Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Tillie has a trim today during GH so I must leave you with this quick post. Here's a fun photo!

Yes, MC is out as Griffin. I'm of course, hoping he goes out in some priest self-immolation but that would be hoping for too much in daytime!! He'll probably just slink away quietly. ??? Could be Ryan's last kill?? 

Speaking of Ryan, both Dave and I have noticed that people are NOT HAPPY with this story twist. I got a text from an old friend in Florida freaking out!! LOL.. Comments are running 80% at least against the whole Franco-Memory Implantation scheme. 

You all know I love Roger and Franco. This will give him good material so I am happy for that. 

You all know I love Jon and Ryan. This will give him good material so I am happy for that. 
It keeps Ryan around longer. 
WOOT! WIN-WIN for me!! 

Other news:
Emme (Lulu) just signed her contract. She's staying.


  1. Thanks for the info. What about DA lady, is she staying?

    1. Haha! I totally forgot about her. Outta sight outta mind.

  2. As long as there is a happy ending for Friz I'm good with the story. I just don't want it to drag out too long. Curious about the DA too?

    1. I agree, I want them to have a happy ending. I know Liz will stand by her man, despite what anyone says.

  3. I don't like so much I am not even really watching much.

  4. Oooooh my name was mentioned. Ears were ringing. You know, all that stuff.

    I am not on Twitter. I firmly believe I would get into too much trouble with my mouth on there. It is bad enough that Facebook as driven me to stop checking it daily. But I do read a few of my groups on there. And the GH groups (I am sure some of you are on there) and really REALLY not happy with the Ryan storyline.

    I feel like I dont need to preface this, but I will. Storyline. NOT actors. Storyline. Everyone seems to love JL and think he is knocking it out of the part. Can you imagine an emmy sweep this year? Marua for best actress. John for Best actor. Max for supporting actor.... we need a supporting actress. Anyone have a banner year?

    Ok, got off track. People just want this story to come to an end. I have been posting about the need for quicker storylines. People dont have the patience or the time anymore to watch every single day. (and if you do, well, good for you!)

    Look at prime time. remember when series have 22 episode over the course of a season? A lot of them have 10 episode arcs. they take a break and come back. since this show is on every day, they need faster storylines and complete storylines. and they arent delivering.

    I need i need to do a blog (for Karen) asking the valid question "can a daily soap with approximately 260 episodes per year sustain themselves and viewership in today's society?" thats not a blog, that is a thesis paper. but i am up for it if karen wants me to.

    1. this is just a SAMPLE of what I found online. and this is the order they were in so i didnt cut and paste just the bad ones. this is a small sample out of 1,500 postings that all say the same thing about the show and this storyline:

      >>>I'm boycotting GH until the Kevin/Ryan storyline is finished.

      >>>I'm pissed by Franco getting the wrap for the murders. I've watched this show for close to 40 years and a storyline has not pissed me off like this one.

      >>>I'm hoping this is a setup and Franco is in on it and Lulu is somehow pretending and going along what Ryan made her to believe. That would be a great twist WRITERS BE SMART (daves note: I like this scenario!!!)

      >>> wrong for what they're doing to Franco. Jordan sucks the whole entire PCPD sucks! They should've never agreed to let Kevin hypnotize Lulu by himself 😑

      >>>I quit watching until the Ryan story line is over. Blaming Franco for every crime in Port Charles makes the cops look STUPID.

      >>> Listen to your fans, writers! This story is off the charts. It’s sad they are going this route. Franco has done a lot to turn his life around. I’m hoping the nurse from Ferncliff will just have Kevin admitted to GH and stun Ryan

      >>>If nothing else comes from this ridiculous story please let it be the end of Jordan's career. You guys are giving law enforcement a bad name

      >>>Please end this storyline. It’s pretty bad when lifelong viewers aren’t watching anymore.

      >>>I was ok with this story for probably longer than most. But with Lulu remembering everything but who it was that stabbed her and now pinning it on Franco? I think I'm done for a bit.

