Friday, February 1, 2019


Carly is at Kim's. They talk about Drew and Her KNITTING. 

Schlub DREW goes into Julian's to tell him to stop the nice stuff he's doing. Like the cleaning service and meals. Not sure why other than he's being a dick. 

Lulu has a nightmare. She sees the door almost open, then wakes up screaming. Jordan wants to use hypnosis. 

Brick is on with Sonny--he's that sports guy that makes a cameo now and then. Sonny's expounding on Mike's story. 

Ava wants Olivia to see if she can use her "LSD POWERS" to help her catch Kiki's killer. It's actually a good segment. Ava's desperation and she knew olivia helped the PCPD once. Olivia's hesitation because she's scared. Olivia gets nothing from the photo. Sonny steps in and Ava leaves. Sonny is going to get Brick to look for Dante. At least Olivia and Sonny had a scene. 

Ava goes to Lulu's room. She wants to know if she knows anything. Lulu pleads with her and tells her she doesn't know. Ava snaps 'TRY HARDER" and shoves Kiki's photo in her face. CLASSIC AVA MOMENT!! She gets thrown out of the room. She and Laura have a nice moment in the hall about Ava's pain!! wow. 

Alexis and Kevin ..Kevin says he wants another copy of their prenup, he lost his. Alexis wants to start up sessions again. 

Julian goes to Kim... then Carly finds Drew at Charlies. Julian says he sees the way she looks at Drew, so he's bowing out.  Carly tells Drew he and Kim should be an item but he thinks she's only saying that because she likes JaSam. 
So, Kim I guess decided to take Julian the weirdest scene ever. 

Kevin is told Franco is a suspect for the murders. He decides to see Franco as a patient again! 

On Twitter today, I saw a tweet from Eric McCormack that Travelers is ending this season. No more after 3. WAHH!! I loves that show!! 


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOO.....not Travelers. I really liked that show. :C

  2. maura is the best actress in daytime. and carly needs to grow up. a 50 yr old match maker. she is so jealous of any possibility of drew and sam reuniting.

  3. CarlyKim's home: This is so funny! She is trying to get ready for work and she keeps getting visitors! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Carly and CarlyKim: Oh love Carly's coat! Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Oh wow. This is pretty.

    ROFL! Carly thinks the scarf is pretty! ROFL! Oh Carly what Drew and CarlyKim does or doesn't do is none of your business!!!

    Julian and CarlyKim: Uhhhh. Oookayyyyyy.

    "Karen says So, Kim I guess decided to take Julian the weirdest scene ever."

    ROFL! Yeah I am so confused!!!! :) But hey he kisses her with his hands on her face!!!! :)

    Drew and CarlyKim: Drew you look so disappointed that Charlie and her are back together.. Oh you don't need to be with her! When you kiss her all you do is put your hands in your pockets. What would you have done if you had sex? Keep your pants on with your hands in your pockets?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Brick and Sonny: BRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh Carly isn't there so you can't flirt with her. :) I forgot his name until Sonny mentioned it.

    Olivia and Ava: Great scene!!!!! Yeah Olivia doesn't have her powers anymore!!!! Too bad. Oh Sonny! Mind your own damn business!

    The hospital:

    Lulu's room: Laura is Mama bear mode! LOVE IT! :)

    Lulu and Ava: Great scene!!!!

    Jordan and Lulu: Oh oh! I wonder how this hypnosis will go.

    Ryan's office:

    Alexis and Ryan: Oh Alexis!!!! Seriously?!!?! You are Laura's lawyer and you want Ryan to be your therapist?!?!! Writers seriously?!!?!?!?! Come on!!!!

    Jordan and Ryan: Oh my! Is Ryan going to set BobTodd up?!!?!?!

    BobTodd and Ryan: WHOA! They showed Doc's hypnosis certificate!!!! OH WAIT! Is Ryan going to hypnotize Lulu into making her think BobTodd tried to kill her?!!?! OR is Ryan going to hypnotize BobTodd to make him think he is the killer!?!?! OR BOTH?!!?!?! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm getting excited!!!! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Drew and Julian: Oh Drew shut the hell up and mind your own damn business!!!!!! You are not dating CarlyKim, so stop acting like it.

    Sidenote: I looked up the this book is gay book, and wow it's a real book!!!!

  4. Does anyone think Alexis "got a clue" (unlike anyone else) when Ryan mentioned the prenup? She had went in there for something else and he mentioned that and she almost immediately was out the door til Ryan distracted her. I guess we have to wait til Monday or longer for her to mention it to Laura.

    1. Yes, I wondered about that also. I had thought that there was no prenup, as someone else had written, and that Kevin said it to trip up Ryan, but, if Alexis was suspicious of this, I certainly couldn't tell.

    2. I got the impression she was. It'd be cool if she got the ball rolling in discovering who "Kevin" is....

  5. So love Roger/Franco and glad he will be part of a big story but I hate that he is a suspect. When Ryan is revealed Jordan should be fired. The cops are so inept. Would like for Alexis to have her own story. What ever happen to the story they teased us with about her mother and the watch??? Liked seeing Olivia, hope they give her more to do. I don't think Alexis had a clue about the prenup. Drew needs someone he has chemistry with. Since Ryan is going to frame Franco, I wonder if Drew will suspect him or feel he is innocent. Maybe he will comfort Elizabeth.

    1. When they called him in I was under the impression they were getting his viewpoint or however you say it as a former killer. Had no idea they are (still) considering him a suspect. So stupid.

  6. I am confused. Don't always watch. Who did Julian cheat with on Kim?

    1. Julian didn't cheat with anyone;he made that up&told Kim.

  7. Thanks. I thought that was the case

  8. There's no place to ask about this privately so I'll just post the link here. Hope that's okay.



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