.. He said your time is up. She is uncomfortable and he says that's where she needs to be. 
She goes to Charlie's bar..runs into Chase. She tells him Laura hasn't filed any divorce papers yet. 

Franco doing an interview on TJ.. Peter's there and so is Lulu . Lulu's like: Oh, Mom's missing but the police are on it. Meh..lol. She's not even worried!! 
Lulu is interviewing Franco-- and it's live streaming.  Lulu asks about the murders. HE says he's going to take credit for them..well deserved credit. 
I bet Franco tells Ryan the plan because he thinks he's Kevin!! OY!! 
So, Franco sells his murdering --says it was for art. He was happy everyone could buy this "redemption" and how easy it was to kill people. 
He says Kiki was the best one he calls it "Girl in the Wedding Bed"-- and then the best thing: he says he wasn't a copycat of Ryan because Ryan was a 'poser" and "boring" as a killer!!! Wow.. He doesn't even know he's pissing Ryan off!!
GOOD INTERVIEW watch it, I'm not typing it all out!!  I don't get whey they aren't showing LIZ watching tho?? 

Lulu thinks the interview was "off" and weird...

Jordan is in surgery. TJ and Molly are on...TJ's in his hospital scrubs!! He's an intern!! FINALLY!  Jordan lost her left kidney.  I wonder if anyone else will take her job over? Anna ?? ROBERT?? 

Ava and Ryan in Julian's. Ava gets a giant engagement ring.  Chase comes in looking for Laura. Ava says Laura is Kevin's EX-Wife! Shows off her ring. Julian's eyeballs get bit. 
They all watch Franco's interview.  Ryan is thrown off guard.  He texts Chase from Laura's phone. He finally can't take it and has to leave. He says he's seeing a patient. 

JaSam kissing and SHank sees. She hauls off and slaps Jason. SHank buys it. Asks if she needs help. Krissy walks in at that time and Sam goes in the hall to talk to her. SHank is in with Jason. 
Sam tells Kristina that she's sick of Jason putting everything else first but her.  Sonny, his job and that Dawn Day opened her eyes.  Kristina says she's sorry that she didn't know how bad it was. She always thought Jason and Sam were the perfect couple. 

END: Franco is in his room and says to self: Take that, you murdering son of a bitch-- come and get me. Ryan bursts in and says "You've made a terrible mistake"!!

THINGS TO NOTE:  Jordan gave Franco a burner phone that only connects to her. Now that the interview is over, will he try to call her? Who has it? 

Julian bought Alexis a cup of coffee in his own bar. Cheapskate 

TOMORROW; Liz and Cam are on. 


  1. you know the first time I let it go cause Laura was in shock, but gimme a break - Ryan walks in without a gun - tells her to sign papers and they don't TRY TO ATTACK HIM or even TALK about it? OR OR OR fake her illness? That IS the stupidest part of this - come on writers...........
    I want Curtis to answer the burner phone - and go see Franco - or or or Drew would be better!!! Lulu is making NO sense either......gosh I am just gonna have to scream.

  2. Det.Chase is getting suspicious as to Laura's whereabouts (even if her own daughter isn't concerned).

  3. AND Jordan called Chase and left the cryptic message - he was going to be the cop who knew the plan - has he listened to it yet?

  4. Haven't finished watching yet, but, as I have said here before, the Franco plan is horrible, I really almost couldn't watch the interview, that was the worst plan in the history of plans! It is TRAUMATIZING for all involved--Liz, her sons, Lulu, Ava, Drew--and most of all, Franco! This I think is the most cringe-worthy thing I ever have seen on GH--and I've seen a lot!

    And, yes, Barbara, I have said this before, WHY can't Laura and Kevin attack and overpower Ryan? Just grab a pipe from down there, and, the next time they hear him coming in, just ATTACK!! There are 2 of them, and Ryan isn't really armed!!

  5. Further, I don't like all of the lying and scheming, including Sam's lying to her sister. All of this manipulation can't be good and does not put out a very good message about how to deal with difficult situations.

    On another, more positive note, I LOVED the last TJ, and was very upset when he left the show, I felt he had grown into a very handsome young man and a fine actor. However, this new TJ is GREAT--also very handsome, with a very winning personality, and also seems to be a great actor. Hopefully, they will feature him more, so we we will have a chance to find out. Molly is part of a legacy family, and TJ's family is pretty front and center right now--not to mention that he is an intern at GENERAL HOSPITAL!! So, c'mon, writers, put Molly and TJ front and center!

