Monday, February 25, 2019

The Blind Shall See

Jamie Ray Newman won an Oscar for the Short Film 'Skin". Some of you more "Seasoned" watchers may remember her as Kristina Cassadine, Alexis' sister on GH.  I've been following her for years and really loved her in "Catch Me If You Can'! 



Sam is with SHank waiting on both Drew and Jason's prognosis. He wants to know why Jason was following her and had a gun. She hedges. He finally leaves.

Both Jason and Drew can see...
Carly is with Jason.  They look like Gaga and Cooper LOL.. all moonie. Anna walks in to tell Jason what happened. Too bad they are not in the same room so I don't have to hear it twice. Carly tells Jason's she's PG. When Sam comes in, he tells her the news. They are happy. 

Drew is with Kim and Finn. He gets dressed to go talk to Curtis and say he's sorry about Jordan. 

Jordan is laying there..Curtis wants her to squeeze his hand. Stella comes with coffee.  Jordan has broken ribs and major kidney damage. Later, Stella says she's sorry to Jordan. 


Shasha and Valentin eating with Nina..nope, sorry, Nina picks up Sasha to get her ideas on the bridesmaids dress. Wants her to stay in Port Charles (Valentin wants her to leave). 

Peter and Maxie having breakfast know, that's all they do. Valentin comes over and wants Peter to be his best man.  He says yes. 

END:  Carly yells at Peter for his place in Jason's capture.  Maxie grabbed the wrong nail clippings--must have been Stella's because it was an AA female and she was in there first. Jordan goes into crisis, needs an operation. SHank sees JaSam kissing. 

Wow, pretty much a dull show. 


  1. So far I'm disappointed in the show. I haven't read your blog for today (no spoilers), but figured they'd have Ryan etc on. Oh well, I'm only 12 minutes in.

  2. I thought Shank was supposed to see Sam slap Jason - you think that is after the kiss???????
    also is Kristina now attracted to men- I haven't seen anyone address her jealously and the reasoning.......

    1. The previews for tomorrow definitely took the edge of that ending. Why do they keep doing that?

    2. not good when I don't have to watch the show because the previews tell me everything!!!!!!!!

    3. Yeh I thought the same, maybe she's bi? Speaking of jealousy, Carly jealous over Amna? GMAFB! Grow up girl!

    4. Didn't Krissy say she is bi? Hmmmmm.

  3. Yeh definitely dull after Fridays great show!

  4. "really loved her in "Catch Me If You Can'!"


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney and Maxie: Oh give me a break!!! Maxie got the wrong nail clippings?!?!?!! She should have just gotten some hair!!!!

    V.C. and Hiney: Awww. V.C. wants the love of his life to be his best man at the wedding!!! They hug awwwwwww!!! :)

    Carly and Hiney: So much for no stress eh Carly?

    Anna, Dr. Cabot, and Finchy: Oh come on Dr. Cabot. You have something more to tell Anna don't you? :) Like oh I don't know, Hiney is really Alex's son?

    The hospital:

    Nurses station:

    Samsky: Oh just kiss already! :)

    Jason's room: Okay what the hell just happened? One minute we see Drew and Jason blind, and the next we see them okay and can see again! Did we miss a week's worth of story? ROFL! Damn off camera stuff!

    Carly and Jason:

    "Carly is with Jason. They look like Gaga and Cooper LOL.."

    ROFL! If Cooper and his girlfriend someday end, he should be with Gaga!!!! Man them singing at the awards last night, HAWT! So much chemistry!!! Now onto Carly and Jason:

    Carly: I got the preggers!

    Jason: :0

    Carly and Jasam: So much for no stress eh Carly?

    Jasam: Oh oh! Shanky catches you two kissy kissy. Or maybe not, since it showed in the previews for tomorrow, Sam yelling at Jason. :)

    Drew's room: I was thinking oh no! Will Curtis forgive his BFF for hitting his wife?!?!!?! :(

    Jordan's room:

    Jurtis: Uh can someone fix her head?!?!!?! It's laying the wrong way! Oh someone did fix it eventually. :) Oh my! Curtis has got a grey beard! The grey must have grown after hearing that Jordan got hit by a car!!!! And oh no since Jordan is out of commission, BobTodd is stuck! So soapy goodness! :)

    Curtis and Stella: GAH! Stella made me cry with her talking about praying and knowing how it feels!!!! :(

    Stella and Jordan: Awwwww! Great scene!!! :) When Jordan's machines were going crazy, there was not much urgency with Stella! RUN STELLA RUN AND GET HELP!

    Drew and Curtis: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Still besties! :) Wait Drew! You forgot to mention to Curtis you were blind!!!!


    Valenina: Damn it! The truth needs to come out NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  5. for some reason = my directv didn't record today's show - where can I watch ? Any help is appreciated

    1. Same thing happened to me. I watched this morning on Hulu.

    2. Johnny you can watch GH here, Make sure to click on watch it now.

    3. Optimum cable didn’t record either. Watching On Demand.

  6. Replies
    1. Maybe the show wasn't listed as a new one. My guide showed a repeat today and if someone hadn't told me it was a new one I would have missed it too. I went in and manually recorded it.

  7. mine didn't either - Directv - sooo odd!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. For those that missed it, check it out on hulu or also I believe. Didn't miss much though.

  9. I have Spectrum here in Queens,NYC & today's show wasn't recorded either.

  10. I want to know why the skipped over all of the good drama. Does Jason know that Drew went blind? Does Drew know that Jason went blind? Does ANYBODY remember Kevin (Ryan) went blind? Why hasn't Anna connected the dots yet, about everybody and their mother going blind? And seriously Carly and her damn preggers making what happened to Jason all about her? I seriously wanted Sam to keep whisper-yelling at her. Yesterday's show kind of sucked.

  11. Does anyone at Ferncliff notice that Kevin is missing?

  12. Watching yesterday's episode now, which didn't record on my DVR.I can't believe I am watching On Demand;it usually doesn't have the previous day's episode so soon.

  13. we record the Eleven AM and 1 PM edition in case one is interrupted by local breaking news, weather or Trump.The off screen miracle cures for blindness was a joke.Laura would have set off the fire alarm or shut off the heat or something, she is a Spencer after all not some dimwit.Time to end this charade.


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