Wednesday, February 13, 2019


That's my head-- TRAGIC. Migraine! on top of congestion. That and a meeting are keeping me from YOU today!! 

So, have at it. 



  1. Sounds painful! Hope you can get home quickly and take care of yourself. Thank you for opening the blog! Feel better Karen!

  2. is that a clip from one of my favorite movies of all time? THE WOMEN?

    (the original not that horrible remake)

    someday we should list our top 5 fav movies of all time on a saturday blog. i believe ALL of mine are in black and white, which either means i am really really old or just someone with a taste for the classics

  3. Did anyone watch GH today? Is Ryan planning on killing anyone for Vday?

  4. Oh crap Karen!!! :( That sucks.. I have been having a lot of migraines lately. Must be this awful cold weather!!!!

    Jason's home:


    Sam: True love begins with self love.

    Oh shut up Sam! It's true!!! And why the hell didn't Jason answer the door when Shanky showed up? Why didn't Sam just hide? This is so stupid.

    The hospital:

    Michael and Chase: Awwww Michael got a valentines day card from Nelle!!!! Hahahahaha. Oh Michael is Jelly cus Chase is dating Willow and Chase really likes her. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sam, Krissy, and Alexis: Krissy believes in Sam's enlightenment, but Alexis doesn't! HAHAHAHA!

    Brad, baby Jonah, and Willow: OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Baby Jonah looked so adorable in the suspenders and the bowtie! I just want to eat him up!!!!!!!!!! :) No Willow you can't have a relationship with Jonah even when he gets older! He isn't your son! He is Michael's!

    Chillow: Awww she thinks she scared him off because she told him about her giving up her son.. He isn't scared off.. :) Love them together! :)

    Sweden: OH NICE SHOT OF SWEDEN!!!!! :)

    Finchy and Robert: UGH! Finchy you are a doctor not a spy! You shouldn't be there!!!! Where is Anna?!?!!

    Finchy, Robert, and Anna: Oh there she is!!! No go away Finchy!!!!! Don't you have patients? Who is taking care of Roxy? Robet wins the line of the day.

    Robert: You know Anna, you really should be careful, you're dangerously close to making Obreicht your BFF!

    ROFL! Anna was all gushy. :)

    Robert, Anna, Finchy, and Dr. Cabbit: Oh my! Dr. Cabbit or however you spell his name, is blind!!! I had a feeling he was blind when he didn't look at Finchy!!! Dr. Cabbit is not a doctor in that place! HE IS A PATIENT!!!!!! WHOA!

    The cult house:

    Jason and Shanky: Awwwwwwwww! :) A new bromance? :) Janky!!!! :)

  5. Baby Wiley stole the show yesterday! Love it when Robert and Anna (& Finn) are on an adventure. Chase and Willow make a cute couple. Doesn’t seem like the cult has done anything bad to Krissie or the other members. Wonder what their actual agenda is because they don’t appear too dangerous.

    1. "LSV422 Baby Wiley stole the show yesterday!"

      He did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Yes, Sonya, I also thought that Sam would just hide. The whole show seemed stupid. Sam and Jason's conversation about pretending to break up was cringe-worthy. And, going to see Dr. Cabot, just showing up like that? In a room in "Switzerland" (or Sweden?) that looked JUST LIKE GH!! And the nurse would not be able to reveal that the patient was there unless the visitors were relatives, unless they don't have HIPAA laws in Switzerland (which they might not). And the nurse spoke to them in perfect English? And, yes, Baby Wiley stole the show (there wasn't much to steal).

    1. "AntJoan Yes, Sonya, I also thought that Sam would just hide. The whole show seemed stupid."

      Yeah it made no sense!!

  7. sorry people but I do not like Jax.....not happy he is coming back unless he falls for like Nina or something..OR AVA!!!!!!!!!!!...I think he's rich and arrogant.....

    1. What? Jax is coming back? I havent heard that!!!!!:0

  8. OH, Jax is coming back? Hadn't heard . . . I never liked him years ago, when he rivaled my Sonny for my Brenda's affections, but I have liked him better since he got out of that triangle, plus I think that, through the years, he has become a really good actor. . .

  9. I loooove Jax! Hadn't heard he was coming back, that should excite Sonny. Always laughed when Sonny called him Candy Boy!

    1. Hahaha love the candy boy nickname! Love the Sonny vs Jax rivalry!


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