Thursday, January 31, 2019

Library Books

Brad knows the truth about Willow thinking Wiley is her kid. Lucas 

Alexis is at Dawn of Day with Shank and Krisssy . Krissy gets out that she wants Alexis to respect her. Later, Alexis says she wants a relationship that made her feel like Julian's did. 

Dr. O is with Nina and Maxie remembering Nathan's death. Maxie took her wedding ring off. Dr. O isn't happy.  Lesil says " I vant to help ignorant people with medical advice in a column". 

Kim and Drew. Geezzzzzus. Boring Boring. I mean TWO days of this? They talk about Julian and KNITTING. Ugh, he finally leaves. Julian visits Kim and tells her he lied to her about NYE and sleeping with someone. Then he says "I love you" then he leaves. 

Valentine is going to make Peter hire Dr. O on his paper. Peter wants to know why he has to hire Dr. O, what she has on Valentin.

Franco brings Liz a pile of books about parenting gay kids.  She goes to read them and is distressed to learn how many gay children commit suicide. Brad and Lucas see her and stop to talk. Brad said he knew by 8 he was gay and Lucas said it took him much longer. He 'played it straight" for years.  They suggest that she create a safe environment for him and invite them over for dinner. Just to show they are accepting and gay is just a normal thing. 

Jordan and Chase talking about THE CASE again. They think Franco can help because he's done it before and because he's the common link to all the victims. Franco has no idea. 

NOTE: I'm obsessed with the fact that so many sets have taper candles. WHITE ONES. Shank has them, Kim's apartment and they are in Sam's. 


  1. Can we change Shiloh's name to SKank? Haha!! I keeping Skank, its hilarious!!

  2. Could the PCPD be any more incompetent? Now Franco is a poi?! This whole SL is making so many people look like idiots. If it wasn't for JL it would be a complete bomb! Everything just seems to go on forever! I absolutely loved the scene with Liz,Brad & Lucas. Just a great, real life moment and great advice and love for Liz. I'm watching but not that vested in any of the stories. But I come check in here everyday I like reading how everybody else feels about the show. The candles have been catching my eye too because their was a really bad fire a couple of blocks from my house started by a candle burning by curtains. Thankfully no injuries but the whole house is a loss and it was a frigid night. Have a blessed night wubbers!

  3. So bummed, had to miss gh because I had to come into work, only to find out I'm in too early. 🙄🙄🙄

  4. Mary Pat knew Kevin/Ryan, the producer was doing a documentary on Ryan, Lulu was writing about Ryan, gee, you think it might be Ryan?

    1. The problem is that everyone thinks Ryan is dead.

    2. Yes, but Kevin had a breakdown before and thought he was Ryan, and Kevin is acting REALLY strangely, so, even if they think Ryan is dead, it is not a stretch to think that Kevin thinks he is Ryan, who IS a murderer . . .

  5. The hospital:

    Brad and Lucas: Geez Brad!!! Calm down! Reach over and find your old you! The old you wouldn't freak out! Willow can't just take your son!!! He is your son now!

    Friz: Awww BobTodd doing research! LOVE THAT! :) The book wins the line of the day.

    Book: This book is gay.

    ROFL! Is that a real book? I never seen that book before.. Funny title.. It made me laugh. I'm sorry if I offended anybody, I just never seen that book before.

    Lucas and Ava: Ohhh they haven't seen each other in awhile, so yeah she wouldn't know that he and CarlyKim are splitsville and that Oscar is still sick.

    Brucus and Liz: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Yes come have dinner with Friz!!! Brad yes free food! ROFL!

    Lucas: and Ava: That is a little ironic. He can't tell Ava about Lulu, but Lulu is his cousin, so Ava can ask him how is your cousin doing? :) It's a catch 22.

    Cult house:

    Krissy, Alexis, and Shanky: OHHHHH! Great scene! I love it!!!! Alexis open up!!! :) Awww Alexis wants love and passion. :( I want Julexis back together. :(

    Drew and CarlyKim: I don't think they are boring. They are cute together. It is fun to make fun of them though. :) Oh they are at her house! Are they gonna kiss? Is Drew going to keep his hands in his pockets again? Are they going to make the wuv and make a baby so that Oscar lives?!?!?!! Oh nope no make the wuv. Oh look a scarf she made. ROFL! Man CarlyKim is very animated and giggly. And Drew is very uhh, not amimated and not giggly. :)

    Charlie and CarlyKim: Oh look! He is honest with her.

    Charlie: I wuv you.

    Don't get back together.. Julexis for the win!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Dr. O, Nina, and Maxie: Great scene! Oh sounds like Michelle Stafford is losing her voice.. Have a cold? Love that Maxie kicked Nina under the table! ROFL! Taking off the wedding ring. :( Been a year since Nathan's death. :(


    V.C. and Hiney: Awwww they are bonding again. Will they get back together? Looks like they still wuv each other awwww! :)

    Police station:

    Jordan, Chase and BobTodd: Okay THIS is boring.. You two are going in the wrong direction!!!!!

    Preview for tomorrow:

    Lulu: Hmmmm having a nightmare of who was trying to kill you?

  6. I thought Ava was awesome yesterday with Julian. I know some think she's a murdering, drug-withholding witch, but I love her. Plus she did me a favor when she shot Connie. Lord, I hated that woman!

    Liz and Brucus were the best. I hope we get to see the free dinner Brad is getting, that has the potential to be a great couple of scenes.

    Not liking the spoilers I have been reading about Franco, I think I'm going to be pretty unhappy very soon.

    Drew was a zombie yesterday except for the knitting needle, and now I'll be looking for white tapered candles. LOL!!

    Thanks as always for the blog, and Sonya your recaps always make me smile. :)

  7. I don't understand why Liz is labeling Aiden simply because someone teased him and called him Gayden.

    1. I agree. And it's not bad enough that they're labelling him , can you imagine a poor 8 year old feeling bad because he's being bullied and teased and he comes home and his parents are discussing if he's being gay and bringing home books on it. If the kids have just picked a word to use because he's small and immature for his age what's that going to do to his self esteem? He's 8! He doesn't feel he's a gender issues. He's not old enough to be sexual. Just do what you were doing and support him at home and stop sticking a label on an 8 year old.

  8. So we would rather they did nothing and it continue?

  9. They need to stop the bullies, not try to understand or fix Aiden. He's the victim. Stop making it about him. Get Spinelli to find out who posted the Gayden post and go to their parents.

    And they're not doing nothing. They're supporting Aiden and boosting his self esteem. They don't know for sure what his future holds. Deal with the here and now...the bullying.

    The writers seem to be stuck in a ...Let's do a FIRST mode, rather than telling a great story. A quick first like introducing a Transgender actress didn't fix the show, and neither will this. Mike's story was much better and didn't involve labelling kids.

    1. ITA, didn't think of it, get Spinelli to trace the post! And, yes, I also was thinking, Aiden may or may not be gay, but that is not the issue. There really is no indication that he is, so they should leave it alone for now. Just deal with the bullying issue.


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