Monday, February 18, 2019

General Hospital Writers win Writer's Guild Award

The Writer's Guild Awards includes all categories; from film to TV to new media. It's not just the Daytime industry giving itself kudos. Ergo, it is a pretty cool award to win and this year the team of GH took the prize. 

I know we pick the show apart inch and inch, I know we lament over what "could be" but I have to say from the Mike story to little Aiden,  GH really has deserved kudos. I'm happy for them and I hope TPTB let the writing flow without too much interference. This also helps keep the show on the air as well. Hooray! 



  1. Pretty awesome! Congrats to GH.
    Looking forward to today, if they don't show Laura and Ryan etc today I'll be ticked.

  2. Although the Mike story was good to a certain degree, Days submitted JJ's attempted suicide and should have won in my opinion.

    P.S. This is the 5th year in a row GH has won the award, yet their ratings do not reflect this at all.


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