      >>>Franco has done sooooo much to redeem himself; this is just too much! 🤬 Besides...wasn’t Franco shopping and baking with Ayden and Jake when Lulu got attacked? Why did Jordan say his alibis were flawed or nonexistent? 🤬

      >>>Thee worst storyline by these writers yet. Please for the love of this show HIRE new writers, please!!

      >>>Well I guess this is the end of 50 years being committed to watching one soap. This is just to much for me. Who on earth is thinking up this crap.

    2. I agree with these posts. Laura being smart at first because she distrusts Kevin/Ryan and wanted to be with Lulu for the hypnosis but agreed to let Kevin do it alone with one objection from him. Blaming Franco —-I can’t watch this!

    3. I like the scenario with Lulu faking Ryan out and Franco being in on it

    4. I love Jon L., but this Franco setup sucks. I agree with the posts!

  5. Again, for ME, the fact that Jordan would ask Laura to let KEVIN/RYAN hypnotize Lulu made me mad again at the incompetence of the portrayal of PCPD....- Laura STOOD THERE when she was elected mayor and told Jordan about Kevin/Ryan and Jordan understood and sympathized....Jordan would NEVER ask Kevin/Ryan before checking with Laura...I just believe these actresses and actors who play PCPD cops/commissioners HAVE to say to themselves "REALLY?I am supposed to be dumb?"
    and yep, D.A., Drew never interact - we dropped her, too....
    so frustrated - I am skipping many days and just reading recaps...

    1. is there any chance. and chance at all that it is a setup? i havent watching this week. i am in a new work scheduled and trying to find life in a 10-6 environment.

    2. If this was actually a setup of Ryan, how great would that be? That would redeem the writers.

    3. PCPD is not capable of a setup - Laura, Carly and now Franco are gonna bust this

  6. I'm waiting to pass judgment on this. It can be awesome if done right. Timing wise people fell in love with Franco through Liz' kids. Something I didn't see happening.

    Franco loved Kiki so it is flawed logic by Kevin to do this. Franco was with Liz and the kids at a movie for one of the murders. So, I'm curious to see how they handle the details and who sees through the nonsense.

    It can incorporate the twin storyline more if Anna tries to get more involved. This is arched until May sweeps or are the looking to wrap it up this month. To me that feels too quick, but possible.

    I just hope they dont screw up the twists and turns along the way. In this genre, you have to take chances and keep it fresh.

  7. The hospital/Doc's office?

    Lulu and Ryan: Hmmm Lulu didn't have tears streaming down her face yesterday. Today she did. So yesterday I forgot to mention Ryan's smiley face.. :) Today he did it again! He was absolutely giddy!!! He's like the cat that caught the canary!!!! :) I LOVE IT!!!!! GREAT SCENE! Oh wow! Ryan is going to put the drivers licenses in BobTodd's stuff!!!!!!

    Jordan, Laura, Ryan, and Lulu: Hmmm. Ryan closed the door while asking Lulu a question. Maybe it's a safe word and when he closes the door, it makes Lulu think that BobTodd tried to kill her? Hmmmm.

    Art room:

    Friz: Awwwwww! LOVE IT!!!!! :) Great scene with them. You can see the love! :)

    Friz and Jordan: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!! :) I love this storyline!!!!

    "Karen says You all know I love Roger and Franco."

    Me too me too!!!!!! :)

    "This will give him good material so I am happy for that."

    Yes it sure would!!!! :)

    "You all know I love Jon and Ryan."

    Me too me too!!! :)

    "This will give him good material so I am happy for that."

    YES IT WILL!!!! :)

    "It keeps Ryan around longer."

    I LOVE IT! :)

    "WOOT! WIN-WIN for me!!"

