Thursday, February 21, 2019


Yesterday's show was SO GOOD!! I just watched it. LOVED the new girl-- LOVE the fact they said the DMV wouldn't give Oscar a license. NIAGARA FALLS MENTION! 

FRANCO!!! NOOOOO!!! Also great. Poor Liz. Everyone, even Lulu was um HUH? 

KevLar are in the Boiler Room!! OMG SO good!! Jon is such an actor. I loved seeing Kevin again but man, I really love Ryan too. 

Ok, I'll shut up and get to TODAY'S SHOW: 

CarSon wasn't on yesterday, maybe that's why it was so good. AHAHHA. Joss walks in but Carly says it was just a check up and she has to take it easy at work. Joss asks to go to Niagara Falls. 

Franco and Ava ...awww.... Roger is such a good actor! Ryan is happy he plead guilty-- Lulu is still in shock.
Franco is shaken. Jordan's like, OH WELL.. Ferncliff!  He gets his outfit and changes into it.  Oh, I totally wonder if he'll think Kevin is still Kevin and his doctor, so he'll tell him WHY he plead guilty!! Hmmm!! 

Jordan wants Franco to do a TV interview to get the real killer angry. 

Lulu starts remembering the door in the office again and almost faints. Curtis catches her. She goes to GH to get checked out.

Liz goes home and almost smashes a photo. Drew is at the door. They hug. Oh, if Oscar dies, he can run to her while Franco is in Ferncliff. Drew thinks that Franco is doing it for a reason. Cameron hears Franco plead guilty. He's not happy. He lets Liz HAVE IT!! WOW, you must watch.  He leaves.
Liz says she KNOWS that Franco didn't do it. Drew gives her back her rings she left in the courthouse. Good scene. 

Sam and Jason on the docks..they were also not on yesterday..hmmmm... They were talking about some overdose. Did Daisy overdose? 
SHANK and Harmony.  Talk about stuff...didn't listen. I think the overdosing thing? Oh, some guy that tried to leave the Cult "overdosed".
Shank wants to take Sam to "THE TOWER" 

That Dr. Cabot has his eyes fixed. Will he tell Anna how she got the virus? He says that they studied Alex because she was a twin. They were hoping to get information about how twins are sympathetic with other twins so they could use it for the double agent things. Anna tho, thinks he's lying.. She says she doesn't remember doing a study.  He says you did it, but no, you don't remember. 

Robert has to talk to Sonny. Lulu's there too. Dante is in Turkey.  He went rogue. The WSB isn't keeping an eye on him anymore. Sonny's pissed. 

Ryan asks Ava to marry him. She says YES!! 


  1. Loved the Drew/Liz scene. I sure hope Franco doesn't go to "Kevin"!

  2. Franco should have been sworn to secrecy and to not tell anyone, but after all this is a soap, and General Hospital is known for stupid stuff.

    1. He was sworn to secrecy. :) That's why he isn't telling Liz or anybody.

  3. Laura should be able to get her and Kevin out of this. She and Luke had so many adventures and got out of endless trouble. This should be a piece of cake for her. She is a "scrappy" lady.

  4. Franco doesn't trust Kevin/Ryan anymore can't see him telling him anything. But you never know lately. I wonder what this Tower is that Shank has? Interesting.

  5. OK, I just started watching today, but I wanted to say this the other day: How stupid that Anna et al. just capitulated to Dr. Cabot's demands and did his surgery before he gave them ANY information. What kind of negotiation is that? These are supposed to be sophisticated international spies, but they seem just as clueless as the PCPD.

    1. Yeah Anna and Robert are not acting like spies. This is so odd.

    2. Agreed, AntJoan. And yes, this whole thing is weird.

  6. And poor Franco, going along with Jordan's SENSELESS, stupid plan . . . He is innocent, yet she told him that, if he didn't go along with this stupid plan, he would be convicted? Why would he believe that? He DID have alibis for the times of at least some of the murders, why was that never discussed?

  7. hope shank throws sam off the tower

  8. Courthouse:

    BobTodd and Jordan: Great scene!!!!