    1. Ant Joan,I agree with your opinion of the new TJ,as well as the old one.The new TJ also has chemistry with Molly & yes;he's very cute & believable.

    2. I agree too AntJoan, the new TJ is fab. I would love to see Molly and TJ more!

  6. Didn't Laura kill someone when she was 14? I forget. David somebody in self defense????? I have to find out the history again. These writers just suck with her character. I LOVE Genie, but she has taken on Frank Smith and the Cassadines, you name it. Even escaped from Cassadine Island. This better improve

    1. yeah she did kill David, if I remember right he was Lesly's boyfriend

  7. After such a good wk last wk these past 2 days have been snoozers. I did like the interview though.

  8. The hospital:

    Molly, TJ, and Curtis: MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Wow your hair has grown and so have you! :) Unless your hair is extensions. Hmmm.

    Molly and TJ: You guys have been together for like what? 6 or 7 years? When are you going to get married?! :)

    Jason's room:

    Jasam: The kiss heard around the world!!! Oh hi Shanky! Oh yes Jasam pretend that Jason grabbed you and kissed you!!! You heard Sam! It's over Jason!!!! ROFL!

    Shanky and Jason: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Shanky bought it! :)

    Outside Jason's room:

    Sam and Krissy: Uh writers? They already had that discussion before!!! Remember? When they were with Alexis!!!!!

    Ferncliff: "Karen says, Lulu's like: Oh, Mom's missing but the police are on it. Meh..lol. She's not even worried!!"

    ROFL! Yeah that was a strange scene.. She was also like should I be worried? You are not sure Lulu? ROFL!

    Lulu and BobTodd: Killing is a form of art! ROFL! Yeah BobTodd just go all out!!! :) Hey that guy who came in with the beard, he looks like Alcazar!!!!


    Neil and Alexis: Alexis wins the lines of the day.

    Well you could ask, I don't think they will answer. Because their dead. He ran into my knife, and then he accidentally fell over the balcony.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! Great scene. :) What shall I call them? Hmmm I can call them Burvis from their last names.. :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Rava: Hello engagement ring!!!! :) When is the wedding Ryan? :)

    Julexis: What is Alexis doing? Why is she flirting with Julian? She is all twirling her hair and all that stuff. :)

    Rava and Julian: MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Ryan hates that BobTodd is taking all the credit!!! :) You can see him seething with anger! :)

  9. "Karen says GOOD INTERVIEW watch it, I'm not typing it all out!! I don't get whey they aren't showing LIZ watching tho??"

    Oh I forgot all about Liz! I didn't even think about her watching it, until someone on twitter called The Webber-Baldwins mentioned it today! Hmm is that person you Karen? :)

  10. Check this out!!!

    ABC Talks All My Children And One Life To Live Reboots


    1. That's it? Yeh I seriously doubt they bring them back.

    2. Haha! Yeah I know Michelle. :)

  11. They should show Scotty now, he would be going out of his mind . . .

  12. Laura SHOULD have stabbed him in the eye with the pen :)
    Scotty def should have been in Charlie's bar watching--he could have been there for lunch.
    Not have Liz watch live was criminal.
    That said, I really enjoyed the Roger show :)

  13. I liked yesterday's show much better than Monday, and Franco was great. I do agree with all of you that Laura and Kevin need to take Ryan out, now! And yes, we really should have gotten to see Liz watching Franco's bragging.

    They sure write Lulu weird. Doesn't anybody running the show notice that she comes across as either stupid or so self absorbed that she is very unlikable?

    1. most of the women are written stupid they have ruined anna and laura,who used to be strong and independent. carly and sam self absorbed since they started.jordan beautiful and dumb.

  14. I agree witch. Anna and Laura are kick butt women. Stupid writers

  15. I too agree about the dumbing down of the strong GH women. It's been going on for a few years now. Anna was the first and many have joined her since. RH is the best. Hope he is the hero in all this. Maybe it would make the dragging story worthwhile. I read speculation of it going on until May sweeps...hopefully just speculation. No GH today. The real life soap opera takes the stage.



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