    And for me too!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

    The elevator:

    Liz and Lulu: Great scene!!!! YOU TELL HER LIZ! :)

    Skating rink:

    Nina and Sasha: Hmmm.. Sasha did you go see Griffin yet?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Willow: WOW! What is with V.C. being rude to Willow? Why is he acting like Nina? Oh okay good he is treating her better. Oh no. Now Nina is going to marry V.C. because of what Willow said? Man Nina hates Willow with a passion! Which means, Willow is her daughter! ROFL!

    Doc Finchy, Robert, and Anna with a side order of Dr. O: We don't need Doc Finchy in a scene at the table with Robert and Anna. Go back to work Doc Finchy. Doc Finchy wins hte line of the day when he asked her if her new article will be about teaching people about kidnapping! ROFL! Okay that was funny, but now you can go back to work Doc Finchy.

    Anna and Dr. O: GREAT SCENE!!!! :) Too bad Dr. O didn't call her scarecrow. :)

    Hiney's office:

    Hiney and Maxie: Blah blah blah Zzzzzzzzzz. Oh oh they are about to kiss! Whew they didn't.. Thank you Anna! :)

    Anna and her rewrite son Hiney: Zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh no don't leave! Don't leave Hiney and Maxie alone! They might kiss. Oh they didn't. Nevermind.

    1. Anna needs to be with Robert

    2. I do think that Willow is Nina's daughter. It would be semi-interesting, but I like the actress who plays Sasha better than the one who plays Willow.

  8. Yes, MC is out as Griffin.

    Yeah Karen I heard!!! BYE BYE GRIFFIN!

    "I'm of course, hoping he goes out in some priest self-immolation but that would be hoping for too much in daytime!! He'll probably just slink away quietly. ??? Could be Ryan's last kill??"

    Ryan can kill him!!!!! :)

  9. I hate to see Griffin got but he has really never had a story so ti isn't surprising to see him go.

    I love the Kevin/Ryan story when they Killed Ryan off and never found the body you know it was only a matter of time before they brought him back. I didn't think ti would take this long but it is a good story. How long can Kevin keep his impulse to kill in check with Franco in jail. If he kills again while Franco is in jail it will say Franco isn't the killer.

    I also have one little bone to pick. Lucas is Adain's cousin not uncle. Why do shows have to get the family trees wrong. Just because Lucas is older doesn't change his relationship to the kid. They are first cousins once removed.

    1. I liked the Ryan sl but I'm ready for them to wrap it up.

  10. Julia, that is true, but in some cultures, people call others their uncle, aunt, cousin, nephew, etc., who either aren't blood-related, or aren't what they are called. For example, in The Sopranos, Tony called Christopher his nephew to honor how close he felt to him, although, they really were something else to each other, I think cousins.

  11. Julia, but I forgot to thank you, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out why Aiden was calling Lucas and Brad his uncles, and couldn't figure it out!

    1. When we had older cousins come to visit we called them Uncle because they were adults and we didn't call them by their first name only. That also sometimes applied to really good family friends who were almost like family and who weren't called Mr. so and so like adult aquaintances.

  12. Gee,how can they arrest Franco with no forensic evidence? I think they assumed the killer had some medical experience by the way he cut up the nurse. This is so far off base I can't even watch it. Sonya, loved the "Anna and her rewrite son"! He might be Alex's after all. They are dressing Maxie really frumpy for some reason. Dr. O always entertains!

  13. Doesn't Franco have alibis for the time of these killings? Really enjoyed the Weber/Baldwin family scenes, hate that they are messing with them by accusing him of being the killer. Can't believe Laura would let Kevin/Ryan anywhere near LuLu after the way he treated her! There isn't another psychiatrist in all of Port Charles that could have done the hypnosis??? Liked the Anna, Finn, and Robert scenes. Willow must be Nina's daughter.

  14. I totally get the plus of extra air time for JL and RH but their scenes together have not been stellar. This is GH at it's worst. And another little clue they just love to forget...when Ryan killed Kiki he cut himself and there was blood on her scarf that Griffin had and was taken as evidence. This story could have ended then. But on, and on, and on it goes.


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