Thursday, January 31, 2019


Letchworth State Park: our Ice Volcano that forms when temps get chilly enough. This was taken by moonlight!! photo credit: Keith Walters 

WELP. I'm just writing to say: HOLY CRAP--- it's cold here. Everything is finally shut. I still have to work of course, but it will be light traffic. 
I had cans of pop explode in the garage because we are stupid enough to leave them in there. That was exciting at 6am!!! 
Poor Tillie is pooping and peeing in the house and now we have to go back to "No, you go outside because it's warmer" LOL. She can't really go out if it's lower than about 25, even without wind. That's a lot of days here. 

I'll be around for GH today-- it's month's end but I'll get back. Yesterday's show annoyed me to no end. Thank goodness Jon L was one because other than that? So boring. 

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  1. Beautiful photo but brrr! Yesterday annoyed me, too. Can't stand Kim and Drew - a totally lackluster couple. Her extremely animated expressions further make his look like he is half asleep. Bright idea to give a kid with potential seizures and no driver's license a brand new car. The nurse at Ferncliff must be living in a bubble if she hasn't wondered about the identical twins or even has heard about them. Great acting by JL, though. Joss and Oscar so blah. But I did enjoy the goings on at casa Devane - love having Robert back!!



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