    "Karen says Roger is such a good actor!"

    YES HE IS!!!! Love how shaken he is making BobTodd! :)

    Curtis and Lulu: Oh oh Lulu is remembering bit by bit! :)

    Rava: Great scene!!! Yes you can get married, but it won't be legal, because he is still pretending to be Doc!!!!

    Friz home:

    Cam and Liz: Well then your sick!

    HEY! ENOUGH CAM! Stop with the disrespect!!!! Once you find out the truth, you better apologize to your mother and to BobTodd!

    Inside central perk: and Shanky: wins the line of the day. An impish looking fellow showed up the other day asking questions.

    ROFL! Are you talking about Spinny?!!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Carson's home:

    Carson: No stress for Carly! Yeah right!!!! The whole 9 months will be stressful!!!

    Carly and Joss: Carly is being a good mother here. :) No Niagara Falls for you!!!! :)

    Jam: Oh so Joss wants to go to Niagara Falls anyway! :) I have a bad feeling about this.

    The pier:

    Jasam: Why is Jasam being so dumb? Why can't they talk in Jason's home?

    The hospital:

    Lulu, Curtis, Sonny, and Robert: Robert!!! Why didn't you give Lulu a hug?!!?!?! I mean Luke used to be your best friend!!!!! Oh Dante went rogue!!! ROFL! And of course Sonny believed right away that BobTodd tried to kill Lulu! *Roll eyes*

    Dr. Cabot's room:

    Anna, Robert, Finchy, and Cabot: Why is Anna being so stupid? That is just not like her. Of course Dr. Cabot isn't going to give you what he wants. HE HASN'T CHECKED IF HE CAN SEE OR NOT! DUH! *roll eyes*


    BobTodd and Jordan: Oh!!! Is BobTodd going to find Levin?!!?!?!?! :) Will Laura apologize to BobTodd? Well, she better!!!!

    1. I'm afraid I'm on Cameron's side in this one Sonya. Franco said he did it. He pleaded quilty. Cameron has every reason to believe he's a serial killer and his mother wants to bring him home because she loves him, and wants to be with him. She's putting her wants and needs above those of her kids. How many kids are abused or killed every year by men who live with their mother but are not their parent.Too many. So I think Cameron has a right to vent and try to talk some sense into his mother. He's trying to protect his brothers. (Don't forget he didn't see the scenes we saw. In his script franco is quilty. lol )

    2. Yeah, I'm on Cam's side, too. He was awful to Liz, but I would have been, too. Especially if I was a 16 year old boy. :)

      So not looking forward to the Carly is preggers saga. Sigh.....

    3. Yes, ITA, Cameron is acting reasonably and responsibly, given the information that he has.

    4. Everyone is saying what a stupid plan this is of Jordan's, but it's really not. For one thing, Laura has seen Kevin and knows Ryan is alive, and well we all know Ryan did it. Nobody is going to go back to Franco and say well hey you confessed, you must be guilty. Jordan actually knows what she's doing even though she has no idea that "Kevin" is actually Ryan. 😁

    5. If we didn't know Ryan did it would you still think it was a good idea? remember Jordan only has her script. She doesn't know what we know.

    6. "Di says I'm afraid I'm on Cameron's side in this one Sonya. Franco said he did it. He pleaded quilty. Cameron has every reason to believe he's a serial killer"

      Okay I understand he is upset and that he has every right to be upset, but don't be calling your mother sick!!! Call BobTodd sick! I mean geez if BobTodd was hitting her, and she wouldn't leave, would he still be calling her sick? I just don't like the word. Cam can use other words that isn't disrespectful!!

  9. I agree about Cam - he has not reason to react otherwise to this. I think Jordan's plan is stupid because Jordan and Curtis seem to be the only ones on the case, no alibi checking, forensics and any kind of real investigation that could have cleared Franco. Can't wait until Lulu gets her memories back. Loved the closeups!

  10. Two things.....Ava Please don't marry Ryan!!! And what I hope we find out from Dr Cabot is that Alex is Peter's mother, not Anna


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